Here's The Spiritual Meaning Of The June 2022 New Moon

Breathe life into your summer dreams.

Two women enjoy a picnic at dusk. Here's the spiritual meaning of the june 2022 new moon.
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The first major lunation of the summer is rising on June 28, and it’s bringing us a gentle opportunity to dip our toes into the warmth, magic, and plentiful emotions of this new season. The June 2022 new moon will help to pull us reflectively inward, inspiring us to focus on our feelings, nurture our softer sides, and connect with our hearts. By understanding the spiritual meaning of June’s new moon, we can use its sensitive magic to our advantage.

Astrologically, new moons are all about embracing new beginnings — which makes sense, given that this moon phase marks the reset point of each month’s lunar cycle. Because of this, these dark-skied lunations bring an ideal energy for setting mystical intentions, planting seeds for new endeavors, or kicking off new cycles in your life. Additionally, new moons are thought to be especially introspective periods that can help us to get in touch with our intuitive senses and bring some inner clarity to our feelings. This is especially true for the June 2022 new moon, as it takes place in the sensitive and maternal sign of Cancer. Its spiritual meaning is about nurturing your dreams and honoring your emotions as you transition into the second half of the year.

Ready to dive deep into your heart and get real with your feelings? If so, the spiritual meaning of the June 2022 new moon serves up exactly the type of energy you want to work with.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of June’s New Moon?

June’s upcoming lunation has rare magic to it, as it’s the only new moon of the year that will take place in the softhearted seas of cardinal water sign Cancer. This is significant because Cancer is the singular zodiac sign ruled by the moon. That means this lunation takes place in its astrological domicile and can truly make itself at home. With the sun and moon aligned in the compassionate sign of the crab, we’ll likely notice an emphasis on lunar themes like family, comfort, nostalgic memories, and emotional connections. In general, Cancer zodiac energy is about channeling our inner crab and allowing ourselves to be gently swept back and forth by the waves of our feelings, so go with the emotional flow. If you want to retreat into the safety of your protective shell for some spiritual self-reflection time, now is a great opportunity to do so.

Because this new moon launches us into the summer season, it’s vibrating with the energy of starting anew, as well as aligning with our sense of inner abundance. This is heightened by a lunar square-off with expansive planet Jupiter, which can supersize our feelings and cause our emotions to swell to new heights. While square aspects in astrology often bring tension and on-edge-ness, lucky Jupiter tends to brings blessings wherever it goes. Plus, because both the new moon and Jupiter are also being supported by a sweet connection to lovely Venus — the planet of love, and the other “benefic” in traditional astrology — this hard aspect may also serve up the potential for expansion, emotional growth, and deep access to our inner worlds. It gives us a chance to experience our feelings in all their vastness and greatness, and the spiritual meaning of the Cancer new moon helps us find strength in this sentimentality.

How To Work With June’s New Moon Energy

June’s new moon rises exactly one week after the summer solstice — aka the longest day of the year and the zenith of the sun’s position in the sky — so the bountiful vibes of this sunshine-filled season are still at a high. Because it’s the first new moon of the summer, it’s a beautiful time for setting intentions and planning a summer manifestation ritual to give your goals a heartfelt boost. Thanks to abundant Jupiter’s influence on this lunation, we’ll be extra inspired to think big, trust our intuition, and find ways to breathe some life into our summer dreams. Additionally, Neptune retrograde kicks off on the very same day as the new moon in fellow water sign Pisces — also that planet’s home-base sign — so the introspective and spiritual vibes will be at a high.

Cancer’s rulership over this tender-hearted lunation also makes it a great time to connect with the emotional element of water. Try taking a relaxing moon bath and giving yourself time to steep in your feelings and truly nurture your soul’s desires. Cancer energy is all about being caring and compassionate, so indulging in lots of soothing self-care is a powerful way to honor this gentle and comfort-seeking lunar moment. This is also a lovely occasion to make some summer moon water: simply place a jar of water out under the new moon to charge with its magic, then use the water in future manifestation rituals or add it to a mystical bath. You can enhance any Cancer new moon practices by working with some crystals for the summer solstice, which will help you channel the warmth and confidence of this seasonal shift and apply it to your new moon plans.