These 'Real Housewives' Have Changed Drastically

The Real Housewives first debuted on Bravo in 2006 with the city and ladies of Orange County. From that moment on, one of the biggest and most popular reality franchises was born. There's no doubt that the women from each series have changed drastically from their first day as Housewives to where they stand today. I think fans of the series will agree with me when I say that some Real Housewives have undergone major transformations both physically and lifestyle-wise.

Between the Bravolebrities going under the knife, or splitting up with their spouses, or growing as individuals, the Housewives have definitely transformed with each season. Each Housewife has changed as the practice of cameras following their daily lives became the norm. They've have had to adapt to becoming famous, facing rampant rumors, and feeling the gaze of Housewives fans at every turn. But hey, that's reality TV for you. Once you join, you're immediately put under the microscope and your life drastically changes — sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Whether or not fame has led the following ladies to their physical and lifestyle transformations, there's no denying that some of the Real Housewives stars have changed — a lot.

With that, here are the Housewives who have changed the most.

Vicki Gunvalson

Seeing as she is the only original housewife still standing, there's no doubt Vicki has changed a lot. When she first came onto the Housewives scene, she was a completely different person compared to the woman fans have seen in the most current seasons of Real Housewives of Orange County. Season 1 Vicki was a bit more proper, believed in keeping it classy, had a united family, and probably couldn't imagine seeing herself where she is in 2016. Her lifestyle has flipped since getting a divorce from Donn Gunvalson, having issues with her daughter, temporarily dating the controversial Brooks Ayers, among many other things.

Like her lifestyle, Vicki's physical appearance has also changed and mainly in part of her going under the knife (as you can see above). In 2013, she revealed her post-plastic surgery look and opened up about the work she had done as a way to "build [her] self-esteem." On the show, she said, "I did some cartilage reconstruction on my nose. I had some fat injected in the upper part of my cheeks so I don't have any more wrinkles. And I did a little chin implant."

Plus, you know she's really changed when she and Slade Smiley are actually on good terms. (Based on this video shared by Slade's fiancée and former RHOC star, Gretchen Rossi, Vicki and Slade are now chummy.)

LuAnn de Lesseps

She's gone from The Countess to the queen of "be cool." Never did I think I'd ever see the day when Luann would become so laid back. After her divorce in 2009 from her first husband, Alexandre de Lesseps, it was like she reinvented herself entirely.

If you recall, in Season 1 of Real Housewives of New York City, it was all about respect, elegance (which can always be learned), class, and never, ever introducing The Countess to your driver as "Luann." However, in newer seasons of RHONY, Luann is a completely different person. So much so that Bethenny Frankel has called her out for not owning who she truly is.

Can you imagine the two having that same conversation in Season 1? Yeah, me either. Luann's life has transformed — a lot.

NeNe Leakes

When it comes to her witty banter, throwing shade, and dishing out her opinions, NeNe is still pretty much the same person. However, her personal life has went through some ups and downs. Not only did she and her husband, Gregg Leakes, get divorced in 2011 after 13 years of marriage, but they remarried in 2013. In an interview with Pose magazine in September 2014, NeNe said about their split, "We needed to break up. I needed to see what else was going on. He needed to see what else was going on. I think we both learned a lot and I’m happy we found our way back to each other."

As illustrated in the above photo, NeNe has already had some plastic surgery. Like the open book she sometimes is, she has openly admitted to going under the knife — multiple times. In an October 2010 interview with People, she discussed her nose job, getting smaller breast implants and a lift, and liposuction around her waist. "I'm very comfortable and confident in myself," she said. "I just wanted a tune up. I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am, but a better version."

Tamra Judge

Since her RHOC debut, Tamra Judge hasn't held back her criticism, judgment, or wild side. The same can still be said of Tamra, but when it comes to her lifestyle? Well, yeah, a lot has shifted. After splitting with Simon Barney in 2010, Tamra married Eddie Judge and they appear to be as happy as ever. Tamra is now focusing a lot on herself, especially when it comes to her health and fitness.

In addition to opening CUT Fitness with Eddie, she also competed in her first fitness competition in May. She also won, which proves Tamra still doesn't give up. Tamra also removed her previous breast implants, as seen on the series. But after she had the implants removed altogether, she then put them back in. Yeah, a lot of changes there. She told People in May 2015 about getting implants again, "This time, because I work out so much and most breast tissue is just body fat, I decided to get very small implants. They're very, very small for a little bit of fullness."

If you think all those are big changes, let's talk about Tamra becoming reacquainted with her faith. In what became one of the many memorable Real Housewives moments, Tamra was baptized in RHOC Season 10. Yes, this is the same woman who once called Alexis Bellino "Jesus Jugs."

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

One thing that hasn't changed with former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak is her love for her kids. Now, she just has six to raise. When fans first met Kim, she was a single mother, was taking care of only Brielle and Ariana, and was with someone named "Big Papa." How times have changed.

She is no longer a Housewife and scored her own Bravo series, Don't Be Tardy. All of that came about after Kim married Kroy Biermann. Their family-oriented reality spin-off follows the Zolciak-Biermann fam and all of their crazy moments. It's pretty entertaining, especially if you can't get enough of Kim.

In addition to her lifestyle, Kim has also altered her looks. By the way, that doesn't include her wig, which she still wears. As for her physical appearance, in May, Zolciak discussed her plastic surgery with E! News and dished, "I had a boob job and I've had a hernia fixed. I had a pretty big hernia from the twins, so I said just do a tummy tuck, which is kinda the same thing, just make the skin really tight." She added, "I want women to feel as beautiful as I feel, and so, with that said, it's not all natural."

Ramona Singer

Don't get me wrong, RHONY's Ramona Singer is still the same opinionated and loud woman who loves to have fun. Though, many changes have happened in her life since the first time she appeared in the Bravo hit.

The main life-altering event affecting Ramona was her divorce from Mario Singer. After more than 20 years of marriage, these two officially went their separate ways in November 2015. It was definitely shocking, especially since they filmed their vow renewal and always seemed head over heels in love. But, things aren't always what they appear to be, which was the case here.

As hard as it all was for Ramona, she has embraced her new life in a positive way. For example, as showcased in RHONY Season 8, the Ramona Pinot Grigio creator is loving her single life. She's all about enjoying life, meeting new men, and trying move past all of the drama. The latter hasn't been that easy, but as she says in her Season 8 tagline, "Like a fine wine, I just get better with time."

Phaedra Parks

There's no doubt Phaedra Parks has had her ups and downs throughout RHOA. Mainly, she's had to deal with her possibly soon-to-be ex-husband, Apollo Nida. The two were happily married at the start of the reality series, but that all changed before Apollo went to prison in 2014. He is set to serve an eight-year federal sentence for fraud.

Pre-prison, Phaedra and Apollo were on opposite pages with the couple having many arguments. There was a lot of stress, especially when it came to co-parenting their sons, Ayden and Dylan. After he went to prison, the drama didn't cease. During a Season 8 episode, Phaedra revealed Apollo won't sign divorce papers. Add that to Phaedra as a single mother, trying to do the right thing for her boys, and dealing with whatever else is thrown her way, the RHOA star's life isn't the same.

All that said and done, at least Phaedra hasn't lost her sense of humor, her shade throwing skills, the ability to have fun, or the strive to make her dreams come true.

Camille Grammer

RHOBH's Camille Grammer will forever be remembered for hosting the "Dinner Party from Hell" in Season 1 with medium Allison Dubois. Since that travesty and all of the drama she had with Kyle Richards, Camille has moved her way up the Housewives totem pole.

Even though she is no longer a full-time Housewife, she makes an appearance from time to time. Based on her recurring status, one of the big changes to Camille's life is becoming friends with Kyle. That's right, she and Kyle are now friends. Things started off extremely rocky between them, but all is good now. Actually it was Camille's split from Kelsey Grammer that instigated their friendship. During a January appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Camille said, "After Kelsey left me and [Kyle] found out what was really going on, she felt bad. And Lisa [Vanderpump] was very helpful to me too." Kyle added, "When she was going through all of that was when we were at our worst point. We reconnected because of that."

Viewers watched throughout Season 1 as Camille's marriage to Kelsey came to an end in 2010. Also while on WWHL, Camille discussed their current relationship and said, "There is none. He still refuses to talk to me regarding the kids. It is very difficult on the children. It’s terrible." Allegedly, they only talk through nannies.

Yolanda Hadid

There's no doubt a lot has changed in Yolanda Hadid's life. She started off RHOBH as an individual concerned about her health and staying fit. Unfortunately, her life was flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. Ever since then, she has documented her journey both online, through social media, and on Real Housewives. It hasn't been easy for her, but she continues to remain positive through it all, no matter the negative opinions of others.

In addition to her Lyme battle, Yolanda also split with her husband, David Foster. The divorce, which was announced in December 2015 was shocking to say the least, but despite the sad decision, they still support one another. For example, when others questioned her diseased, David defended her in a December 2015 statement released to People that read partly, "I have always had and continue to have the utmost respect and love for Yolanda, which is why it is so frustrating to see headlines questioning her chronic debilitating illness."

If that isn't enough, Yolanda also made a huge change when she announced her RHOBH departure in June. "I believe that every exit is an new entry and with that in mind I say goodbye to my @Bravotv Family as I continue to focus on a my recovery, my children and bring back the privacy within our Home," she shared on Instagram.

Kandi Burruss

The past several years have been exciting and busy one for RHOA star Kandi Burruss. Not only is she now married, but she is also had another baby. In April 2014, Kandi married Todd Tucker. They've definitely had a complicated romance and mainly thanks to Kandi's mom, Mama Joyce, who outright admitted her dislike of Todd. Thankfully, Todd and Mama Joyce are now on good terms and all seems to be well in the family. I mean, how can anyone be arguing or upset when the Burruss-Tucker clan expanded by one?

Kandi and Todd became proud parents to baby Ace in January. Based on the photos they share over social media, it's clear that they are head over heels in love with their son. Hello, he even has his own Instagram, so the two aren't afraid to brag about their bundle of joy.

Basically, Kandi's transformations have overall been happy ones, so props to her.

Teresa Giudice

It certainly is no secret that Teresa Giudice's life has changed drastically since she first flipped that table in the Season 1 finale of RHONJ. In December 2015, Giudice was released from prison after serving almost 12 months after being convicted of fraud, including bankruptcy fraud and failing to file income tax returns. The legal troubles didn't end with her, because Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, is now serving his own 41-month sentence.

As showcased in the Season 7 RHONJ premiere, Teresa is living a very different life than she once was. Who knows if things will ever go back to the way they were, but it seems like Teresa is trying to turn a new leaf. In fact, she and her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, are now friends. The fact that they worked out most of their issues and are on good terms is proof Teresa has transformed — a lot.

The Real Housewives never cease to surprise viewers with their lives and what may or may not come next, and I am excited to see what further changes are ahead for each Bravo star.

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