9 Positions To Try If You're Bored

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Feeling bored with your sex life? We've all been there. But the good news is that it can be an easy fix — as easy as finding a new sex position to try with your partner. Of course, there will always be staples, like missionary, which may seem boring in theory, but are actually pretty awesome. There's nothing quite like a position in which you can kiss your partner and watch their face as you both climax. Now that's some intimate stuff; the stuff every relationship needs.

But although the missionary sex position is a staple, you can't do it all the time. Just like you can't do doggy style all the time, now matter how much you and your partner love it, because, even your favorite can become monotonous. When it comes to sex, it's about stepping outside the same old same old and finding new ways to experience pleasure and explore exactly how to attain that pleasure. Branching out and delving into other sex positions is probably the easiest way to do just that.

So instead of sticking to your usual repertoire of sex positions positions, it might be time for you and your partner to expand your sex life by welcoming new positions into your bedroom. Here are nine sex positions to try if you're bored.


The Plow

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How to do it: Start in missionary, then lift your legs up so that your ankles are resting on your partner's shoulders. Once they start to penetrate you, sort of roll backward a bit so your weight is across your upper back.

Why it's good if you're bored: If you're bored but don't want to stray too far from what you usually do — aka missionary — then this is a great variation. It also provides some very deep penetration.


Weak In The Knees

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How to do it: Since either partner can be on the bottom or top for this one, decide who's getting into what position first. Next, if you're on top for this round, have your partner lie down and straddle their face.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Honestly, it doesn't have to be National Sit On My Face Day for you to enjoy this position. It will definitely take the boredom out of your usual menu of sex positions, because I'm pretty sure face-sitting isn't something you do every day. Or maybe you do. If that's the case, I have more options for you.


Doggy Style With A Toy

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How to do it: While in the doggy style position, have your partner reach around with a vibrator or some other toy to stimulate your clitoris. That way, both your G-spot and clitoris are getting attention at the same time, which is hot, hot, hot.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Although on its own, doggy style is great and loved by many, adding a vibrator will take things up several notches. Also, sex toys in general add something to the equation that the human body just can't.


Mutual Masturbation

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How to do it: Both you and your partner should get into a comfy position while facing each other, then basically go to town on yourselves.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Because this position doesn't involve intercourse, that right there takes away the boring factor. It's also really exciting. You don't have to stick to just stimulating your clitoris, but can include using dildos to penetrate yourself, while your partner does the same if that's their thing. You can actually get pretty raunchy — in a great way — with mutual masturbation. You definitely won't get bored, that's for damn sure.



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How to do it: While standing and facing a wall so you can put your hands against it for support, have your partner, who's also standing, penetrate you from behind.

Why it's good if you're bored: Although having sex in bed is, without a doubt, the most comfortable way to get it on, since we're trying to kill the boredom, you might as well get out of bed and stand. This is also a great position for a quickie, which is itself great if you're bored.


Side 69

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How to do it: Instead of traditional 69, wherein one partner is on top of the other while you stimulate each other orally, you're both going to be on your sides for this one.

Why it's good to try it if you're bored: From both personal experience and discussions about sex with my friends, 69 is not done very often for a multitude of reason. To quote one friend, "I don't want balls smacking me in the face while I'm giving a blow job," and I agree with her. However, if you're trying to break the monotony of your sex life, then 69 is a good way to do that. Balls in your face can definitely eliminate boredom, especially if you play with those balls at the same time.


Reverse Cowgirl

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How to do it: If you can do regular cowgirl (basically the on-top position), then you can definitely do it in reverse. It's just a matter of straddling your partner, but facing in the opposite direction.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Many women like being on top because they can control their orgasm in a way they just can't when their on the bottom. But what makes this one extra fun is that you're getting the same angle of penetration you'd get during doggy style, combined with the ability to control when and how hard you climax. It's definitely not a boring position, especially if you've never tried it before.


The Butterfly

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How to do it: While lying on a bed, scoot yourself to the edge so your butt is almost hanging off, but not quite. Next, your partner should pick up your hips while cradling them in their hands, and proceed to penetrate you. Although this position falls in the "difficult sex positions" tier, with a bit of finagling, you'll get it.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Honestly, this is just a basic shakeup of missionary, but it's more intense because your hips are up and your partner can use them for leverage to pull themselves deeper inside you.


The Doggy Train

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How to do it: Well, you need two women and a man, as this is a FFM threesome sex position. Next, you need to decide where in this "train" you'd like to be — but let's just say you're in the middle for the sake of argument. So while on your knees being penetrated by the male sex partner in doggy style, you can orally stimulate the woman in front of you, who's also on her knees.

Why it's good to try if you're bored: Um... just look at that position. Threesomes in general are a way to knock the boredom right out of your bedroom. However, if you're in a relationship, trying a threesome can be tricky, so make sure you really talk it out first.

It's totally normal to get bored with your sex life. When that happens, it's just time to get creative and try new positions. It's not saying anything about your sex life, other than the fact that people, inherently, like to try new stuff. Enjoy!