"Duck Nails" Were Not On My 2023 Bingo Card, But Here We Are

Lizzo is a fan of the nail shape.

When it comes to nail trends, there tend to be two completely different camps: The type who prefers a low-key understated lacquers in more traditional hues. And on the complete other end of the spectrum, the manicure maximalist who is down to try XXL lengths, 3D designs, and futuristic shades (like chrome, for one).

At the moment, some seriously out-there looks are taking over the trends — like glow-in-the-dark tips, most recently worn by both Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber, 3D designs that have A-listers like Christina Aguilera and Emily Ratajkowski obsessed, as well as colorful aura nails that call Megan Fox a fan.

Yet the most recent manicure trend taking over TikTok and beyond? Duck nails. And TBH, it’s not so much considered nail art specifically, but a nail shape that’s making a major comeback (whether it’s well-liked or not).

ICYWW: Duck nails, sometimes referred to as flare nails, pretty much look how they sound. Instead of following the size of your natural nail bed, or being pointed to a smaller width, duck nails actually fan out wider towards the tips. And while they are often paired with bright colors and some 3D gems, they can be painted in any nail polish color you’d like. Most recently, Lizzo experimented with her own set of Barbiecore pink duck nails.

While Lizzo is making a case for the polarizing look years later in 2023, there were a few fans of the fanned nail before her — namely Snooki (aka Nicole Polizzi) from the Y2K-era gem, MTV’s Jersey Shore. Cue the zebra print.

If you’re a fan of all things early 2000s (the good and the not so good), now is clearly the time to really lean in...and that’s coming from a Millennial whose hindsight is 20/20.