I Tried Raven Ross' Revenge Body Pilates Program & Loved It

The Love is Blind star is a Pilates instructor, after all.

Everyone remembers where they were when Raven Ross did jumping jacks in the pods on Love Is Blind Season 3. Fellow contestant Bartise may have been talking about life and love, but Ross was busy doing hip thrusters, stretches, and a set of iconic jumping jacks.

Personally, I was at home not doing jumping jacks, which is why I was struck by Ross’s desire to work out at all costs. When I heard she released a two-week Pilates series called Revenge Body, I knew I had to give it a try. Ross is, after all, a certified Pilates and barre instructor IRL — and one who’s clearly passionate about her craft.

When she isn’t trying to find love on Netflix, Ross is busy creating Pilates workouts and challenges for the Playbook app. That’s where you’ll go to find her three-week routine called Toned in 21, as well as the latest 14-day Revenge Body Challenge.

Revenge Body is a workout series that zeroes in on a different part of the body every day, whether it’s the upper body, lower body, core, or cardio. It also includes mini journal prompts you can reflect on after your workout. The goal? To help you reconnect with your body and mind and take revenge on negative self-talk. Here’s what it was like to do Pilates with Raven.

What Is Raven Ross’ Revenge Body Challenge?

Raven's Revenge Body

Ross’s Revenge Body is a two-week Pilates-based fitness challenge that incorporates a wide range of workouts. Day one is full-body, day two is cardio, day three is upper body, and so on. Each workout is designed to sculpt your muscles with slow and steady movements, just like any other Pilates class.

What sets it apart is Ross’s fun reality TV personality and the motivational words she shares throughout each class. And, if you want, you can check out the daily journal prompts on the platform, like “list 10 things you’re grateful for” or “name three challenges you have and three ways to overcome them.” I clicked on these after my workouts — usually while I laid on the floor in my own sweat — and used them as a moment of Zen.

For the workouts, you’ll need a set of light dumbbells, a small Pilates ball, gliders or socks, and a resistance band. Just be ready to sweat.

The Experience

Raven's Revenge Body

Day 1: Full-Body

The first workout was a 42-minute full-body routine, and Ross wasted no time diving in. I had my leggings on, my mat rolled out, and I was ready to keep up, then immediately remembered Pilates is hard. Ross got me with a round of squat pulses right out of the gate, and the core work later on sealed the deal. By the end, I was spent.

Day 2: Cardio

I woke up slightly sore from day one, but was into the idea of cardio. (Anything to get a break from Pilates crunches.) Turns out this 38-minute workout was all tiny, repetitive movements that burned way more than a run ever would. Think lateral arm raises, curtsy lunges with hand weights, and side planks. Nothing was fast-paced, and yet I was winded all the same.

Day 3: Upper Body

Day three was 24 straight minutes of arm work. It was super tough, but Ross’ energy kept me going. I appreciate the way Ross admits out loud when she’s tired, sweaty, or out of breath — it makes me feel like I was working out with a friend.

Day 4: Lower Body

Day four was all leg work. This routine used the resistance band, two gliders, and a light set of dumbbells. I’m a fan of glute exercises, and this one was definitely heavy on the booty work. A+ from me.

Day 5: Rest Day

Took a nap. So sore, but feeling good.

Day 6: Cardio/Core

This day was my nemesis. Even though I’d just had a rest day, I found myself shaking through the core moves. The workout counted as cardio, too, because we kept going for the entire 43 minutes.

Day 7: Pilates

One week in! This 43-minute routine was full of classic Pilates moves. My fave? The donkey kicks with a Pilates ball. I keep saying this, but it was the toughest workout so far, and it seems like everyone in the comments section (found under each video) agreed.

Day 8: Full-Body

Ross packed a lot into this 28-minute workout. Even though it’s a week in, I still appreciate how Ross takes the time to explain how to do each exercise, so I always know I’m using good form. The toughest move: oblique work with gliders. Oof.

Day 9: Lower Body

The second lower body workout was a doozie. Ross hilariously said you had to “get your mind right” before starting, so I knew it’d be tough. That said, as I followed along I could tell I’d been doing Pilates for over a week. Everything was a tiny bit easier and I felt a little more stable.

Day 10: Rest Day

[raising hands emoji]

Day 11: Upper Body

The best move in this video was a mermaid stretch where you sit on the mat, place a hand on a glider, and reach to the side as you slide the glider away. It works the arms and the abs and also lengthens your body. It felt a-mazing.

Day 12: Full-Body

In all honesty, I missed this day and I am at peace with that.

Day 13: Pilates

This was another Pilates workout with simple, traditional moves that burned like crazy. I kept up at my own pace to make the workout my own, just like Ross suggests. That tactic takes the pressure off, so I don’t feel like I have to rush to keep up. It also gives me space to stop and sip some water.

Day 14: Cardio/HIIT

I rounded out the two weeks with 28 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Ross combined all her favorite moves from the previous workouts into a cardio HIIT-style Tabata: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 seconds of rest for five rounds, repeated three times. It felt like a nice, sweaty way to finish out the challenge.

The Results

While some workout classes feel serious, Ross kept this challenge approachable and fun — yet still totally effective. Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten stronger, written gratitude lists, and noticed that my butt is looking extra peachy. Am I going to do jumping jacks at random? Probably not. Am I glad I stuck with this challenge for two weeks? Definitely.