Why Hiddleswift Fans Should Listen To Taylor Swift's "Getaway Car" ASAP

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Taylor Swift's ready to spill some tea. What that tea is, exactly, nobody knows, but as any good T. Swift fan will tell you, she's spilling it, even if she doesn't actually tell you what it is. Swift's tradition of teasing the inner workings of her love life in her albums is still alive on her newest release, Reputation. And, with that in mind, it's time to get down to some serious analytical work to determine who Swift's "Getaway Car" is about.

"Getaway Car" appears to be about the end of a short love story, with lyrics like "We were cursed / We never had a shotgun shot in the dark." Of Swift's many publicized relationships, there are a few relatively short ones that stand out as potential "Getaway Car" inspiration — Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston. Based on Swift's previous hits and their rumored inspirations, odds are that out of the two, Hiddleston is the most likely subject of "Getaway Car." Swift tends to write songs about her more recent relationships. She dated Styles in 2013, but Hiddleston in the summer of 2016, making him the freshest inspiration. At least, fans on Twitter certainly think so.

The theory that "Getaway Car" is about Hiddleston also makes sense lyrically. In the song, Swift sings about leaving an ex in a "getaway car" with a new man (the subject of the track) — "I wanted to leave him, needed a reason." This suggests a very quick transition between relationships, like, for example, the mere days that reportedly passed between Swift's high profile breakup with Calvin Harris and the explosive debut of her romance with Hiddleston.

"Getaway Car" then becomes the symbol of Swift's speedy departure from Harris and her subsequent split from Hiddleston, as described in the chorus: "You were driving the getaway car / We were flying, but we never get far / Don't pretend it's such a mystery / Think about the place where you first met me"

If Hiddleston is the one supposedly driving this "getaway car," then the song could also hint at some overlap between relationships. On the track, Swift sings, "He was running after us / I was screaming 'Go, go, go!' / But with three of us, honey, it's a sideshow." It could be a reference to a simple love triangle, but put together with the first line of the song — "It was the best of times, worst of crimes" — it certainly seems possible that there was a bit more of a messy story there.

There are some that might say that "Getaway Car" could be about anyone, maybe even an ex-lover who was successfully kept out of the press. However, the biggest hint that "Getaway Car" is in fact about Hiddleston comes from Swift herself, thanks to the singer's "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. As multiple analyses of the video noted, the final shot of "LWYMMD" featured 15 Taylor Swifts, reflecting the 15 tracks on Reputation. "Getaway Car" is the ninth song on the album, which means it corresponds to the ninth Taylor in the line-up. This Taylor:

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Yes, it's the Taylor who dances surrounded by dancers wearing "I Heart TS" t-shirts in "LWYMMD" is the "Getaway Car" Taylor. The shirts, of course, are an obvious references to the "I Heart TS" shirt Hiddleston was spotted wearing at Swift's Fourth of July party in 2016. All things considered, this feels like pretty irrefutable proof that "Getaway Car" is, indeed, a song about Tom Hiddleston. Either that, or Swift is just playing with us, which, let's be real, she totally could be doing.