122 Newlywed Game Questions Guaranteed To Make People Laugh

Use them at your reception, shower, or bachelorette party.

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try these newlywed game questions at your wedding
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Once you tie the knot, you think your partner knows you better than anyone in the entire world. And this may be true, but if you play the popular newlywed game, any and all discrepancies will be laid bare for all to see. You might vividly remember your new spouse mowing down on spaghetti Lady and the Tramp-style on your first date, but the game will set the record straight — it was most definitely fettuccine Alfredo.

While newlywed game questions can be as wholesome and pure as a first date dinner order, they can also get absolutely unhinged and turn the cheeks of everyone in attendance a solid shade of tomato-red with some of the spicier topics. The rules are simple: Write a list of questions to ask your partner and answer each for yourself. Then you’ll each try to guess what the other person wrote. For example, a newlywed question could be, “How many siblings do they have?” Each spouse will write their answer for themself, then the nominated host will ask spouse A how many siblings spouse B has. If they guess correctly, they get a point. Whoever ends the game with the most points wins (make it interesting and put a wager on it like a foot massage).

The couples question game can be played at any point in a series of wedding events: the reception, a bridal shower, a bachelorette/bachelor party — whenever and wherever you decide to play your wedding games. Regardless, the time and place aren’t the deciding factor of a good newlywed game. What determines a memorable quiz for years to come are the questions you choose to ask. So, if you’re ready to put your game face on and expose the heck out of your significant other in the most hilarious possible way, find the ultimate list of the best 65 newlywed game questions, below.

Newlywed Game Questions About The Relationship

  1. Where/how did you meet?
  2. Who asked who out?
  3. Where did you go on your first date?
  4. What did they wear on the first date?
  5. Which friend or family member of yours did they meet first?
  6. What was your first argument about?
  7. Who sleeps on the left side of the bed?
  8. Who said “I love you” first?
  9. Who is the funniest?
  10. Do they want kids? If so, how many?
  11. What is their love language?
  12. How did you celebrate your first anniversary?
  13. Where/how did you get engaged?
  14. What was the weather like on the day you got engaged?
  15. What did you eat for dinner on the day you got engaged?

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

  1. Who would leave it all behind and join the circus if given the opportunity?
  2. Who would be better friends with Chrissy Teigen?
  3. Who hogs the covers?
  4. Who would do a better job fighting off a bear attack?
  5. Who is more likely to become famous?
  6. Who does more embarrassing things in public?
  7. Who is more likely to cry at a sad movie?
  8. Who is better at learning TikTok dances?
  9. Who has worse morning breath?
  10. Who is the worst at holding their liquor?
  11. What’s their repeat word or catchphrase?
  12. Who gets hangrier?
  13. Who is more ticklish?
  14. If they could time-travel to any other decade or era, what would they choose?
  15. Who could go longer without internet access?
  16. Who could go longer without a shower?
  17. Who is their celebrity lookalike?

Personal Newlywed Game Questions

  1. What’s their biggest fear?
  2. Who is their biggest inspiration?
  3. What was their favorite childhood memory?
  4. Who was their childhood best friend?
  5. Which cafeteria table did they sit at in high school?
  6. What was their first job?
  7. What’s their shoe size?
  8. Do they have any allergies?
  9. Who is more romantic?
  10. What’s their worst habit?
  11. What’s their biggest goal in life?
  12. Have they ever successfully kept a New Year’s resolution?
  13. Are they Type A or Type B?
  14. What’s their zodiac sign?

Fun Newlywed Questions

  1. Do they prefer Netflix or Hulu?
  2. Beer or wine?
  3. Coffee or tea?
  4. Pizza or sushi?
  5. What’s something they could eat every day and never get tired of?
  6. Who’s less likely to get lost when exploring a new place?
  7. Are they an early riser or a night owl?
  8. Who’s the bigger pack rat?
  9. Who is the better driver?
  10. Who takes better selfies?
  11. Who is more fashionable?
  12. What’s their favorite pet name for you?
  13. Who is more punctual?
  14. Who is the better singer?
  15. Who is their celebrity crush?
  16. Who’s more likely to splurge on vacation?
  17. Who has better taste in music?
  18. What do they spend too much money on?
  19. Who is more stubborn?
  20. Who is the better texter?
  21. Who has the raunchier sense of humor?

Newlywed Questions About Living Together

  1. Who is the messiest?
  2. Who is the better cook?
  3. Who has the most laundry to do?
  4. Who is the better driver?
  5. Who is the better decorator?
  6. Who has more “pet peeves?”
  7. What’s their go-to TV show?
  8. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  9. Do they sing in the shower?
  10. Who has the longest nighttime routine?
  11. Who falls asleep first?
  12. In which room do they spend the most time (awake)?
  13. How many times do they brush their teeth every day?

Dirty Newlywed Game Questions

  1. Who is the better kisser?
  2. Who is more generous in bed?
  3. Who is kinkier?
  4. What is their favorite body part of yours?
  5. What is their favorite position?
  6. Who is the horniest?
  7. Who is the most adventurous in bed?
  8. Who masturbates more?
  9. Who is better at sexting?
  10. What’s their ideal number of times to have sex per week?
  11. Do they prefer to give or receive pleasure?
  12. Do they prefer to give or receive nudes?
  13. Who is the loudest?
  14. Who is the least shy about their sex life?
  15. Have you ever been caught having sex? By who?
  16. What do they fantasize about?
  17. If they could spend one night with any celebrity, who would it be?
  18. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them during sex?
  19. Have they ever had sex in public?
  20. Have they ever had a threesome?
  21. Have they ever used handcuffs in bed?
  22. Do they own a sex toy?
  23. Do they watch porn? If so, what kind?
  24. Are they interested in non-monogamy?
  25. At what age did they have sex for the first time?

Newlywed Games Questions About Family

  1. What are their grandparents’ names?
  2. What are their parents’ middle names?
  3. How many pets do their parents have?
  4. Who is their favorite sibling?
  5. Which member of their family is the funniest?
  6. Which parent are they closer to?
  7. What do/did their parents do for a living?
  8. How many siblings do they have?
  9. How close are they in age to their siblings?
  10. Does their personality match their birth order stereotype?
  11. What’s the most trouble they got into as a kid?
  12. Whose parents were more intimidating to meet?
  13. Whose parents were stricter?
  14. Which family is more involved in your daily lives?
  15. Are they still on their family’s phone plan?
  16. What was the best family vacation they ever took?
  17. What’s their family’s most beloved holiday tradition?

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