6 Dos & Don'ts During January's New Moon

Got money goals for 2021? Start planning now.

January 2021 New Moon Dos & Don'ts
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New Year's Day is great and all, but the real crown jewel for 2021 manifesting is the January 2021 new moon, which hits on the night of January 12 (or just after midnight on January 13, if you're on the east coast). This is the first significant lunation to take place since the start of 2021 — and the first new moon to rise since the chaos of eclipse season fall 2020 — so all zodiac signs will want to know how to take advantage of the January 2021 new moon.

With this new moon taking place in Capricorn (and in the middle of Capricorn season 2021), we should expect matters like work, money, and practical long-term goals to grab our attention. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, which means that it excels when it comes to setting intentions related to material gain and professional success. However, there's some planetary drama that we'll need to navigate in order to make the most of this new moon energy. A sun-moon alignment with Pluto (the dark and intense planet of transformation), can make us a little brutal when it comes to trying to conquer our goals. Alongside it, a frustrating Mars/Saturn square will slow us down and force us to be patient in reaching success, while a harmonious connection for romantic planet Venus can bring simultaneous surprises in our love life.

This new moon asks us to balance many different elements, but it's going to be a highly auspicious one nonetheless — so here's a handy list of simple do's and don'ts of the January 2021 new moon to keep you aligned with the cosmic vibe.

DO: Focus On Your Long-Term 2021 Intentions

New moons are the ideal time in the lunar cycle for manifesting fresh energy into your life and beginning new things. Last month's new moon was an eclipse — which means the energy was way too chaotic for any intention-setting rituals. Thankfully, this month's lunation offers an opportunity to connect with our 2021 goals and focus on long-term results. Use the Capricorn energy of this new moon to think about what you want to achieve over the next six months or so and start building a step-by-step plan to get there.

DON'T: Expect Instant Results

Capricorn energy isn't about taking shortcuts, so expecting instant results under this new moon won't be helpful. Instead, this lunation asks us to take a well-planned and more solidly guaranteed route toward our goals. The necessity of this slow-but-steady approach is amplified by a tense square between ambitious Mars and restrictive Saturn, which throws roadblocks in our path if we try to rush things. Working against the planets now will only make you more frustrated — so focus on the long-term results of your hard work instead of seeking instant gratification.

DO: Be Pragmatic About Your Plans

The whole "new year, new you" vibe can sometimes make us overzealous and unrealistic about our personal intentions, but the pragmatic Capricorn new moon can shake some sense into us and help us make plans that we can actually commit to. If you're able to take your head out of the clouds and be practical about what you can achieve, this lunation will boost your sense of discipline and help you reach your finish line.

DON'T: Let Your Competitive Streak Make You Shady

This new moon is aligning with power-hungry planet Pluto, which brings out our competitive sides. At its best, this energy imbues us with a sharp and ultra-focused sense of determination when it comes to getting what we want — but at worst, it can make us ruthless in our quest to get to the top. Remember that life isn't a competition, and slow yourself down if you sense that you're letting jealousy get the best of you.

DO: Up Your Work & Money Game

The sun and moon are aligning in Capricorn for this lunation, which puts emphasis on our careers and financial standing. That said, you can use this new moon energy successfully for things like creating a new resume or portfolio, planning your long-term career path at a current job, or making budgets and financial investments that could benefit you down the road.

DON'T: Forget About Love & Romance

This pragmatic new moon may have us focused on matters of work and money, but it has some sensual tricks up its sleeve, too! A fun and exciting trine aspect between Venus (planet of love) and Uranus (planet of the unexpected) brings potential for all sorts of unpredictable twists in our romantic life. In other words, don't focus on your 2021 grind so hard that you overlook a chance encounter with a new potential partner.