Bustle Newsletter: October 21, 2022

On Deuxmoi's new book, how to get J.Lo's mocha mani, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
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Deuxmoi's New Book Reveals What It’s Like Running A Celebrity Gossip Account

Deuxmoi, the mysterious personality behind everyone’s favorite Instagram gossip account, is publishing their debut novel (co-written with Jessica Goodman, the author of The Counselors) early next month, but before then, Bustle is running an exclusive sneak peek. The book, called Anon Pls (IYKYK), follows a young assistant to a notorious stylist who starts an anonymous celebrity gossip account. Though she thinks it’ll be harmless fun, she soon finds herself in over her head. Read More

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4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The October New Moon

Buckle up for a bit of lunar drama, because the upcoming new moon solar eclipse is heralding plot twists on the scale of the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez reunion — especially for these signs. So if it *feels* like you’re having an identity crisis (looking at you, Scorpios), just ride it out for a few days. Read More

Tino From The Bachelorette Reveals Why He Cheated On Rachel & What Happened With Aven After The Finale

In what was actually the most shocking finale of this usually-predictable show, Rachel confronted her ex-fiancé about cheating on her and then was asked out by her runner-up, Aven. Tino may have struggled to find the right words during the ep, but he’s, uh, certainly talking now. Read More

How To Replicate J.Lo’s Cozy Mocha Mani

We already discussed yesterday how red is really having a momé right now, but brown is giving Miss Scarlet a run for her money. Brown dresses keep cropping up on the red carpet — which, when was the last time that sentence was typed? 1994? — and celebs like J.Lo and Lily James are also rocking the neutral on their nails. Here’s how to DIY the perfect one at home. Read More

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How To Plan A Cottagecore Vacation & Channel All Those Cozy Fall Vibes

If you’d like to live out your Folklore fantasies before your ‘70s-inspired Midnights era kicks into full swing, we put together a few tips for planning the cozy cottage vacay of your dreams. Read More

Sheila Yasmin Marikar’s Novel Dives Into LA’s Culty Fitness Scene

The thing about workout methods (Orange Theory, Soulcycle, Body by Simone, etc.) is… they’re kiiiiind of like low-grade cults. “They have rituals where you stomp your feet up and down, and scream if the instructor tells you to,” says Sheila Yasmin Marikar. And I mean, what’s not culty about that? Her new book imagines that experience, dialed up to an 11. Read More


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