14 Halloween Costumes That Are Literally Just Pajamas

Etsy; Nordstrom

Dressing up in a Halloween costume can be really exciting. It's the one day of the year when you're encouraged to go all out and act like someone — or something — you're not. It's fun to think of something clever, interesting, culturally relevant, and cool that has the potential to go viral online, or just the ability to score you a few high-fives while you're out. The one downside to Halloween costumes? They can be elaborate and uncomfortable, which isn't exactly ideal in any situation, especially during a night you might be in a crowded area. The solution is to wear a costume that is both fantastic and comfortable, which can be hard to find. The good news is that there are actually a bunch of Halloween costume ideas that you can literally just wear pajamas for (along with a few other easy accessories).

It might sound too good to be true, but seriously: there are some costumes where all you need is a pair of pajamas that you (hopefully) already own, and then one or two add-ons. You'll be much more comfortable than many people, and you'll also get a ton of compliments. Plus, if you already own these items, then you'll save money on buying anything. Some require a little bit of creativity, while others couldn't be more simple. It can be really fun to go all out on Halloween, and do something super extravagant, but sometimes you need a break! Below are a few Halloween costumes that will allow you to wear pajamas while being social. Who can argue with that?!


Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's

J.Crew End on End Sleep Shirt, $68, Nordstrom

Breakfast At Tiffany's Sleep Eye Mask, $14, Etsy

Estrella Tassel Earrings in Navy, $20, Francesca's

Dressing as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's gives you two options: the classic little black dress look, or her sleeping look, which is, arguably, the better one. You most likely already have an oversized white sleep shirt, and if you don't, you can probably borrow one from someone else. If you have blue tassel earrings, even better — but this is one accessory you'll use even after Halloween is over. Add the appropriate sleep mask, and you're good to go.


The Lost Boys From Peter Pan

SAZAC Animal Adult Onesie Costume, $64.10, Amazon

Touch of Nature Turkey Feather, $4.31, Amazon

Dressing as one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan couldn't be easier — or more comfortable. You just need an animal onesie (any will do, although a raccoon is pretty authentic!), and maybe a large turkey feather to glue onto the hood. That's it! It also makes a great group costume idea.


A Victoria's Secret Angel Backstage

Pink Robe, $15.95, Etsy

Conair Instant Heat Travel Hair Curlers, $20.99, Target

Betsey Johnson Dina Platform Sandal, $69.99, DSW

If you don't mind showing a little bit of skin, and you already own a silk robe, then dress as a Victoria's Secret angel. If you want to go for the backstage look, you can cinch the robe, put your hair in some large curlers, and add some heels.


Max From 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Footed Pajamas, $39.95, Walmart

Creative Converting Mini Crown, $3.43, Amazon

Long Faux Fur Animal Tail, $19.99, Amazon

Stay super comfy by dressing as Max from Where The Wild Things Are. A white onesie is the most authentic, but you can really wear any color. Add a paper crown, and if you want, a fake tail. Adorable!


Sleeping Beauty

Charter Club Cotton Pajamas, $44.99, Macy's

Princess Tiara, $6.99, Party City

Treosi Blank Satin Sash, $8.99, Amazon

Daniel Green Rave II Scuff Slipper, $29.99, DSW

This one is a bit of a pun, rather than the Disney princess: you're a sleeping beauty, get it?! You can wear any pair of pajamas you own here, as well as a fake tiara and a blank sash — super inexpensive. You can customize any blank sash (or just make one with paper) to write "beauty queen" so people get it.


Tom Cruise In 'Risky Business'

J.Crew End on End Sleep Shirt, $68, Nordstrom

BP House Wayfarer Sunglasses, $5.49, Amazon

Men's Athletic Socks, $10.99, Target

Another super easy Halloween costume made with an oversized white sleep shirt is Tom Cruise in Risky Business. You just need the shirt, the sunglasses, and the socks. A very popular option, but, hey, it gets the job done.


Rizzo From 'Grease'

Ekouaer Pajama Set, $24.99, Amazon

Women's Blonde Wig, $17.99, Amazon

King Estate Pinot Grigio, $9.58, Amazon

A lot of people like to dress as the Pink Ladies from Grease, or Sandy, but what about Rizzo during the slumber party? It's an iconic scene that deserves some Halloween love. If you have purple pajamas, or just a purple oversized shirt, then go for it! Add a blonde wig if needed, and an empty bottle of wine.


Beanie Baby

Women's Giraffe Union Suit, $27.99, Target

Another super simple Halloween costume that involves only an animal onesie is to dress like a Beanie Baby. You can pick any animal you want, and then make it look more real by creating a big TY sign with cardboard or paper to hang around your neck. This is another great group costume idea.


A Grandma

Cotton Floral-Border Nightgown, $42.99, Macy's

Cotton Bathrobe, $29.99, H&M

Round Wire Rim Glasses, $7.15, Amazon

If you have a nightgown and a robe, put it on, add some glasses, and voila: you're a grandma. This couldn't be more simple.


Regina's Mom From 'Mean Girls'

Juicy Couture Velour Midrise Bootcut Pants, $50, Kohl's

Juicy Couture Graphic Couture Hooded Jacket, $54, Kohl's

Stuffed Chihuahua Dog Puppy Toy, $9.99, Amazon

If you have an old Juicy Couture sweatsuit (or anything comparable) laying around, dressing as Regina George's mom from Mean Girls is the perfect costume. The stuffed dog really makes it stand out!


Bananas In Pajamas

Alfani Satin Notch Collar Pajamas, $51.99, Macy's

Rasta Impasta Banana Costume, $33.41, Amazon

This one will probably require you to buy a banana costume (unless, for some reason, you have one laying around), but you can just wear it under a pair of striped pajamas.


Karen From 'Mean Girls' On Halloween

PJ Salvage Lace Racerback Jersey Chemise, $50, Nordstrom

Pink Silk Sash Belt, $45, Etsy

Grey Mouse Ears Headband, $17.97, Amazon

You're a mouse, duh! No, actually, you're Karen Smith from Mean Girls as a mouse. If you don't mind wearing a black silky chemise out, then go for it. And, of course, walk around telling everyone you're a mouse, and that your breasts can predict the weather.



Women's Long Sleeve Nightgown, $49.95, Land's End

Down-Alternative Pillows, $14.99, Amazon

Go for a different version of Cinderella than is usually seen: the pajama one. Wear a long blue nightgown, carry around a pillow, and put your hair in braided pigtails.


The Girl From 'The Exorcist'

Casual Nights Womens Cap Sleeve Nightgown, $15.99-$16.99, Amazon

Okay, all you need here is a nightgown — for the rest of the look, you'll need some Halloween costume makeup for fake vomit and blood, and just make sure your hair is super messy.