The New Fall 2019 TV Show Trailers Have Everything From Superheroes To A 'Riverdale' Spinoff

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Summer isn't even officially here yet and we're already talking about fall. Specifically, the new fall 2019 TV shows that will air on networks like Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, and The CW in just a few months. Yes, it's that magical time of year, upfront season! A time in which the networks preview their upcoming schedule of new and returning TV shows that they hope you'll be watching.

This year's slate of brand new shows already seems to have it all: comedy, drama, and a little bit of horror. The ever-growing list of new shows includes Outmatched, a family sitcom about kids with high IQs and the parents who don't feel smart enough to raise them. Not Just Me, a heartfelt drama about a fertility doctor that looks at a different kind of sisterhood. Prodigal Son, a thriller about a serial killer's son that is getting his Mindhunter on. And Perfect Harmony, a musical comedy that stars Pitch Perfect's Anna Camp as a small town girl who just wants to win a big singing competition.

Clearly, there's a lot to choose from here and to help you feel informed and excited for what's to come, we've compiled the trailers for the new fall TV shows. So start clicking through to see what is coming your way this fall.

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