I Asked My Dog What Her Favorite Products Were & She Said She Woofs These 10

Brandi Neal / Bustle

There are few things better than witnessing the unbridled joy dogs experience over the simplest things. Whether it's chasing their tails, running after an old sock, or eating the same meal every single day, it doesn't take a lot of creature comforts to make dogs happy. That being said, most pup parents like to spoil their dogs anyway, and I'm no exception. Products adopted dogs love, according to my pup, run the gamut from CBD-infused treats to squeaky toys to snuggly beds.

Before I adopted my beagle BiBi, she was found roaming the streets of Puerto Pico with her three little puppies in tow. Because she got a rough start, I do my best to give her the good life. She eats a gourmet, human-grade food, gets tons of walks and treats, and sleeps under the covers with me.

She also loves toys, and she has a lot of them. Sometimes I even let her pick out her own toy at the pet store. She's only 26 pounds, but she always selects the biggest toy available. If you're a new pup parent, and you're not sure what to get for your four-legged friend, my dog is happy to share her favorites. She has excellent taste, so your dog is sure to love BiBi's top picks just as much as she does.


Hempure CBD Chews

If you're looking for an all-natch way to treat anxiety or inflammation in your dog, BiBi recommends these CBD chews. Not only are they delish — she tells me — they also make her feel great.


Grandma Lucy's

BiBi has a lot of allergies, and foods that use poultry or beef as their main protein source cause her body to produce an overgrowth of yeast. Like any spoiled dog, she gets fish, and her favorite food is Grandma Lucy's Macanna Salmon.

A freeze-dried dog food made with salmon, hemp hearts, coconut, kale, pinto beans, turmeric, blueberries and pumpkin, Grandma Lucy's makes mealtime the best part of BiBi's day. She gives it two tail wags up!


Kirkland Signature Dog Bed

I received this as a gift, but I would 100-percent buy it. This extra large dog bed is the most sought after spot in the apartment by dogs and cats alike. Even though it's large enough for two dogs and two cats to sit on at the same time, it's rare that they'll share the bed with each other.


Zinus Comfort Pet Stairs

As she's gotten older, BiBi is unable to jump as high. Instead of lifting her up onto the bed or sofa, I ordered these plush, easy-to-move pet stairs. She absolutely loves them, and they've restored her confidence because she doesn't have to ask for help to get to where she's going. While these are great for dogs with limitations, they're also ideal for small-breed pups.


Truelove Soft Harness

BiBi likes to be in charge, which means it can be tricky to assert myself as the leader of our pack when we're on walks. This harness does the trick. It's softy and comfy, and allows for easy correction when she tries to take over. As soon as BiBi sees it, she get super excited (she has the purple one) because it means we're going outside to check the pee mail messages left by other neighborhood dogs.


Fluff & Tuff Sloth

This is the last toy BiBi picked out for herself. She absolutely loves to go to Healthy Spot every time we visit a friend who lives near the store. In fact, she loves it so much that she tries to guide me toward the store whenever we're on a walk in that neighborhood.



For a busy-body beagle who wants a job, a Kong toy full of peanut butter satisfies BiBi's desire to be task oriented and productive.


Thundershirt Anxiety Jacket

BiBi doesn't wear an anxiety jacket, but her doggy roommate George does. Because it helps calm George down, BiBi is a big fan of calming jackets and wraps.


Frisco Sherpa Dog Blanket

Dogs are furry AF, and that can mean fur-covered furniture. This is why I love BiBi's sherpa blanket. I can throw it on the couch, or the passenger seat of my car, and it helps keep my stuff fur free while allowing her a comfy place to lie down.


Assorted Toys

BiBi recently got a new toy basket full of swag from Aldi's Heart to Tail collection. Durable and squeaky, these toys are made to last, and both BiBi and George love them almost as much as they love Grandma Lucy's.