12 Sex Toys To Travel With Because You Can Take The Fun On The Road

Summer is officially here, finally. Whether it's a weekend away to the Hamptons or a whole week in someplace faraway and tropical, getting out of town is the number one thing on everyone's mind. And number two on some people's mind just might be what sex toys they'll be traveling with this summer.

Admittedly, some sex toys are easier to travel with than others. For example, trying to get your beloved Cowgirl Riding Sex Machine through TSA is going to be a little tricky — it doesn't matter if you claim it as a carry-on or check it. Although no one should be ashamed to travel with sex toys, there are some that are more travel-friendly than others. Those are the ones that are small, non-obtrusive, ideally not much bigger than pocket-sized, and, of course, will make your toes curl in absolute ecstasy. These are the sex toys you want to pack and take with you no matter where you go on holiday this season.

Because late 2018 and early 2019 has given us some pretty amazing new toys, many of which are just dying to make their way into your luggage, here are 12 of them that are best for travel this summer.