September 2022 New Moon Do’s & Don’ts

Prepare to be mindfully cautious.

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September 2022 new moon do's and don'ts.
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The September 2022 new moon, which arrives on Sept. 25, pirouettes in friendly and flirty Libra. This lunation will empower you to restore equilibrium and peace in your life. With Mercury retrograde shaking up relationships, you'll want to follow these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Connect With Love

The heart space is the focus of this Venusian lunation. Venus, the planet of romance, makes it the perfect night for TLC. Plan a date night at a new restaurant or visit a museum. Or, light candles for yourself — it's perfect for a solo date night, too.

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DON’T: Strive For Perfection

With romance-oriented Venus in Virgo at odds with Neptune, we may put extra pressure on our partner to fit an idyllic relationship. Mercury's backspin amplifies this intense need for control. Put down the gavel and meet your partner with understanding.

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DO: Focus On Your Relationships

Libra is the socialite of the zodiac for a reason. The partnership-oriented sign is opening us up to appreciating powerful relationships in our lives as well as forming new ones. Organize your friends and create new traditions under the new moon.

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DO: Read The Fine Print

With the invigorating energy of the fall equinox still glowing, new opportunities are bound to show up. But since Mercury's backspin has a tendency to cause confusion, if you have to make decisions, be sure to double-check the terms and conditions.

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DO: Find Balance

This lunation is all about balance, a hallmark trait of diplomatic Libra. How is your work-life balance? Is your relationship taking too much of the time you could use to be creating? This new moon is a great moment to address any imbalances you may notice.

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DON’T: Jump Into New Relationships

Libra may tickle inner social butterfly, but hold off on expanding your chosen family. Mercury retrograde is impacting our social world and causing strife among friends. Focus on fostering your friendships now before starting anything new.

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DON’T: Make Long-Term Commitments

New moons are great for planting seeds and welcoming new opportunities. But this lunation is in the thick of confusing Mercury retrograde, where errors and brain fog run rampant. Avoid signing contracts or launching anything new right now.

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