How Tall Is Lace? 'The Bachelor' Contestant Needs More Than Height To Save Her

In the complicated world of modern dating, numbers seem to be playing more and more of a role, and I’m not talking about salary or even age. Any person whose ever swiped right on Tinder has begun to see an uptick of one statistic in particular written in the biography section: Height. Seeing as how Ben Higgins is almost the tallest Bachelor (he lost the title by an inch to Matt Grant), I wondered how some of the women on his season literally measure up. In promo shots for the show he practically dwarfs the other women, although one seems to hold her own. So, how tall is Bachelor contestant Lace? Well, the truth is it probably doesn't matter. Ben doesn't seem like the kind of guy to be superficial about height. And, even if Lace is the one closest to Ben's height, I doubt that would save her if he wasn't that into her.

The ladies' biographies on reveal many things about Bachelor Ben and his crew of lovely lady contestants, including how tall each of them is. Ben himself clocks in at 6'4" and Lace is the tallest of the contestants standing at 5'10". But, clearly height isn't everything because Ben is most likely going to send Lace home, no matter how tall she is. Here's how Lace stacks up next to some of the other frontrunner contestants:

Amanda — 5'3"

This sweet single mother seems to be one of the more petite women on the show this season. Amanda is 5'3", making her a whole foot shorter than the man of the hour. Though this may be a deal breaker for some, Bachelor fans and short girls everywhere will hope that Ben can see past that. And, considering he's, like, the nicest Bachelor ever I'm sure he doesn't care about height at all.

Jubilee — 5'4"

The U.S. Army veteran proves that it takes more than sheer stature to be a super badass. Jubilee is 5'4", which is also quite a bit smaller than Ben, but height ain't nothin' but a number.

JoJo — 5'4"

JoJo is 5'4" as well! But that hasn't stopped her from totally catching Ben's eye!

Emily — 5'4"

New conspiratorial fan theory: The Bachelor twins are the same person! Emily is 5'4", according to her bio, but her twin, Haley, doesn't have her height listed. GASP. Though this could be just random oversight, I'm choosing to believe that the lack of information just reveals that they are ONE IN THE SAME. *dun dun dun*

Caila — 5'4"

The Bostonian contestant is also 5'4'' which seems to be a popular contestant height. Ben also liked her enough to invite her to hang out with Ice T and fellow shorty, Kevin Hart, in some sort of hot tub store during Episode 2. Yay?

Becca — 5'5"

Bachelor super senior Becca is 5'5" and clearly hot for Ben, and you can't deny their super sweet chemistry.

Lauren B. — 5'7"

Flight attendant Lauren B. is 5'7", making her a head above some of the other girls, but is she ahead of them in the competition? Only time will tell...

Olivia — 5'8"

Much ado has been made about Olivia's big mouth, but how tall is this self-appointed frontrunner? Olivia is 5'8", making her one of the taller contestants, although still much shorter than Ben. Although that's not hard to be. Seriously, he's a giant.

It looks like Lace has a leg up (hardy har har) on her competition, but Bachelor fans will just have to keep tuning in on Mondays to see if she's the one Ben wants to be with.

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (10)