100 Ways To Keep Resisting After Trump's 100th Day

by Lani Seelinger
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One hundred days of a Trump presidency may seem like a significant milestone, and in many ways, it feels like the day the Obamas flew off in that helicopter was years ago — unfortunately, it's only the beginning. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to keep resisting after Trump's 100th day. You can resist with a phone call, with your presence at a rally, and of course, with your wallet. But if we're going to get through this presidency, we're also going to need to get creative with our resistance.

In the time of this fact-resistant presidency, you can resist by studying up. To resist its lack of empathy, you can open up a book of fiction. To resist its inhumane immigrant policies, you can learn a foreign language — and then use it to provide a warm welcome to a refugee.

It's going to get exhausting, because the terrible policies just keep coming at a breakneck pace. A health care plan that takes health care away from millions? A tax code restructuring that would save the president millions? The White House filled with members of Trump's family? This is an abnormal time — so it requires a little more than just normal resistance strategies. Here are 100 ways to keep resisting:

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1. Study up on the Indivisible Guide. This is essentially the liberal response to the Tea Party movement, and we all know how quickly that was successful in reshaping Congress. The Indivisible movement's got their eyes set on the midterms, and you can help them.

2. Work with SwingLeft to help Democrats win in swing districts in the 2018 midterms. They're launching a concentrated effort to retake the House of Representatives — a difficult undertaking, but not an impossible one.

3. Keep following the Women's March. They've got their own ideas for how to resist, and you can start at any time.

4. Follow the news. It gets tiring, yes, but it's important that you know what the administration's doing, and how it could affect you.

5. Pick up a book of fiction. Reading fiction is proven to make you more empathetic, and Trump has said that he doesn't read much. You know what, Mr. President? It shows.

6. Read the books that show America as it really is — a gorgeous tapestry of diverse voices, each as important as the one before it.

7. Study up on your history. Specifically, focus on the 20th century. Look into the rise of totalitarianism in Europe, and what life was like in a totalitarian regime. That's not where America is yet — but it's best to educate yourself in advance.

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8. Study up on your science. There are really fun ways to do this, like the CrashCourse YouTube educational series with videos on all the subjects you could possibly think of. Open one of the thousands of excellent popular science books that will introduce you to ideas that you haven't explored yet (string theory, anyone?) or that you've heard all about but want to explore more deeply (climate change, anyone?).

9. Donate to The Climate Reality Project.

10. Join the Earth Day Network.

11. Find another environment charity that you support, and donate to them. The Trump administration's inaction on climate change is guaranteed to have terrible results on an international scale, and you need to fight against it as much as possible.

12. Save your congressional representatives' phone numbers, and call often.

13. Save your senators' phone numbers, too, and call often.

14. Do the same at the state level, especially if you live in a red state. The state and local levels of government often have more of an effect in your day-to-day life, so it's important not to forget that.

15. Get yourself on your representatives' mailing lists so you'll know when they have public events, like town halls.

16. Attend every possible public event that your representatives hold, even if you agree with them completely and just want to support them with your presence.

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17. Be as loud as possible at those town hall events, either in support or in opposition. Be part of the trend that's apparently scaring some Republican representatives — not violently, of course, just with your voice.

18. Use an app like iCitizen to help you engage in politics.

19. If you haven't already, then for goodness sake, register to vote!

20. Make sure you know about every upcoming election that you can vote in.

21. Vote, vote, vote at every chance you get! Getting hardcore conservatives out of office at every level is the most important thing that liberals and progressives can do right now, whether you're voting for a U.S. senator or a city councilman.

22. Convince someone else to vote, if their area has an election soon and you don't.

23. Volunteer to help someone register to vote.

24. Volunteer at an abortion clinic, helping patients avoid protesters.

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25. Donate to Planned Parenthood and help them keep doing their extremely necessary work in the face of a hostile government.

26. Donate to the ITMFA campaign, Impeach The MF Already, and sex columnist and activist Dan Savage will split the money and send equal portions to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the International Refugee Assistance Project. He's already reached $100,000 in donations, and the campaign is still going strong.

27. Donate to GLAAD, because you never know how long it'll be until Mike Pence begins pushing for his anti-LGBT agenda.

28. Read the Bible, so you'll know how to combat people who use it to support hate in their own words.

29. Learn a foreign language like Spanish or Arabic so you can speak to immigrants and refugees in their own languages.

30. Find an organization helping immigrants locally and volunteer with them.

31. Offer a smile and/or a warm meal to an immigrant who needs it, and offer up a different side of the America that they're seeing in the news.

32. Travel, meet people abroad, and be the face of America that people aren't seeing in the news.

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33. Donate to the NAACP.

34. Don't forget about Black Lives Matter.

35. Combat racism whenever you see it.

36. If you're white, really think about how white privilege has benefited you, and consider how to fight against it.

37. Study up on intersectional feminism.

38. Go deeper with books celebrating intersectional feminism, because it's even more important now with a man like Trump in the White House and a man like Mike Pence as his VP.

39. Volunteer with RAINN to help survivors of sexual abuse, who might be reminded of their own trauma every time they remember that there's a man who bragged about sexual abuse in the White House.

40. If you don't have time to volunteer, donate to RAINN instead.

41. Save the rain forest, too, because the Trump administration certainly isn't going to.

42. There are a lot of causes internationally that the United States won't be so involved in if Trump's "America First" foreign aid policy goes through, so donate to organizations providing similar foreign aid.

43. Donate to the organizations affected by the global gag rule.

44. Join the fight against fake news. Report fake news on Facebook when you see it, and don't let it stand without argument.

45. Engage with people you disagree with on social media, but always remember the Michelle Obama axiom — when they go low, you go high. Don't get caught in an ugly argument, just try to calmly exchange ideas and viewpoints.

46. Be out about everything that you are (unless if puts you in real danger to do so). If you're lesbian, Muslim, bisexual, atheist, trans, gay, or anything that may not be visible — don't hide it, because people are generally more afraid of what they don't know. If you know a Trump supporter and she knows that you're Muslim, then she'll be forced to rethink that Muslim ban that she might have supported otherwise.

47. When someone says something offensive on social media and you've got the energy, call them out in a nice way. Push them to rethink their intolerance by being tolerant.

48. Follow Trump on Twitter, and call out his most egregious lies and changes of position.

49. When he lies, retweet his tweets with a link to the truth.

50. Support the free media. Buy an actual subscription to your favorite local and national media.

51. Buy subscriptions as gifts for everyone you can afford to.

52. If you can't stomach Fox News (and I don't blame you), at least make an effort to read the conservative columnists in more centrist or liberal-leaning papers. Ross Douthat, David Brooks, and Jennifer Rubin are all great examples.

53. Read Alexandra Petri, just because we all need a laugh.

54. Listen to the best liberal and political podcasts.

55. Follow all of your favorite journalists and podcasters on social media and help amplify their voices.

56. Keep harping on Trump's rampant nepotism. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got their positions specifically because they are the president's daughter and son-in-law. You can't let this one go.

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57. Keep harping on Trump's tax returns. His main argument against releasing them seems to be "clearly, no one cares about them," which is altogether false.

58. Keep harping on the Trump campaign's connections to Russia. The harder journalists dig, the more information about secret meetings and undisclosed paychecks is revealed.

59. Keep harping on Trump's business conflicts of interest. He may not think the rules apply to him, but that's really not the case.

60. Keep harping on how Trump is probably breaking the Constitution's Emoluments clause because he's refused to distance himself from his business interests.

61. Keep a copy of the Bill of Rights tacked up in your bedroom, so you'll know whenever Trump threatens to stop following it.

62. Actually, just read the Constitution so you know when it's under attack.

63. Familiarize yourself with the Geneva Conventions governing treatment of refugees, since the Trump administration apparently has not.

64. Go to protests when they happen in your area.

65. Organize a protest if you care about an issue and someone else hasn't already done it.

66. Always keep your protests peaceful. Violence is never worth it, and there are less damaging ways of getting your point across.

67. Hold Trump accountable for his broken promises.

68. Hold Ivanka Trump accountable for sugarcoating her father's actions.

69. Stop it with the #FreeMelania stuff — she's a grown woman with agency and, as an immigrant (one who allegedly worked illegally when she first arrived), has supported her husband throughout his xenophobia-filled campaign and presidency.

70. Remind yourself that Melania was also a birther, and she brushed off the Access Hollywood tapes, supporting her husband and denying the experiences of all the women who have been sexually assaulted by other men who thought they could just "grab them by the p---y."

71. Support other women in politics — especially ones who have supported their fellow women.

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72. Support your national parks (with your wallet or your patronage), state parks, and national monuments — especially since Trump just signed an executive order that could threaten them.

73. Change your habits to be more environmentally friendly — even a little change can go a long way.

74. Support sustainable businesses.

75. Don't support businesses who support Trump.

76. For goodness sake, don't support any of the Trump brands, and that includes Ivanka's kitten-heeled shoes.

77. Be a patron of the arts, whether it's your local art gallery or the MoMA.

78. Go to the theater — not the movies, the actual theater. Regional and local companies often put on great shows, and they're not as expensive as you'd think.

79. Listen to NPR, and donate — you might win a trip to Australia (for real, my parents did!), and even if you don't, you're supporting the sort of free thought and information that Trump would probably rather do away with.

80. Write letters to the editor, even just ones from your local newspaper.

81. Keep a journal. It'll help you keep your thoughts organized, decide which causes to dedicate your action to, and track what you achieve.

82. Practice self-care. You won't be able to resist constantly without taking a minute to, like, enjoy the fresh air, or listen to a great song. Or, just breathing deeply. Don't forget to breathe.

83. Educate yourself about struggles that you don't understand yet — disability rights in schools, trans rights, non-citizen custody battles, just for example. There's always something new to learn.

84. You have something to teach others, so make your voice heard. Do you have expertise in a particular field? Have you grown up as a Muslim woman in America? Are you an immigrant? Your experience is valuable — so share it.

85. Share your experience at Planned Parenthood.

86. Share your experience of getting an abortion. This requires so much bravery, but you might be able to help thousands of women who need their reproductive rights protected.

87. Donate to Planned Parenthood or a local reproductive health clinic in Mike Pence's name, because that's always fun.

88. Call your state representatives and let your opinion be known every time they try to introduce an anti-choice bill.

89. Call your state representatives and let your opinion be known every time they try to introduce an anti-gay bill.

90. Call your state representatives and let your opinion be known every time they try to restrict voting access.

91. Support the ACLU so that they can fight against voter suppression.

92. Be a bit snarky and send in a fake application to Mar-a-Lago — or at least go have a laugh at the website encouraging you to do that.

93. Wear your resistance on your sleeve with a pink pussy hat, an ITMFA button, or a Nasty Woman shirt.

94. Give out pink pussy hats, ITMFA buttons, and Nasty Women shirts as gifts whenever anyone has a birthday.

95. Be the Nasty Woman who men like Trump are afraid of — the politically engaged woman willing to get down and dirty to fight for equal rights.

96. Make the best signs for rallies and protests.

97. Make sure your dog also has a great sign to wear to the protest.

98. Hold fundraisers to get more dough for your favorite causes — bake sale, anyone?

99. Encourage other women to run for office.

100. Run for office. As someone with a lot more wisdom than me once said, "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

One hundred days down, too many more to go. Now, go forth and resist.