7 Fun Fall Activities That Mercury Retrograde Won't Ruin

woman having fun with autumn leaves in city park, outdoor portrait

If everything in your life has been unusually messy, confusing, and non-functional lately, I'm happy to report that you can, in fact, blame your autumn troubles on Mercury retrograde fall 2019 — because yes, it's currently in full and brutal force. As of Oct. 31, the planet of communication and timing has officially gone retrograde and will continue its apparent backward motion through Nov. 20. Mercury retrograde has a reputation for making life quite a few notches more obnoxious than we like it to be, but there are still some fall activities that Mercury retrograde won't ruin. So yes, you can still successfully live out your autumnal dreams and enjoy (what is in my humble opinion) the best season of the bunch.

"Think of the prefix 're-' when planning the best use of a retrograde. Review, reunite, reconnect, research," wrote astrologers Ophira and Tali Edut of AstroStyle, in their book The AstroTwins' 2019 Horoscope. When Mercury retrograde hits, it's usually things like communication, traveling, scheduling, and technology that take the biggest fall (hopefully you took some time to prepare for Mercury retrograde by tying up loose ends in those departments!). So while autumn vacations could get messy and scheduling out your Halloween parties was likely rough, there are still plenty of fun and productive autumn activities to focus on that won't be soured with the retrograde.

If you need a little extra help navigating your Insta-worthy autumn dream life mid-retrograde, carry around some protective crystals for Mercury retrograde, which can help — or just stick to these fall activities that Mercury retrograde won't ruin for ya.

Getting In Touch With Your Witchy Side


It's the season of the witch, after all. Through the duration of this retrograde period, the Sun will be in the dark, mysterious, and emotional sign of Scorpio — which is known for its occult-oriented energy and is associated with the mysteries of our existence (like death, sex, and transformations of all sorts). Mercury retrograde isn't going to derail your spiritual work, so feel free to embrace your witchy side. Either solo or with your coven of fellow witches, plan a protective Mercury retrograde ritual or try your hand at some Mercury retrograde candle magic to help ground you and make you feel more spiritually in tune.

Revamping Your Autumn Beauty Routine

One of my favorite things about fall? All the deliciously pumpkin-spice-scented bath and body products that hit the shelves and totally revamp my autumn beauty routine for the better. "We will be able to implement more self-care and nurturing into our routines, as Scorpio is a healing water sign," shares astrologer Lisa Stardust, who chatted with Bustle about some tips for making the most of fall during Mercury retrograde. Set aside some extra time for self-care and pampering by stocking up on some hydrating face masks, warmly autumn-scented body butters, and perhaps a few of Lush's Mercury retrograde bath bombs to give yourself regular at-home fall spa treatments.

Netflix & Chillin'


If curling up under a weighted blanket with a decaf PSL in-hand and embarking on an hours-long Netflix streaming session is your idea of a good autumn time, then congratulations: The retrograde shouldn't interfere with your chill. With the retrograde taking place in private and emotional Scorpio, doing some solo self-care and relaxation in your safe space is going to be extra healing this season. Even cuffing season 2019 will run smoothly for some signs, so Netflix n' chill away. Just remember that Mercury retrograde does have a tendency to cause technological glitches, so have a back-up streaming service or pile of DVDs to choose from if your first choice takes a temporary hit.

Owning Your Post-Summer Glow Up

We may have wrapped up our hot girl summer, but honestly? You should still be focused on feelin' yourself and owning your confidence, Mercury retrograde or not. "We will be able to get our confidence back and stand proud," says Stardust to Bustle. While Mercury retrograde can certainly make some parts of life a little more difficult, it doesn't mean all of our endeavors have to hit pause. What goals have you had on your mind over the past months? While starting a new project may not be easy, revisiting a past idea with a fresh batch of confidence is a great way to use the retrograde energy. Make power moves this autumn and don't let your retrograde fears stop you.

Enjoying The Magical Autumn Outdoors


Crunchy leaves, a crisp fresh breeze, and the warm hues of red and orange everywhere: Sounds like a walk in the park during the fall. Retrogrades are an ideal time to slow down and do some major reflection on the trajectory you've found yourself on in life, and nature is constantly a grounding force for us in the midst of our hectic schedules. It's always pleasant to connect with the seasonal shift by spending some time outdoors during the autumn — plus, you want to take advantage of the temperate weather while you can! And I'm happy to report that the retrograde only makes this autumn activity even more important and fulfilling. Plan some hikes, walks, or visits to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard for seasonal fun.

Reconnecting With Old Friends

With the weather getting colder, we might find ourselves more inclined to spend the evenings indoors, having long conversations with friends over a bottle of wine and cuddling up next to your space heater (or is that just me?). And with the holidays coming up, you can expect to see some old friends while home visiting family. Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing people from our past back into the picture, so embrace that by seeking out nurturing relationships from your past and reconnecting. Plan some fun and laid back nights in with old friends to embrace the cozy spirit of the season.

Making A Solid Holiday Spending Budget


While budgeting perhaps isn't one of the highlight fall activities to look forward to, the holidays are quickly approaching, so allowing room in our budgets for gift shopping, festive holiday parties, and potential travel arrangements is important. "Being that Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and taxes we will be able to revise our finances and spending for the better," advises Stardust. We all have major money lessons to learn from astrology this season, so use the energy to your advantage and get yourself in a financially stable place as you head into the season of gift-giving.