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20 Mesmerizing Marble Nail Designs

For true art on your fingertips.

Water marble nails are one of those nail art trends that just continue to grow in popularity. With over two million tags under the Instagram hashtag #marblenails alone, it’s safe to say this mani design is here to stay — and for good reason. The mix of colors (neon, chrome, pastel — whatever your heart desires) and finishes (bring on all the shimmer) make for a truly mesmerizing and incredibly dynamic nail look that turns heads.

The best part? Just like the beloved swirl and daisy designs, marble nails are actually easy to do yourself. You’ll need just a few tools: nail polish (obviously,) a bowl of lukewarm water, a small dotting tool, some cotton wool buds, and nail polish remover. Once you’ve gathered those, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Drop the colors you choose on top of each other into the bowl of lukewarm water. They’ll layer on top of each other.
  2. Swirl the colors with your dotting tool to get that marble effect.
  3. Dip your nail into the mixture.
  4. Use the cotton bud to guide the mixture onto your nail.
  5. Pull out your nail and remove any polish that got on your skin with nail polish remover.

Et voila — you’ve just created your very own marble manicure. Whether you give them a try at home or want to leave them in the hands of a professional, the design will leave you with a gorgeous set that’s equal parts bold and chic. If you need some inspo on where to start, keep scrolling for 20 swoon-worthy marble nail ideas to out.


Rainbow Watercolor

This watercolor-esque mix of fun rainbow colors makes for a muted marble effect that’s super pretty.


Marbled Tips

Elevate a classic French mani with marbled tips. This mix of hot pink and bright orange is a great bold combo.


Calming Waves

This ocean-inspired marble design is a magical mix of blue and gold that makes for an elegant mani.


Bold Neon

Add bright lime green to emerald swirls for an electric pop you won’t be able to stop staring at.


Multicolored Metallics

Proof that you can have it all: This marble mani mixes all your favorite colors and shimmer for an artsy collection of swirls.


Starry Night

Take some inspo from one of the greats and channel Van Gogh with a mix of gold, white, and blue marbled together.


Head In The Clouds

Daydreamers unite. This cloud marble nail design pairs two trends into one set that looks so pretty and ethereal.


Emerald Green

Go regal and refined with emerald green marble nails. When mixed with white and a touch of gold shimmer, your mani will look like an actual gemstone.


Out Of This World

A stunning mix of deep purple, dark blue, and gold flecks give you an out-of-this-world galaxy-inspired manicure.


Marble Accents

You don’t have to go all-out and paint your entire hand with marble detail. This set features two accent nails, making the design really pop.


Crystal Energy

Call in all the good vibes with this marble crystal-inspired design. Light purple and pink are swirled together to get you the prettiest amethyst nails that’ll help you manifest all your dreams.


Lavender Fields

This glossy lavender is simply stunning. Mix the hue with dark purple and slight blue lines to get that marble effect.


Romantic Vibes

Magenta French tips mixed with a magenta-based marble look make for a romantic nail look that will win your heart.


Gold Flecks

Who needs jewelry when you rock gold flecks on top of marble nails? The mix of black, white, and gold shimmer make for the ultimate accessory to dress up any look.


Fine Wine

This subtle ruby red marble design is warm and cozy, very much like another deep red a lot of people love (as in: a good glass of wine).


Raspberry Ice Cream Swirls

Dessert-themed beauty looks are going to be popping everywhere (you heard it here first) and these delicious pink marble nails are the perfect way to try out the fun trend.


Dreamy Pastels

This mix of vibrant light blue and purple shades makes for the ultimate dreamy marble nail combo.


Graphic Art

A super rich blend of emerald green, deep grape purple, and cloudy white — plus some shimmer — transforms your nail beds into an attention-grabbing design.


Chrome Swirls

Chrome is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e right now. And when you pair a chrome finish with a marbled mani, you’ve got yourself a shiny set that’s absolutely gorgeous.


Neon Goals

Who says you can’t go bright for fall? Opt for Barbicore pink and electric orange for an ultra-cool neon marble nail look.