Your March Astrological Forecast

Say hello to the astrological new year and the first eclipse of 2024.

All of the astrological events happening in March 2024.

Spring is in the air, star babes! March is a very significant month on the cosmic front, as it brings forth the first eclipse of 2024 and the astrological new year. It’s also the last month of the year that’ll be completely retrograde-free, so all zodiac signs can harness new beginnings with a swift and refreshing sense of passion. There’s a lot of transitional energy in the ether, so you’ll definitely want to take note of the major astrological events happening in March 2024.

As always, March begins amid Pisces season, which highlights everyone’s sensitive sides and brings emotions to the surface. The sun in Pisces vibes with the sign’s traditional ruler Jupiter on March 1, giving a sparkle of good luck and confidence as the month takes off. The first third of the month features some planetary clashes which could feel a little chaotic, but energy shifts under the healing and emotional Pisces new moon on March 10. Set your intentions and put your dreams in motion, because it’s your last chance to manifest before you’re plunged into the eclipse season portal.

Chatty Mercury, romantic Venus, and passionate Mars all change signs this month, changing up the vibe of social lives, relationships, and energy levels. Speaking of change, March 19 serves it up in spades — as this date marks the start of Aries season, the spring equinox, and the astrological new year all bundled into one. Even more twists and turns are in store once the full moon lunar eclipse rises on March 25. Shedding old skin is a must if you want to embrace the many blossoming, new beginnings.

Read on for all the must-know astrological events of March 2024.

Uranus Squares To Shake Things Up

There’s nothing like a little planetary drama to start a month off strong. March begins with value-oriented Venus squaring off with unpredictable planet Uranus on March 3, bringing the potential for sudden changes of heart or disruptions in relationships. Passion-fueled Mars repeats the same tense aspect to wild child Uranus less than a week later — which, given Mars’ hotheaded nature, may feel even more intense. All zodiac signs could feel more accident-prone and volatile, so move with caution and avoid making any rash or emotionally fueled decisions.

Getting Bold With Mercury In Aries

On March 9, communication planet Mercury enters trailblazing Aries, so get ready to put a fire under your goals and spark things up in your social life. This transit brings a collective boost of mental motivation, more initiative to execute ideas, and an emboldened desire to speak your mind. Bravehearted Aries energy is impulsive, though, so beware of speaking on things too quickly or bluntly or jumping into projects without thinking them through. Do your best to harness the trailblazing vibes to make progress on work projects or take the lead on social plans — as Mercury will enter its pre-retrograde shadow period on March 19 in preparation for its official retrograde through Aries in April. If there are projects you need to start, conversations you need to have, or logistical loose ends you’d like to tie up before that backspin, use this period to do so.

Pisces Season Magic & A Dreamy New Moon

There’s certainly some big cosmic activity going down through the first third of March, but the dreamy vibes of Pisces season 2024 still reign supreme until March 19. Pisces zodiac energy is emotional, empathic, and ethereal, so sink into your feelings and allow your imagination to flow. The sun will connect with the dreamy planet Neptune in Pisces mid-month, casting an idealistic and spiritual haze over the sun’s illumination. Embrace it! Pisces energy isn’t afraid to go with the flow and roll with the changing tides, so you shouldn’t be, either.

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Another Pisces season highlight comes in the form of the new moon on March 10, which finds the sun and moon connecting in the sign of the fish. This inspiring lunation will heighten intuition and emotions while gently encouraging you to take an optimistic step toward your dreams. The new moon makes a positive connection to eccentric Uranus, bringing an electrifying element of surprise and inspiration to the new moon's magic. Trust the process and be open to life’s exciting twists and turns. This is also the last lunation you can use for manifestation before eclipse season starts, so take advantage of it by doing a moon ritual or setting some spiritual intentions.

Love Is A Fantasy With Venus In Pisces

Hopeless romantics unite! Amorous planet Venus enters whimsical Pisces on March 11, sprinkling a little bit of rose-colored sweetness over love lives for the rest of the month. Pisces is Venus’ sign of exaltation — which in astrological terms means that the planet’s power is especially potent and vibrant there — so this is an especially beautiful time to embrace romance and idealism and find the magic in your relationships. Fantasies will feel like they can come to life during this transit. Just don’t get so lost in the lavender haze that you aren’t seeing potential red flags clearly.

Aries Season, Spring Equinox, & The Astrological New Year

Change is in the air come March 19, as the sun leaves Pisces and ingresses into the fiery sign of Aries. This solar transition heralds a bevy of new beginnings both astrological and astronomical, as it marks the start of Aries season, the astrological new year, and the spring equinox. Aries’ zodiac energy is bold, passionate, and motivated — an exciting and energizing vibe to kick off the spring season — so prepare to channel your inner warrior and step up your leadership skills.

Additionally, because Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, the astrological new year begins today, too. If January didn’t bring the fresh start you wanted, take advantage of this seasonal shift to tackle your goals with a renewed sense of motivation.

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Mars Enters Pisces

It’s officially Aries season now, but the Pisces vibe still carries on — as action planet Mars enters this mutable water sign’s territory on March 22. Mars is the planet of passion and chasing goals, so with Mars in sensitive and intuitive Pisces, it’s helpful to adopt a more go-with-the-flow approach. Be open to seeing where the energetic tides sail you instead of taking definitive actions, and know that your feelings may influence the way you go after your goals. Just beware of having more emotional reactions to stressors or acting out in a passive-aggressive fashion.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra

The last week of March plunges us into the choppy waters of eclipse season, which starts with a cleansing full moon lunar eclipse on March 25. Rising in the balance-oriented sign of Libra, this is the first eclipse of the year, and it’s here to help you purge any deep-seated insecurities or parts of yourself that are overly reliant on the validation of others. All zodiac signs are in the process of finding independence, and this lunation is here to help. This eclipse is also being supported by the transformational planet Pluto, so prepare to go deep within yourself and let go of anything that’s hindering your highest evolution.