Here Are The 11 Sex Toys Sex Therapists Recommend The Most

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For many people, sex toys have become a standard part of their sex life. Whether that sex life is with one or more partners, or cuddling up in bed solo for a mind-blowing masturbation session, sex toys have found a home not just in our bedrooms, but in our hearts. Because of this, everyone has a favorite sex toy — from the random person on the street, to the sex therapists and sexologists out there.

"There's this fear that sex toys are making people less into each other, that they're too mechanical etc, but they actually improve sex, make people want to be with each other, and can connect you over long distances," Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, tells Bustle.

It doesn't matter if we call it the orgasm gap or the pleasure gap; the fact remains that sex toys can really help close that gap and create orgasm equality for all. Although your coital focus doesn't have to be on having an orgasm, as the journey is definitely equally delicious, having sex toys within reach to make that journey even more satisfying is great.

Whether you're new to sex toys or looking to add something to your collection, here are 11 toys that the experts highly recommend.


We-Vibe Nova

It may look reminiscent of the Rabbit vibrator that became a household name thanks to Sex and the City, but this particular vibrator is in a whole other stratosphere.

"This is your rabbit vibe 2.0," Dr. Jess O’Reilly, creator of the Drive Her Wild Video Course, tells Bustle. "Unlike old rabbit vibes that often miss the mark when it comes to external clitoral stimulation, the Nova’s outer arm is large and flexible to ensure direct stimulation of the hood, shaft, and head of the clitoris."

As Dr. Jess explains, the inner arm perfectly curves against the G-spot and the sensation "sends pleasure messages to the brain via multiple nerve pathways (the pudendal nerve via the clitoris and the vagus nerve via the G-Spot)."


Womanizer Premium

Although it might seem like everyone has heard of Womanizer by now, if you haven't, then definitely take note.

"I like the entire suite of Womanizer products and their technology is highly innovative," Dr. Jess says. "They use tiny bursts of air to create a suction-like sensation over the head of the clitoris (or along the lips or nipples) with a round, open tip. They’re really unique and there is no other brand that compares (including the knock-offs), in my opinion."

Womanizer offers a variety of models and sizes, and has certainly come a long way over the last few years. One of the most important aspects about this particular line of toys is that they've helped in treating orgasm difficulty in women.


The Magic Wand

And here we go! The Magic Wand is the sex toy that manages to make it onto favorite sex toy lists on a fairly regular basis, because it really is that good.

"This is the new 'Plus' version of the fabulous, strong massager-style vibrator that Good Vibrations has been selling for literally over 40 years," Good Vibrations staff sexologist and author of The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone Carol Queen, PhD, tells Bustle. "There's a new rechargeable version too, and while they look just about like the 1970s-era classic, the new versions have silicone heads, a greater range of power and stimulation options, and removable cords."


Crave Vesper

It may look small and delicate, but as they say, big things come in small packages.

"If you’re into style or design (and vibrating pleasure), this will be your go-to bullet vibe," Dr. Jess says. "It doubles as a necklace, but its design is subtle enough that no one will know what’s hanging around your neck (unless they have one of their own or you decide to share your secret)."


Miracle Massager Rechargeable by CalExotics

"I jokingly call the [Miracle Massager Rechargeable] when I recommend it to clients: The Jackhammer, because I feel like it's so damn powerful it could break cement," CalExotics’ resident sexologist, Dr. Jill McDevitt, tells Bustle. "So good. Just so good. It's my #1 recommendation."

If you're someone who requires a lot of clitoral stimulation, as in "jackhammer" level stimulation, the Miracle Massager should probably be put at the top of your "must buy ASAP" list.


LELO Gigi 2

"The shape of the Gigi is curved with a flattened end, and this means it's great to use on the clitoris, it will stimulate the G-spot when inserted, and it's rechargeable," Dr. Queen says.

It's also this wide flat end that can make finding your G-spot — if you haven't yet — easier to locate.


Womanizer Starlet

When two products of the same brand make it onto a list of recommended sex toys by experts, you know that's really saying something.

"I love this small version of the original Womanizer toy," sex and relationship expert, Megan Stubbs, EdD, ACS, tells Bustle. "This air puff technology is difficult to describe, but wholly effective in providing pleasure. The size makes it great for portable play, and good for solo or couples use."


Aneros Helix

Also known as the P-spot, the prostate is the equivalent to a G-spot. Whether you or your partner has a P-spot, it's definitely an area worth exploring, and Aneros has a great selection of products exactly for that.

"This is a hands-free prostate toy that responds to tiny contractions and movements of the body, so your hands are free to wander," Dr. Jess says. "Its main bulb provides stimulation internally against the prostate (via the rectum) and its external arms stimulate the perineum and beyond."


Shane's World His Stimulator by CalExotics

"It's a classic bullet [vibrator], which is classic for a reason (powerful, simple, gets the job done, no muss no fuss)," Dr. McDevitt says. "Plus it includes a penis attachment so essentially women can get clitoral stimulation during vaginal intercourse. It's also an extremely inexpensive, which is great for the many college students I work with in my sex ed classes."

A bullet vibe and a penis attachment? This recommendation will definitely take your masturbation sessions up several notches — and all for less than $15.


Inspire Silicone Dilator Set

"Not everyone needs a dilator — at least not right now — but if you don't need a dilator set, you can still really appreciate five silicone dildos that are comfortable to use and have loops to hold onto — or insert a vibrator into to give them a bit of buzz," Dr. Queen says.


We-Vibe Pivot

If you've yet to include cock rings in your sex life, it's time. In fact, the first vaginal orgasm I ever had was thanks to a vibrating cock ring.

"I don’t have a penis, but my partner does and he loves this toy," Dr. Jess says. "He loves the vibrations, but he also loves my reaction. This is a penis ring that allow its deep vibrations to stimulate multiple spots (e.g. perineum, clitoris, fourchette, lips, scrotum, and more!)."


Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker by CalExotics

"It has all the bells and whistles (silicone, waterproof, quiet, rechargeable, cute), but at a super reasonable price point for what you get," Dr. McDevitt says. "Plus, the tongue-like flicker action is a fun and unique clitoral sensation. I recommend this to many clients looking for something a little different."

If you're looking to spice up your clitoral stimulation or are a fan of oral sex, the "marvelous" flickering of this particular toy is worth giving a try.


Doc Johnson iPlease

"I love this slim silicone bullet vibrator," Stubbs says. "It's a great first-time sex toy for solo or couples use. It's not very large, but it's quite powerful and quiet."

When it comes to bullet vibrators, it's hard to go wrong. They never fail to be small, sleek, and powerful with a variety of speeds and intensities. iPlease is no different.


Although there's no universally perfect sex toy for everyone, as we all have different wants and needs, these 11 sex toys from experts will definitely help you in deciding what you want to try next.

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