31 Movies Starring 'Grey's Anatomy' Actors That You Can Stream Right Now

After 319 episodes, Shonda Rhimes' much-loved medical drama Grey's Anatomy is entering its 15th season with a slew of accrued cast members. Starting way back in 2005 with about nine core members, the show now features over 13 different members of the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital staff. Four of the original characters, including Meredith Grey herself, are still walking the halls, but many have gone on to other shows, and even the big screen. For the die-hard and the curious, here are 31 streaming movies starring Grey's Anatomy cast members past and present, including bodies of work created well before anyone donned scrubs.

Sandra Oh, who played Cristina Yang from Season 1 to 10, had a rich history in independent film before the show, including the acclaimed 2004 movie Sideways. Katherine Heigl (aka Izzie) meanwhile, has had more mainstream success, starring in a number of romantic comedies outside of Grey's, most notably Knocked Up (which unfortunately isn't streaming anywhere right now). Really, most of the actors on the show have had at least one showcase film where they were allowed to shine, but even for those who typically work in ensemble casts or smaller roles, it's still fun to see their familiar faces in a new setting.

'Mambo Café'

Ellen Pompeo stars amid a loud and colorful cast in this movie, which is centered around a young woman who plans to bolster her family's restaurant attendance with a mob hit on an annoying customer.

Available on Amazon Prime and TubiTV.

'The Princess Diaries'

Sandra Oh appears as Vice Principal Gupta in this beloved tale of awkward teen turned royalty.

Available on Netflix.

'27 Dresses'

Katherine Heigl stars as Jane Nichols, a woman who, after accumulating 27 bridesmaid dresses, isn't sure she wants one more as her sister walks down the aisle with her crush.

Available on Starz.

'42: The Jackie Robinson Story'

T.R. Knight plays Harold Parrott and James Pickens Jr. is Mr. Brock in this touching retelling of the life of professional baseball's first black player.

Available on Netflix.

'Bridget Jones's Baby'

Patrick Dempsey is Jack Qwant, one of Bridget's two potential baby dads, in this third entry in the Jones series.

Available on Netflix.

'Under The Tuscan Sun'

Oh stars as best friend Patti and Kate Walsh is Grace in this lush, gorgeous tale of a divorcee impulsively buying a Tuscan estate.

Available on HBOGo.

'Romeo Must Die'

Isaiah Washington plays chief liutenant Mac in this action-packed take on Romeo and Juliet, featuring Aaliyah and Jet Li on opposite sides of a vicious gang war.

Available on MaxGo.


Oh stars as wine-pourer Stephanie in this debauched tale of two wine aficionados on a tear.

Available on MaxGo.


Pickens Jr. plays Uncle David and Washington is Darnell in this insane tale of a politician who hires his own assassin, only to find the freedom his impending death brings makes him one of the most popular candidates.

Available on Starz.

'Out Of Sight'

Washington is Kenneth in this sexy tale of cops and robbers, also starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez.

Available on Netflix.

'Girls Trip'

Walsh is Elizabeth Davelli, the very white manager invited along on the reuniting of the Flossy Possé in New Orleans.

Available on HBOGo.

'Last Night'

Oh stars as the uncreatively-named Sandra in this creative indie flick following people on their last day on earth.

Available on TubiTV.

'Hard Candy'

Oh stars as Judy Tokuda, the neighbor inadvertently witness to a frightening game of victim and persecutor in this tale of perversion and revenge.

Available on MaxGo.

'Art Heist'

Pompeo plays Sandra Walker, a woman tasked with preventing another theft of a famous Greco painting. Her estranged husband heads over to Spain to keep tabs on her.

Available on Crackle.

'Double Happiness'

Oh stars as Jade Li, a young woman trying to keep her parents happy by going on dates with nice young Chinese men, while struggling to stay true to her own life.

Available on GuideDoc.

'Wish Upon A Star'

Heigl stars as Alexia Wheaton, the pretty older sister to her smart tomboy younger sister. When the younger sister makes a wish to switch places, it works, and the two have to adapt to their new identities.

Available on Amazon Prime, Hoopla, and TubiTV.

'That Night'

The screen debut of both Heigl and Buffy star Eliza Dushku in this story of young love and the even younger neighbor willing to help it however possible.

Available on Netflix.

'Lakeview Terrace'

Justin Chambers is Donnie Eaton in this story of an interracial couple stalked and harassed by a crooked LAPD officer (Samuel L. Jackson).

Available on Netflix.

'Jackie And Ryan'

Heigl's Jackie is a single mom struggling to win full custody who meets cute with a guitar-strumming drifter. Can the two make their relationship work?

Available on Amazon Prime.

'Hello Again'

Knight is one of many in this musical ensemble comedy about love, sex, and desire across New York history.

Available on Amazon Prime and Hoopla.


Washington is Victor Dunham, older brother to low-level drug dealer (a 'clocker') Strike (Mekhi Phifer) who struggles with an order to kill a fellow clocker.

Available on Starz.

'100 Girls'

Heigl is Arlene, a strong woman who takes down college doofus Matthew, who's on a search for the mystery woman he had sex with in an elevator during a blackout.

Available on Vudu and TubiTV.

'Frankie & Alice'

Chandra Wilson plays Maxine in this story of a Canadian go-go dancer (Halle Berry) with dissociative identity disorder, based on a true story.

Available on Starz.


Pickens Jr. is Marlboro in this story of grown men forced to come back together to face the past they tried so hard to bury.

Available on Hulu.

'Jenny's Wedding'

Heigl stars as Jenny, a young woman who hasn't come out to her conservative midwestern family. Their pressure to see her start a family convinces her to propose to her girlfriend Kitty, letting the cat out of the bag.

Available on Netflix.

'Heaven Help Us'

A very young Dempsey is Corbet, one of a group of friends pulling pranks and dealing with repression in 1960s Catholic school.

Available on MaxGo.

'Blue Caprice'

Washington is John Allen Muhammad, an older man who finds and trains a younger to become a deadly sniper, in this story based on the terrifying 2002 DC sniper shootings.

Available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.

'Scream 3'

Dempsey is Mark Kincaid, a detective who reaches out to Gale Weathers and sets an entirely new meta chapter of the self-aware horror franchise in motion.

Available on Starz.


Walsh plays Dr. Fiona Shively in this story of a bright young woman who turns to social media after her rival's crush crushes on her.

Available on Netflix.


Martin Henderson plays Andy "Harold" Harris in this daring story of a group climb on the infamous mountain.

Available on FXNow.


Giacomo Gianniotti plays Sam Stoller in this story about America allowing Jesse Owens to train for and participate in the 1931 Nazi Olympics.

Available on HBOGo.

This is just a small sampler of the films the sizeable cast of Grey's Anatomy has been in; they make a lot of surprising appearances in smaller roles as well!