11 Things We Learned About Dating In 2017, According To Science


Remember when ghosting was one of the only popular dating trends we had to deal with? While ghosting doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, 2017 brought us even more dating trends to worry about. For instance, breadcrumbing, which was may even be worse than ghosting, happens when someone responds to you just enough to make you think they're interested, but never have any intention of actually following through.

And if that wasn't enough, more annoying dating trends that emerged included haunting, lovebombing, kittenfishing, submarining, and stashing, among others. While you can make the argument that millennials are the worst when it comes to dating, these rude behaviors are really nothing new. We've just managed to do it to people online and IRL, as well as put labels on it.

But if you think that would turn many of us into bitter singles, new research from 2017 found that's not necessarily the case. Over the past year researchers from all over the world conducted different surveys and studies to see how people are really dating today — both online and IRL. So from the new dating trends we had to deal with to the best way to land a second date, here are some things we learned about dating over the past year: