These 17 Moments NEED To Happen In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8, Including The Cleganebowl

In the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere, the show served up a handful of long-awaited moments including Jon Snow riding a dragon, Arya and Jon's reunion (and Arya and Gendry's), and Daenerys' arrival in the North. All of these scenes were amazing, but there are still so many things fans want to see in Game of Thrones Season 8. And given the limited amount of episodes in the final season, there's a good chance that at least a few highly-anticipated scenes won't happen. That's no reason not to dream big, though, because there's still so many prophecies that need to come to pass and reunions that are too juicy to pass up.

With that in mind, here are all of the things that absolutely need to happen in Season 8. Because, yes, Jon riding Rhaegal was the stuff dreams are made of, but no one is ready to let go of that Cleganebowl hype just yet. From seeing the real Azor Ahai stand up to Brienne and Jaime finally admitting they're more than just pals who occasionally threaten to kill each other here's everything the last season of Game of Thrones needs to serve up before fans are ushered out of the Seven Kingdoms for good.

1. Cleganebowl

Look, the show (and the books) has been teasing Cleganebowl for years. It's way past time for The Hound and The Mountain to engage in an epic showdown. And after The Hound's ominous words to his undead big brother in Season 7, the odds of this highly anticipated brawl actually happening are better than ever before.

2. Finding Out Who Azor Ahai Reborn Is

Whether the answer to who The Prince/Princess Who Was Promised is Jon, Daenerys, or Lyanna Mormont, it's time for the show to reveal all.

3. Seeing Someone Kill The Night King...

The Night King has to go down. Game of Thrones is known for being bleak, but if the ultimate evil wins, then that's going to be a new level of depressing. Seeing Jon, Jaime, Arya, Sam, or any number of characters take down their frosty enemy from the North would be way more satisfying.

4. ...And Finding Out Why He's So Connected To Bran

Bran deserves his own sub-list, because the number of questions surrounding him and his status as the Three-Eyed Raven just keeps getting longer. If the show only answers one of them, then it needs to be why the young Lord Stark is so connected to the Night King. (And why the Night King is seemingly following him South.)

5. Arya Marking Cersei Off Her List

No one wants to see Arya go full darkside, but if she gets to mark just one more name off her list, then Cersei is the perfect candidate. And, hey, if she does it while wearing Jaime's face, then she can finally resolve that pesky Valonqar theory too.

6. Melisandre's Return

The Red Woman promised Varys she would return to Westeros to die, but before her life ends, she's got unfinished business with Ser Davos and Arya that needs to be taken care of first.

7. Sansa & Cersei's Reunion

It would be an actual tragedy if Sansa and Cersei don't get the chance to face-off one last time. After all, the Lannister Queen was one of Sansa's earliest teachers, and it's time for her to see how well the Stark girl internalized all of those harsh lessons.

8. Jaime & Brienne Fighting Side By Side

Jaime and Brienne have been dancing around each other since Season 3. It's probably too much to hope for an admission of love from either of them, but at the very least, they can fight the White Walkers side by side.

9. Jon Telling Daenerys Who His Parents Are

Poor Jon just got his world rocked with the news that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are his parents. But he can't ignore that reality for too long since he's in love with his aunt. The moment he tells Daenerys should be a juicy one — and there's even a possibility that it could place them on opposing sides since Jon has a better claim to the Iron Throne than the Mother of Dragons.

10. Ghost's Triumphant Return

Dragons are great and all, but it's time for #TeamDirewolf to represent. Ghost is Jon's truest companion and it's long past time for him to return to the fold.

11. Sam, Gilly, & Baby Sam Living Happily Ever After

Asking for happy endings on Game of Thrones feels like a great way to doom people, but if anyone deserves to make it to the end, it's Sam, Gilly, and baby Sam. If the show wants to go ahead and make that Sam is the narrator theory come true as well, then that would be doubly amazing.

12. Daenerys Finally Making It To The Throne Room

Whether or not Daenerys should sit on the Iron Throne remains up for debate, but she's destined to at least make it to the Throne Room. Her vision in the House of the Undying needs to come to pass before the series ends.

13. Theon Fighting Alongside The Starks

Theon's redemption arc is almost complete. All that's left is for him to make his way North and fight alongside the remaining Starks now that Yara's safe.

14. Drogon & Rhaegal Vs. Undead Viserion

You can't introduce an ice dragon into the mix and expect fans not to clamor for a battle between Viserion and his fiery brothers.

15. One Last Confrontation Between Tyrion & Cersei

Poor Tyrion has fallen off the map a bit in recent seasons, but he still has unfinished business with Cersei to take care of. The question of whether or not he made a deal with his sister in Season 7 is still up in the air, and it needs to be resolved with one last juicy confrontation.

16. The Valonqar Prophecy Comes To Pass

Cersei's been dreading the coming of the Valonqar since she visited Maggy the Frog in the woods when she was a child. She's outrun her fate long enough. Season 8 needs to finally reveal whether Jaime, Tyrion, Arya, or someone else completely will be the end of the Lannister Queen.

17. The Destruction Of The Iron Throne

The Iron Throne has brought untold pain to the people of Westeros. It's an ugly symbol of unchecked power that needs to be destroyed. Daenerys swore she would break the wheel, now it's time for her (or whoever is left standing) to follow through on that promise.

Everyone's Game of Thrones wish list is a little different, but these 17 things are absolute musts for the final season.