Bustle's Editors On Amelia Earhart + Rob Kardashian

by Rachel Simon

Happy Wednesday-that-totally-feels-like-a-Monday! If you're still recovering from the long holiday weekend, you're not alone. I think we're all suffering a bit today, even with the knowledge that we have a shortened week. Getting a few extra days of fun in the sun is always nice, but oof, does today hurt.

And the news certainly didn't slow down while we were all busy getting our tan on this July 4th weekend. Here's what you might've missed from today and over the last few days.

Amelia Earhart + New Theories

For decades now, the Amelia Earhart mystery has captivated the world, and we finally might have some answers about what happened to the legendary pilot when her plane disappeared. A new photo apparently shows the aviator and her co-pilot, Fred Noonan, on a Japanese island, where many theorize that they were being held as prisoners.

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Rob Kardashian + Blac Chyna

The Rob Kardashian / Blac Chyna saga took a turn for the worse on Wednesday when, after Chyna claimed on her Snapchat that Kardashian had abused her, her ex posted several nude photos, allegedly of Chyna, on his Instagram, along with many vicious posts and comments about her. Bustle has reached out to both stars' reps for comment, but hasn't heard back at this time.

Reminder: Revenge porn is never OK, and in some states, it is actually illegal.

Bustle + Hollywood's Funniest Ladies

Funny women are always worth celebrating, but this month, Bustle is honoring them in a big way, with our Comedy IRL package highlighting the ladies making a powerful impact on the comedy world. From Rachel Bloom to Kristen Bell to Sasheer Zamata, each of these talented women have made incredible contributions to Hollywood — and if you don't know all their work already, you'll want to get them on your radar ASAP.

Meme Alert: Those "Nothing but respect for MY president" memes are still going strong, and they're so damn good. #Shrek2020?

Bustle's Book Club + A New Pick

Heads up, book-lovers: Bustle's American Woman Book Club has a new pick for the month of July, and you're gonna be obsessed. Called Aftercare Instructions, the YA novel by Bonnie Pipkin follows a teen girl who's forced to piece together a new life after her boyfriend abandons her at an abortion appointment. Add this to your reading list now.

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The NYPD + A Fatal Shooting

In tragic news, NYPD cop Miosotis Familia was shot and killed early Wednesday morning in the Bronx. Familia, a veteran of the city's police department and a mother of three, was killed in an attack police are calling a "clear assassination." Our thoughts are with the late officer's loved ones during this awful time.

In More Depressing News... Experts believe that North Korean missiles are now a big step closer to being able to reach the U.S. Happy nightmares, everyone.

Today's WTF Moment: Glitter-bombing your vagina is apparently a thing now, but guys, please don't do it. OK?

What to Watch: Check out a new episode of Younger, the TVLand comedy that gets better and better each season, at 10 tonight.