9 Super Chic Short Haircuts For Thin Hair

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The best short haircuts for thin hair, according to stylists.
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Even though hairstyle trends seem to change with the wind, there are a few that always look extra good on thin hair. Mermaid-length strands are certainly an option, but according to Parker Plotkin, a senior stylist and educator at Julien Farel Restore Salon Palm Beach, a short haircut is a surefire way to make thin hair look thicker.

Thin hair, BTW, refers to the density of your hair, says Lisa Abbey, a professional hairstylist and founder of StrengthXBeauty. If you can see through to your scalp, the width of your ponytail is about the size of a nickel, or your strands look thin at the ends, consider it a sign you have thinner hair, she tells Bustle.

It’s important to note that thin hair is not the same as fine hair. “Fine refers to the actual texture of the hair while thin refers to the number of strands you have on your head,” Abbey says. “Some people have fine hair, but a lot of it.” Any hair texture can become thin for any number of reasons, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get a fun cut.

A good short haircut for thin hair will take into consideration your strand’s weight, density, volume, and movement, Plotkin tells Bustle, so that you’re less likely to see through to your scalp. From there, it’s all about how you style your cut. “Shampoos with sulfates and heavy conditioners are a no-no for thinning hair,” Abbey says. “Styling products should be lightweight and volumizing.”

With that in mind, keep scrolling for the best haircuts for thin hair, according to stylists.



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When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a bob haircut. “This classic cut is truly the best for thin hair as the blunt edges make your hair look thicker,” Abbey says. Wear it straight or let it curl — it’ll look good no matter what.


Bob With Fringe

A bob with bangs is another go-to for folks with thinner hair. “This could be any style of bob with a full bang, side-swept fringe, or curtain bang to add movement around your face,” Plotkin says.



The lob, or long bob, has been around for ages but is still a total cool-girl look. Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, recommends thin hair types to add a few long layers around their face versus shorter layers that might steal some of the thickness away from the rest of their head.


Shaggy Wolf Cut

According to Hurtado, a shaggy wolf cut works for thin hair of all different textures, including curly and straight. “The length is short with layers that add lots of volume,” she tells Bustle, which is probably why everyone on TikTok seems to be giving themselves a wolf cut at home. To get it done at a salon, Hurtado recommends asking your stylist to bring the length up to your shoulders before adding shaggy layers for movement.


Tousled Pixie

If you want to go super short, crop your hair into a pixie. The thickest part of your hair is always going to be those first two to three inches closest to your scalp, Abbey says — so by giving your hair a close chop, it’s bound to look fuller. Add a tousled effect with a volumizing spray so you can move your strands around and cover up thinner spots.


Curtain Bangs

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Pair a shoulder-length cut with some wispy curtain bangs that part in the middle and fall to the sides. This style fringe will cover up thinness at your temples, Abbey says, and it’ll also add volume around your face without pulling too much hair away from the rest of your head.



The bixie is a super cute hybrid of a bob and a pixie, and Plotkin says it’s great for thinner hair. Her tip? Ask your stylist for a bi-level bob with shaggy layers. It’s a great way to frame your face while adding a little volume at the crown of your head.


Stacked Bob

To keep your hair a little longer, Abbey recommends a stacked bob. It’s all about the undercut layer, which adds width and volume while also acting as a support system for the top layer of hair so it looks fuller all around, she explains. The length of a stacked bob can land anywhere between your ears and shoulders. “The shorter you go, the thicker and fuller your hair will appear,” she says.


Midi Flick

The midi flick is a bob with shag elements that cause the ends to flip up and out, Plotkin says — and it’s a style that’s trending on BeautyTok RN for its whimsical laissez-faire vibes.


Lisa Abbey, professional hairstylist, founder of StrengthXBeauty

Parker Plotkin, senior stylist, educator at Julien Farel Restore Salon Palm Beach

Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon