This Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton Timeline Explains Everything About Their Tumultuous Friendship

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Once upon a time, many years ago, Kim Kardashian wasn't a household name, and instead, she was working for and friends with Paris Hilton. In case you didn't know, there was actually a time they were BFFs... even though it was so long ago it was like a different world back then. Being that it's been more than a decade since they were being spotted by the paparazzi together, hopefully, this Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian friendship timeline will help if you're a little fuzzy on the details.

Of course, it doesn't seem like Kardashian and Hilton are as close today as they once were, but it's fun to look back at their friendship the way it used to be — before everything in Kardashian's life changed. The way things used to be, before Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her KKW beauty empire, her marriage to Kanye West, and her three children, is actually pretty fascinating, and so is Hilton's role in her life back then. It's interesting to see exactly how much things have changed.

Here's everything you need to know about Kardashian and Hilton, from when they met to where they stand today. A piece of pop culture history like this should never be forgotten.

Sometime In The 1980s: The Beginning

It's hard to place where Hilton and Kardashian's friendship officially began, but in a 2015 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton said they'd been close since they were "little girls," which makes it safe to say to that their first meeting probably took place somewhere in Kardashian and Hilton's first 10 years of life.

2003 — 2006: The Simple Life

While Hilton was filming The Simple Life with former bestie Nicole Richie, Kardashian made frequent appearances on the show while she was helping Hilton get her closet under control with her organizing business, like she did in this clip from the show. Reality television gold, honestly

2006: Kardashian & Hilton's Friendship Went Full Force

As Hilton's friendship with Richie came to a heartbreaking and abrupt end, Kardashian stepped up to fill that BFF-shaped hole in Hilton's heart. And in 2015, Kardashian told Rolling Stone that back then, she and Hilton were all about getting attention. She said:

"We'd go anywhere and everywhere just to be seen. We knew exactly where to go, where to be seen, how to have something written about you. All you had to do is go to this restaurant, or this party, talk about whatever you want to talk about, and it would be in the paper the next day."

Also 2006: The Famed Girls' Trip To Ibiza

Both Kardashian and Hilton have, at some point, shared throwback photos of this trip, so obviously, it was super meaningful to them. And so were headbands, apparently. This Ibiza trip was clearly legendary in their history.

2007: Kardashian Reached Out To Hilton When She Went To Jail

This was so long ago that most people have probably forgotten, but it totally happened. In May 2007, Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail after driving with a suspended license. And in an interview with Hollywood.TV, Kardashian confirmed that she did reach out to Hilton after her sentencing, adding, "You have to support people that you love."

2008: Their Friendship Officially Came To An End

As TMZ reported in April 2008, during a Las Vegas radio show interview, Hilton said that Kardashian's butt looked like "cottage cheese stuffed in a trash bag," which is not only incredibly rude but also probably a guarantee that she and Kardashian were no longer on good terms. Who would be friends after a comment like that? Fortunately, Kardashian did say later on that Hilton called her to apologize, so at least there's that.

February 2011: Kardashian & Hilton Definitely Weren't Talking

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar that year, Kardashian explained that she and Hilton had drifted apart, like a lot of friends do — but she seemed to be very at peace with it. She told the mag:

"We don't really talk. As I always say, everyone comes into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And she was in my life for a long time ... There comes a point in life where you just grow apart and you realize you're not as similar as you thought. And I never run into her anywhere. Isn't that so weird?"

August 2014: They Talked About The Good Old Days

Kardashian and Hilton were looking pretty friendly at Ricardo Tisci's birthday party in 2014... in Ibiza. And judging by Kardashian's caption they talked about what happened during their 2006 trip.

April 2015: Hilton Shared Her Pride For Her Old Friend

In a 2015 interview with Glamour, Hilton said she was proud of Kardashian, squashing all rumors that a feud still existed between them. She said:

"She's always had a great work ethic like me and she's always been determined. And that's what it's all about. I'm so proud of her. When she's at home, she's very normal like anyone else with a glamorous life. She's chill; she's so sweet."

December 2016: They Reunited At A Christmas Party

Hilton attended Kardashian's family Christmas party that year, and shared photos on Instagram with several members of her family, including Khloé Kardashian and Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner. If the rest of the fam was cool enough with Hilton to do that, there's a good chance that any bad blood there was between Kardashian and Hilton is gone.

February 2018: They're Still In Each Other's Lives — Kind Of

Hilton received one of Kardashian's coveted fragrance chocolate heart boxes. And while Kardashian did send some to her haters, Hilton seemed to take her box as purely a nice gesture. Also, in early 2018, Hilton was one of the models for West's fashion line and was dressed just like Kardashian. She even hung out with Kris Jenner at a fashion show. Maybe it's finally time for Hilton to make her Keeping Up With The Kardashians debut?

Like almost all friendships, Kardashian and Hilton have definitely had their ups and downs, but it's good to see that in the end, they're still able to remember all the good times they had with each other when they were younger. And back to the topic of KUWTK — what better way to celebrate their decades-old friendship by returning to Ibiza for an episode? Then, we could all finally find out why that first girls' trip was so monumental for them.