12 Sex Toys To Bring On All Your Summer Adventures

Summer is officially here, finally. Whether it's a weekend away to the Hamptons or a whole week in someplace faraway and tropical, getting out of town is the number one thing on everyone's mind. And number two on some people's mind just might be what sex toys they'll be traveling with this summer.

Admittedly, some sex toys are easier to travel with than others. For example, trying to get your beloved Cowgirl Riding Sex Machine through TSA is going to be a little tricky — it doesn't matter if you claim it as a carry-on or check it. Although no one should be ashamed to travel with sex toys, there are some that are more travel-friendly than others. Those are the ones that are small, non-obtrusive, ideally not much bigger than pocket-sized, and, of course, will make your toes curl in absolute ecstasy. These are the sex toys you want to pack and take with you no matter where you go on holiday this season.

Because late 2018 and early 2019 has given us some pretty amazing new toys, many of which are just dying to make their way into your luggage, here are 12 of them that are best for travel this summer.



Is it a pen? A bullet vibrator? Oh, wait — maybe a tube of lipstick? What in the world could it be?

"We started from the idea of an ergonomic pencil and then realized that the soft triangular shape had other benefits for getting into nooks and crannies, while still being big enough for a powerful motor," founder and CTO/CPO at Dame Products Janet Lieberman tells Bustle. "Kip is one of our most exploratory products — the flutter tip, curved cup, and rounded shaft edges all give different sensations, and the way the product can be held many different ways encourages trying different uses."

Because of all this, it's great for travel.


Womanizer Liberty

Since its very first edition of Womanizer, this brand has come a long way in variations, sizes, and power — all without losing its patented PleasureAir technology. And, unlike a lot of sex toys out there, Womanizer boasts that it actually helps women with orgasm difficulty.

Even if you don't struggle to orgasm, it's nice to know your clitoris is in very good hands with the Womanizer — any of the Womanizer products. While the Womanizer Liberty isn't the smallest of Womanizers from which to choose, it's a perfect medium-size that's right at home in any bag — in even clutches. You never know when you'll be at a gala this summer and the urge to orgasm calls.


Mimic Plus

For those who struggle with masturbation shame or are embarrassed to travel with a sex toy — which is totally fine! — the Mimic Plus is great, because who would ever guess it's a sex toy? It's small, beautiful, powerful, and if it falls out of your bag, it's more likely to be mistaken as a quirky little work of art instead of a sex toy.

Thanks to its unique shape it isn't solely all about clitoral stimulation, which is great for people who love to have their entire vulva stimulated. And with eight intensity levels, you really can't lose with this one.


Satisfyer Pro Traveler

Based on the name alone, it's safe to assume that the people behind the Satisfyer Pro Traveler want you to take it on trips. It isn't just small, but its removable cap keeps it clean and its packaging makes it one of the most discreet toys out there. In fact, it looks more like a battery or a charger for a phone than anything else. Even close up, in the palm of your hand, no one could possibly imagine that orgasm-inducing fun is just a pop of the cap away. So slip this one in any bag and let the summer fun begin.



To the untrained eye, Enby could be anything. A bike seat? A flyer saucer? Oh, wait, you can fold it too?

"Designed to please a variety of bodies, Enby offers the ultimate way to explore," Amy Boyajian, co-founder and CEO of Wild Flower, tells Bustle. "This dynamic rechargeable vibrator can be humped, rubbed on, tucked in a harness, and placed between bodies to offer stimulation in all the right places. A vibe that will accommodate a range of situations, the Enby is as vast as your imagination."

So into your bag the Enby shall go!



Although LELO Sona Cruise is one of three vibrators on this list that aren't quite vibrators, as they stimulate through the use of air pressure, it definitely belongs on a travel-friendly list for a few reasons.

First of all size. It's not much bigger than your hand which is a major selling point when it comes to traveling, because the last thing you need is a sex toy that's taking up too much room — especially if you're just going away for a few days and are only bringing a weekender bag.

Next up is shape. Its exquisite sleekness makes this sex toy look more like something you'd use on your face than on your clitoris to stimulate it. No one will be the wiser as to what it really is, if that's a concern for you.



Of the all the sex toys I tried in 2018, Pixie made it to my top nine. Not only because it's small, powerful, and easy on the eyes, but how it delivers its vibrations. What makes Pixie interesting is how the wings sort of reach out and hug the clitoris, as opposed to just vibrating against it. This is important because not every clitoris likes to be stimulated the same way.

"Some women have a distinct preference for a very specific spot on the clitoris to be stimulated," Isadora Alman, MFT, CST and Psychology Today contributor, tells Bustle. "Too high or too low, the left, if it's the right side, etc., just won't do it."

The Pixie lets you explore which part of your clitoris prefers what, which is probably exactly how you want to spend your vacation — when you're not at the beach.



While sex toys doubling as jewelry is nothing new, Unbound took what was once subtle and made it huge with Palma. Although this isn't Unbound's first foray into sex toys that you can wear as jewelry, the sheer size of Palma — and power — is what makes it stand out from the rest.

"While for boys, masturbation is framed to them as natural, unavoidable, and even healthy — girls experience a very different narrative," Polly Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Unbound, tells Bustle. "Told from the get-go that their sexuality is to be controlled and contained, girls aren't taught about masturbation, so many view it as unnatural or even shameful. They're also rarely taught about their own pleasure when it comes to sex. This means that not only are they unaware about sources of pleasure, they're often too embarrassed or scared to explore them."

Palma, a very hard to miss vibrator/ring not only puts pleasure front and center, but also does so in a very travel-friendly and stylish way.


Vibrating Snug Plug

What's a travel-friendly sex toy list without toys that are perfect for anal play? It's severely incomplete, that's what it is. That's where b-Vibe comes in with their brand new addition to their already stellar line of products: Vibrating Snug Plug.

Just as delicious, discreet, and satisfying as their other Snug Plugs, the added feature of vibration makes it all so much more titillating and exciting. Snug Plugs — vibrating ones or not — are great travel companions because of their size and their shape. Definitely created in a way that separates them from other butt plugs out there, this toy was made to travel.


We-Vibe Tango

When it comes to sex toys that travel well and under the radar, you can't go wrong with a bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrators aren't just the vibrator that everyone should own at least one of, but they're powerful, discreet, and fit everywhere — as in even in your pocket if you want to travel really light this summer.

While shopping for a bullet vibrator can be overwhelming, because there are so many, the We-Vibe Tango, which even markets itself as a travel-friendly sex toy, is a great option. It's also waterproof should you find yourself near, well, some water and want to take advantage of the combination of the two.



One of the best products to come out of 2018 was Pom by Dame Products, and it's petite size makes it great for on-the-go play.

"Over the course of the past few years, we've truly realized just how important masturbation is to overall wellbeing," Alex Fine, co-founder and CEO of Dame Products, tells Bustle. "We've seen the rise of the 'self-care' movement, but we've felt that masturbation is often left out of that conversation. We knew we wanted to create a product that made masturbation feel easy, natural and most of all — good. Which is why we created Pom."

Not only is Pom great because of its shape, size, and superior quality, but because — voila! — it's perfect for traveling too.


Iroha Mini Ume-Anzu

Although it may be cute , Iroha Mini Ume-Anzu packs a mighty punch. While it only has one setting of speed and intensity, that one setting doesn't disappoint. It's also really, really affordable! Especially when you consider what it has to offer: pleasure and discretion.

If you're looking for a toy that's not just ideal for travel, but pleasurable and easy on the wallet, the Mini Ume-Anzu by Iroha is your best bet. It's also great for people who are new to sex toys because it looks so innocent and non-intrusive.


There you have it! These are 12 sex toys that are bound to make all your summer vacations that much for exciting. All that's left is setting up your out-of-office.