11 Holiday Gifts To Get A Long-Distance Partner That Will Bring You Closer

MyIntent Project

Whether you met someone while you were on vacation or either you or partner had to move due to their job, sometimes you find yourself in a long-distance relationship. And, honestly, they're not always ideal — or easy.

"One of the keys to a successful long-distance relationship is to maintain healthy levels of intimacy and closeness," behavioral scientist, Clarissa Silva, tells Bustle. "Some couples use video chats, audio files, and snail mail as ways to compensate for the lack of being able to physically be in the same room. Try adding creative elements to what you already do."

But while long-distance relationships may require more effort and communication than other relationships, the good thing is that with all the communicating that comes with being apart, long-distance relationships are sometimes stronger than relationships between two people who see each other all the time.

One of the ways to stay and feel connected when you're apart is to be cognizant about the gifts you give each other. While everyone can use a cashmere sweater this time of year, giving your partner a gift that will bring you closer is far better in the long run. Here are 11 gifts that you will do just that.

1. Long-Distance Lamps

These lamps are in-sync, so if you come home and want to say hi to your partner and feel connected, you just touch the lamp with your hand and your partner's lamp will emit the same glow no matter how faraway they are. It's just a simple way to let them know you're thinking about them without having to say (or text) a word.

2. Custom Coordinates Bracelet

Whether it's the coordinates of where you first met or the coordinates of where you each are, this bracelet will always make you feel like you're not that far apart. Ultimately, we're always just a plane ride away from the people we love.

3. Couple App

Although technically free (with a few in-app purchases, none of which exceed $1.99), the Couple app is the perfect gift for those who are tight on cash this year. It lets couples keep a private time line of upcoming events, including when they'll finally be physically in each other's arms again, along with other adorable features that let you feel your partner's touch and sketch together in real time.

4. Wine And Chocolate

It might sound a little cliche, but as anyone who's been in a long-distance relationship will tell you, having "dates" via Skype or FaceTime are essential. You need that face-to-face time for feel connected.

That's where wine and chocolates come in. You can buy a wine gift set for your partner and yourself, then set up a date night. Cameron Hughes Wines has a great selection of wine gifts — and even champagne-infused candy if you want to get really fancy. Include a homemade playlist of all your favorite songs and you can have a really romantic and special evening that feels like you're right there with each other.

5. MyIntent Project Bracelets

We all have a word that's especially meaningful to us, whether it be "passion," "hope," "manifest" — and the My Intent Project puts yours on a bracelet for you so you can keep it close.

Both you and your partner can decide on a word (or a couple words) that represent your relationship — or even come up with something you want to work on together — and have matching bracelets made.

6. Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub allows you to feel like you're in your partner's home and vice versa. You can share albums and access to YouTube so you can share your new favorite song with your partner. It's all right there and feels even more intimate than FaceTime or Skype, because its design makes you feel like your in each other's space — in a good way!

7. We-Vibe Sync

Well, if there was ever a product made to make couples in long-distance relationships feel closer, sexually speaking, it's We-Vibe Sync. While good old fashioned phone sex can definitely be fun, having your partner, whether they're across the country or across the globe, controlling your vibrator via an app, really is the best and helps you both learn even more about your sexual preferences.

8. Airline Gift Card

Because you're apart, an airline gift card makes for a perfect present for the holiday. Even if you can't foot the bill for the entire flight, at least a contribution will help. Sites like Flight Gift Card offer gift cards for over 300 different airlines. Or, if your partner has an airline they use most often because of points and such, you can get them an airline gift from there instead. Most sites have a minimum of $25.

9. LoveBook

How does a book of your love story bring you and your partner together? A walk down memory lane is always a fun way to remind you both how far you've come and what's in your future. LoveBook lets you create your whole story online, with drawings and everything, then you order the completed book — ideally for both your partner and yourself, so you both have a copy.

10. Enso

Enso brings a whole new meaning to holding someone's heart in your hand. With an app, Enso allows you to not just share your own heartbeat, but feel the heartbeat of your loved ones no matter where they are on the planet. It truly is the perfect gift for feeling connected to someone you love and to feel connected to yourself through guided meditation.

11. Phone Stand

Thanks to FaceTime, we can literally carry our partners anywhere. But sometimes we also want to cuddle up in bed and talk to them without holding the phone the whole time. That's where a phone stand becomes a fantastic gift for your faraway partner. You don't need to get them anything top expensive — you just need a stand so they can stop accidentally dropping their phone on their chest (or face) while they're laying in bed talking to you.

As Silva says, when it comes to long-distance relationships, creativity is key. These gift ideas will definitely bring you closer and let your partner know you put a lot of thought into the gift too.