Pride Month

10 LGBTQ+Advocates To Follow On TikTok

These queer educators and activists are sharing helpful content about all kinds of issues.

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It’s that time of year again: the month when thousands of companies post their rainbow logos and major cities fill the streets with colorful gaggles of queer folk and allies alike. Every June, parades and parties abound with rainbow flags flying to celebrate Pride Month. While these events are fabulous ways to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, bring people together, and remember the history of Pride, the advocacy and allyship shouldn’t be excluded to one month a year. To truly support the community, it’s important to incorporate queer education and awareness into your everyday life — and one great way to do that is through TikTok.

If Gen Zers and Millennials are being honest, most of them have spent an hour or two (or more) at a time scrolling through their For You page on TikTok. To make the most out of those marathon sessions, consider taking advantage of all the great LGBTQ+ resources on the app. Not only are there plenty of hilarious meme videos about Pride month, but tons of queer educators and activists are on the app, sharing helpful content surrounding all kinds of LGBTQ+ issues.

Whether you’re an ally, still exploring your sexuality, or out and proud, TikTok is chock-full of relevant and informative content for you. For some good places to start, here are 10 LGBTQ+ advocates to follow.



As a former teacher turned LGBTQ+ youth advocate, Billie Zemora has dedicated their energy to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of queer and trans youth both in and out of schools. They post a mix of entertaining and informative videos about queer and trans youth rights, LGBTQ+ policy issues, and how both students and educators can promote a more inclusive school environment.



Queer sex educator and author Milly Evans posts tons of helpful videos about sexual health and safety, many of which are catered to LGBTQ+ viewers. From encouraging lesbians to use protection during sex to advocating for enforcement of a conversion therapy ban in the UK (where they’re based), Evans is a great resource to follow.



Max Hovey’s bio reads, “the queer big brother you needed growing up” — and his content lives up to the claim. His videos provide a great mix of relatable, funny, and educational content surrounding life as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. His informative videos present topics in a useful and digestible manner that anyone can learn from.



Queer writer and social worker Zoe Stoller provides TikTok users with endless educational content surrounding any LGBTQ+ issue or topic you can think of — from explaining queer-related terms, different identities and orientations under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, and signs that one might find themselves relating to those identities — and makes them super easy to understand.



If anyone knows how difficult it can be to be a queer student in the digital age, it’s Flint. Having been a queer educator for nearly 10 years, they share invaluable TikToks on topics like LGBTQ+ allyship, creating a queer-inclusive classroom, and also show tidbits of their personal life.



Followers of their Instagram (and their Vine page... RIP) will know that Jeffrey Marsh is no stranger to the digital LGBTQ+ community. With a soothing voice and empathetic approach, Marsh uses their platform to encourage and empower viewers from all walks of life with positive and affirming video reminders, and also promotes queer, non-binary, and trans inclusivity.



In searching for LGBTQ+ resources on TikTok, one would be remiss not to include intersex people in that journey. Dani Coyle is an intersex and queer TikTok creator providing visibility and education on living as an intersex person and how it fits under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Their “Intersex 101” series covers all the info you need to learn on the topic in a friendly and direct way.



If you’re into fashion, Ellie Medhurst is a must-follow. Her work as a lesbian fashion historian provides a super unique angle on LGBTQ+ history and visibility, with some general queer history and educational content mixed in.



As with LGBTQ+ visibility and representation, inclusivity when it comes to those with disabilities is so important. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard tackles both: With a flair for both vintage fashion and queer advocacy, she makes wonderfully informative and entertaining content for both abled and disabled viewers alike.



For lovers of art and positive affirmations, queer and trans illustrator Wednesday Holmes provides the perfect TikTok content. With a focus on mental health (using their “mental health checkpoints”), Holmes creates beautiful and inclusive artwork to encourage and celebrate all of their followers.

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