These 3 Zodiac Signs Have No Filter

They don't like to beat around the proverbial bush.

These three zodiac always say exactly what they're thinking, according to an astrologer.
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Whether they’re sharing thoughts and opinions or boldly pointing out that you have a glob of spinach between your teeth, you can count on certain zodiac signs to always say exactly what pops into their head. In a lot of ways, this is a good trait to have, but it can also get them into a cheeky dose of trouble.

According to astrologer Stina Garbis, the zodiac signs topping the list are the ones who value being upfront and forthright when it comes to communicating. These folks don’t like to waste time by beating around the proverbial bush. Instead of holding back or being wishy-washy, they’ll say exactly what they’re thinking as a way to vent, make jokes, or relieve awkward tension in a room.

That said, because these zodiac signs have no filter, you can also count on them to say the wrong thing from time to time. They might blurt out that you looked better without bangs, or they’ll sigh loudly during a date and announce that they’re bored.

They don’t mean to be rude, but they certainly aren’t going to be tactful, either — and you honestly have to love them for it. Below are the three zodiac signs that have no filter whatsoever, according to an astrologer.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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You can always count on Aries to tell it like it is. They don’t think twice before sharing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions — and it’s all thanks to their strong fire sign energy, says Garbis.

Not only do they like to express themselves, but they’re also ruled by the warrior planet Mars, which means they don’t mind if their opinions stir up a little drama or a heated debate. While other zodiac signs are happy to watch what they say in order to avoid conflict, Aries isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers, and that means they never learned to hold their thoughts in.

This sign also loves to make people laugh, so if a funny observation pops into their head, it’ll only be a matter of moments before they’re saying it out loud. Invite an Aries to a party and you can bet they’ll keep the mood lively with their big energy and ludicrous anecdotes.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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If anyone’s going to say something out of pocket, it’s Virgo. “They say exactly what other people are thinking, but would never actually say out loud,” says Garbis. “They’ll mention how your hair isn’t brushed, or how messy your kitchen is.” And they won’t bat an eye while doing so.

As a practical earth sign, Virgo is perpetually shocked and appalled by the way other people run their lives, which is why they literally can’t stop their opinions from bursting out.

Virgo has also been known to give unsolicited advice for the same reason. They have their life organized to a T, so they feel like they’re in a place to play the role of therapist, dating coach, and career mentor — even when no one asked for their opinion.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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When you hang out with a Sagittarius, there’s no telling what they’re going to say next. “These signs can be a little too truthful,” says Garbis.

If they aren’t going into the nitty gritty details about their dating life or rattling off their family’s deepest darkest secrets, you can find them spitting out the most random non-sequiturs on the planet. They like to chat about whatever pops into their mind in a sort of stream of consciousness. One story could cover 10 different topics, but it truly makes for a fun — if not completely unpredictable — conversation.

“They’re also the comedians of the zodiac and so they’ll say outlandish stuff, but then have everybody rolling on the floor laughing about how true it is,” says Garbis. “Sagittarians may not have a filter, but they’re really funny and everyone loves them for it.”


Stina Garbis, astrologer