Chances Are That Kylie Jenner's Baby Name Is *Not* What You'd Expect

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After keeping much of the world in the dark over the past few months (and rightfully so), Kylie Jenner announced she welcomed a baby girl into the world with a lengthy YouTube video shared on Sunday, Feb. 4. And on Tuesday, the makeup mogul revealed she named her daughter Stormi, making fans wonder what Kylie's baby's last name is going to be. Well, there are definitely a few factors to consider here — and the last name might not be what you'd initially expect.

For one, the Jenner family name comes with a lot of clout. Even before having a heavy hand in the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's saga, Caitlyn Jenner carried the last name all the way to the 1976 Olympics, in which the decathlon athlete made history after taking home the gold medal. After, Jenner was known as the epitome of the "All-American hero" donning television screens and the covers of cereal boxes all across the country.

However, that's not to say that Travis Scott, famed recording artist and producer, doesn't have stock in his surname as well. Jacques Webster, which is Scott's actual name, is credited on some of the most popular records to date — including JAY-Z's 2013 album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Rihanna's 2016 project ANTI, and SZA's 2017 Grammy-nominated album Ctrl. And at only 25 years old, it looks like the multi-talent is just getting started with launching the Webster legacy.

A lot of Kylie and Travis' relationship has been kept under wraps, so it's no surprise that the couple isn't releasing all of the details surrounding their newborn out to the public just yet. According to reports, though Kylie and Travis have been friends for quite some time, they didn't taking things to the next level until April 2017, and those not close to the couple didn't find this out until around the time baby rumors started flying.

Travis has pretty much kept his relationship status private, with his only other widely known celebrity romance being with Rihanna in 2015. As for Kylie, the youngest Jenner is known for keeping fans in the loop with her social media accounts. But this time around, Kylie has also chosen to keep her love life offline. There were numerous reports throughout the latter half of 2017 that hinted at the 20-year-old expecting her first child, but with no one from the Kardashian-Jenner clan confirming or denying the rumors, many fans started to develop their own fan theories surrounding the news: Was there some sort of drama involving the pregnancy? Could Kylie be serving as Kim Kardashian's surrogate? Or better yet, what if she wasn't pregnant after all?

Hitting fans with a docu-style pregnancy video post-giving birth was, by far, one of the greatest things Kylie could have done however. Coming from a family whose lives are an open book, it's nice to keep some major milestones to yourself. And what better moment to keep precious than that of the birth of your first child?

Whether convinced that Kylie was pregnant the entire time, or thinking that the rumors were just another Kardashian-Jenner ploy to garner attention, fans seem to be pretty stoked that baby Stormi wasn't a total myth. And they couldn't help but to fawn over her adorable name on Twitter.

Yeah, choosing the name Stormi was definitely an unexpected turn, but you have to admit, it definitely rolls off the tongue a lot smoother than "Butterfly." But will it be Stormi Jenner, or Stormi Webster? Either option could work as the perfect designation for the budding star's future empire, honestly.

Needless to say, with successful parents like Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, taking on either surname would be a total honor.