7 Sex Toys You Can Control With Your Phone

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

To say that sex toy technology has come a long way, would be a severe understatement. Not too long ago people were still getting off by rubbing what was intended to be body massagers (ahem, Hitachi Wand) against their favorite sensitive bits until they screamed out in pure ecstasy. And, some of them were probably even masturbating secretly with these massagers, as if they were committing a crime.

But now all that has changed. No more do people have to buy a body massager under the guise of using it for a leg or arm cramp, when they're really rubbing it against their clitoris, perineum, balls, nipples, or wherever else they thoroughly enjoy a proper vibration. Now it's all about sex toys being used as sex toys and even being controlled by apps on our phones. Of course, we still have more work to do when it comes to destigmatizing sex toys, but I bet Steve Jobs wouldn't have predicted this when he created the first iPhone in 2007. Oh, the evolution of innovation — isn't it grand?

In a world where so many sex toys can now be controlled by our phones, here are seven to give a try, whether you're using them with a partner who's hundreds of miles away or having some fun on your own.

1. We-Vibe Sync

When We-Vibe initially showed up on the scene about five or six years ago, it was a brand new concept. A vibrator that wasn't just controlled by your phone, but could be controlled by your partner's phone, no matter where they were in the world. At the time, I was in a relationship with someone in Paris and I can't even tell you the mileage we put on that first edition We-Vibe Sync. When you're apart from your partner for three months, as we often were in the early stages of our long-distance relationship, this particular toy was a sex lifesaver.

2. Vibease

When I first got my hands on Vibease back in 2016, it was a small vibrator with a lot of power that could be worn in your underwear and synced to some really hot dirty talk through your phone by downloading whatever audiobooks that fit your appetite. But since then Vibease has expanded to include the option of playing with your partner via your phone, as well as other shapes of vibrators. Although, truth be told, I still prefer it solo; there's just something about someone saying all the dirty things you've been craving for most of your life.

3. Elvie

While not technically a sex toy, per se, because great sex and even better orgasms are dependent upon having a strong pelvic floor, I'd be remiss not to put Kegel exercise trainer, Elvie, on the list. Elvie puts a whole new spin on Kegel exercises by tracking your progress with its app. In fact, you may not realize just how competitive you are until you're sitting on the couch some Friday night trying to beat your own Kegel record from the weekend before, with pizza in one hand and Gilmore Girl reruns on the TV. It brings a whole new meaning to the word "adulting."

4. Crescendo

When it comes to sex toys that can be controlled by your phone, Crescendo stands out for a couple reasons. For starters, it's probably one of the most flexible sex toys out there. Secondly, this flexibility means you can use it anywhere — and I mean anywhere. From clitoral stimulation to trying to work that kink out of your neck, Crescendo and its endless shapes combined with different vibrations and patterns thanks to the app opens up a world of possibilities for everyone who gets their hand on it. I mean, the thing has sex motors, so you do the math.

5. We-Vibe Verge

Because coming across a cock ring that can be controlled by your phone isn't something you find every day, and it was a vibrating cock ring that gave me my first ever vaginal orgasm, it would be a shame not to include the We-Vibe Verge. Definitely a must for the cock ring-loving people out there.

6. OhMiBod Freestyle: W

When in Music Mode, OhMiBod can be synced to the music on your phone. While this an avenue I've yet to go down simply because I tend to listen to depressing music — don't judge me and my playlists labeled Cry 1 and Cry 2! — if you're someone who has your phone chockfull of fun, sexy music then, whether it's W or any other OhMiBod toy, this is something you absolutely want to try. All those senses engaged at once must be one hell of a treat.

7. Lovense Lush

This bluetooth egg vibrator, or as it's more eloquently known at Lovense, Lush, is the perfect toy for in the bedroom, across the globe, or even across the room at that dull party just in case you're down for some discreet in-public fun. When fully charged, this toy can last up to two hours, while you — or your partner — takes control with the app and its unlimited patterns.

If you're ready to make the leap to sex toys that you can control with your phone, then these seven are a good place to start. Also, don't worry; downloading the apps and figuring out how to use them are really easy even if you're someone who's not great with your phone.