24 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Brunettes

From Catwoman to Holly Golightly.

by Kelly Dougher and Carolyn Steber
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Wednesday Addams would make a timely brunette Halloween costume

Halloween is, arguably, one of the most fun holidays of the entire year. There are so many great aspects to it — seasonal snacks, scary movies, spooky get-togethers with friends. There’s also the costume element, which is always super exciting — right up until you realize you have nothing to wear. If you find yourself coming up empty in the idea department, it might help to draw inspiration from features you already have, like your dark hair. There are so many incredible costume ideas for brunettes that make dressing up a breeze, whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, or light brown or jet-black.

Choosing a costume that already fits with your hair color will save you from having to wear an itchy Halloween wig. And most of these brunette costume ideas are really easy to assemble, too. (Looking at you, people reading this article at 7 p.m. on Oct. 31.) Take a look at the pics below inspired by people and characters with brown hair and see if anything stands out. Then dig through your closet. You might be able to save money by using items you already have, like a white T-shirt, cool boots, or that red headband you totally forgot about. Of course, you could also rush ship a few things your way if need be in order to create the perfect look. Here, a list of Halloween costumes for brown hair. Throw one together, get out there, and enjoy your night.

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1. Catwoman (AKA Selina Kyle)

A Catwoman costume is a Halloween classic. This year, though, it’s even more timely, as you can model yourself after Zoë Kravitz’ iteration of the iconic antihero, Selina Kyle, from 2022’s The Batman. Simply throw on some black leather — be it a catsuit or separates — and make sure to get yourself a cat-eared ski mask to pull the whole costume together. You can even prop around a cat stuffed animal for the full effect.

2. Jackie from Yellowjackets

You don’t necessarily have to be queen bee Jackie from Showtime’s hit show Yellowjackets — but she’s a great one to embody this Halloween. In fact, as a brunette you can choose from a few different Yellowjackets to dress up as, including young Shauna, Lottie, and Taissa. Best of all, you can make this a group costume with your besties to make it a true Yellowjackets soccer team. But if you really want to transform into Jackie, make sure you top it all off with a preppy silk yellow tie headband.

3. Wednesday Addams

Here is another classic Halloween costume made even better by the fact that it’s timely in 2022 with the Netflix show Wednesday starring Jenny Ortega. To pull off a Wednesday Addams Halloween costume, simply part your hair down the middle and give yourself low, braided pigtails. From there, all you have to do is wear a black collared dress and black tights. (The more goth, the better!)

4. Mabel Mora from Only Murders In The Building

James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Looking for a culturally relevant TV show character costume that also features some fake blood? Consider channeling Selena Gomez’ character, Mabel Mora, from Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. Perfect for a brunette, this costume just requires a cream-colored turtleneck sweater, a brown or beige plaid skirt, and some fake blood to smear all over your top. Pro tip: Opt for a sweater you don’t mind getting covered in faux blood.

5. Kang Sae-byeok from Squid Game


If you were one of the seemingly zillions of people who watched Squid Game, you could use Halloween as an opportunity to show how much you loved the show — especially because it makes for an easy costume. To be Kang Sae-byeok, for instance, all you need is a greenish teal tracksuit. Tape a number onto it and you’re golden.

6. Chani from Dune

Zendaya’s character from Dune may be from 2021 (well, more like 10,191), but it became an instant costume classic. Not to mention, Dune: Part Two is scheduled to be released in 2023. To recreate her desert “stillsuit” look, make sure your hair is windswept and your clothes earth-toned.

7. Noel Fielding from The Great British Bake Off

Are you also in love with The Great British Bake Off, kooky fashion, and dessert? To emulate host Noel Fielding’s style, wear an artsy shirt, black heels, skinny jeans, and style your hair in a cool shag.

8. Rosie The Riveter

Donaldson Collection/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Now for some timeless costumes! If you have a denim shirt or boilersuit and a red bandana, you can easily go out as Rosie the Riveter. Be sure to flex your bicep the entire evening for added effect.

9. Betty Boop


For a 1930s Betty Boop look, pull on a slinky red dress, draw on some red lipstick, and add a few spit curls around your forehead. Bonus points if you have a red boa, pumps, and gold jewelry.

10. Eleven

Eleven from Stranger Things is a surefire hit at Halloween parties, especially if you have extremely close-cropped or buzzed brown hair. Look for a pink dress, knee-high socks, white sneakers, and a blue windbreaker. Don’t forget to carry a box of Eggos around, too.

11. Tina Blecher

FOX/FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

To dress up as Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers (or 2022’s The Bob’s Burgers Movie, to be more specific), put a barrette in your hair and curl the ends under slightly. Complete the look with a blue shirt, blue skirt, socks, thick black glasses, and cranky attitude.

12. Velma

When in doubt, there’s always Velma from Scooby Doo. This super cute costume is all about the bright colors, so look for an orange sweater, red skirt, and bright shoes. Oh, and glasses. Because she can’t see without her glasses.

13. Mia Wallace

To be Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, simply curl your hair under and style your bangs so they go straight across. Have a ketchup joke lined up, and you’re set.

14. Holly Golightly

Archive Photos/Moviepix/Getty Images

Tease your hair into a beehive updo and brush your bangs slightly off your face for the iconic Breakfast At Tiffany's hairstyle. Add a few jewels, like a crystal choker necklace or a tiara. Long black gloves would look cute, too.

15. Cookie Lyon

FOX/FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

Feeling fancy? Then dress as Cookie from Empire. All you’ll need is a deep side part or high ponytail, big jewelry, and a healthy dose of animal print.

16. Mary Poppins

To go all-out as Mary Poppins, don a wide-brimmed boater hat, black lace-up boots, and a collared coat. To keep things simpler, wear red lipstick with a dress and carry an umbrella. As for a hairstyle, it’s all about the low bun.

17. Olivia Pope

If you have shoulder-length brunette hair and love Scandal, then you should definitely be Olivia Pope this Halloween. Don't forget the wine glass and her motto: "It's handled."

18. Katniss Everdeen

Pull your hair back into a long messy braid, dig out your earth-tone clothes and a pair of boots, and enjoy Halloween as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. If you can get your hands on a fake bow and arrow set, more power to you.

18. Olivia Rodrigo in “good 4 u”

Another recent instant classic costume for brunettes is recreating Olivia Rodrigo’s look in the “good 4 u” music video. As Rodrigo, herself, channels icons from the ’90s and 2000s in this video, so can you, but with a modern pop music spin. Just find a blue cheerleading costume and pair it with some long black gloves and hair clips.

19. Hermione

Ignoring the fact that Emma Watson is kind of blondish, the OG Hermione from Harry Potter was described as having “bushy brown hair.” Rock yours with a cloak, Gryffindor tie, and a witch hat. Extra credit if you carry books and a wand.

20. Princess Jasmine

Don’t mind wearing something comfy on Halloween? Go as Jasmine from Aladdin — she lives in loose jogger pants. Pull your thick hair back into a low, loose braid, and make sure you have lots of volume around your face. Add a jeweled headband, and you’ll give off total princess vibes.

21. Belle

Belle is one of the most popular brunette Disney princesses — you just need dark hair that's long enough to pull back into a ponytail. Don't worry about finding her yellow ballgown; her blue and white ensemble works just as well and is easier to put together.

22. Snow White

If you have a short, dark bob — and just so happen to love all things Disney — then Snow White is your gal. All you’ll need is a primary colored outfit, headband, and maybe even a little blue bird. (Aww, cute.)

23. Mary from Hocus Pocus

The cast of the ’90s cult fave Hocus Pocus has a variety of hair colors to choose from. But as a brunette, you kind of have to go with Mary, right?

24. Wonder Woman

While this costume might take a little bit of planning, it doesn’t get cooler than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Not only is she coming to save the day, but she just so happens to be a fierce brunette.

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