What To Expect from ABC's New Marvel Special

Sorry, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, there's no new episode on Tuesday night. However, don't make any big plans just yet. In its place, ABC is airing a Marvel: 75 Years, From Pulp to Pop special, hosted by Revenge star Emily Van Camp. The special will be a celebration of Marvel Comics' history and transformation into box office (Hulk) smash and overall pop culture takeover. Here's the big question: Will Marvel make any new announcements during the special? These folks love an Easter Egg. If you are not sitting through all the credits after a Marvel movie in 2014, I am hardcore judging you. Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe recently revealed so much about Phase 3 (each "phase" ends with an Avengers movie) that I'm not sure what's left. But as a fan and a sleuth, I am always willing to make some guesses.

It's important to remember that Marvel doesn't just mean the Avengers. In case you're not familiar with the way Marvel properties are split up, you can check out Screenrant's helpful graphic or let me break it down for you. Different media conglomerates own the movie rights to these characters. Disney owns The Avengers. Sony, on the other hand, owns Spider-Man. Finally, Fox owns X-Men and The Fantastic Four. That's why, while on the page Peter Parker and Wolverine are pals with Tony Stark, you won't see them together on screen. So what could we learn about the various Marvel properties on Tuesday night?

What we Already know

Last week, we learned a whole bunch about upcoming Marvel films. The third Captain America movie will be subtitled Civil War, Thor 3 will be called Ragnarok, and the third Avengers will be split into two parts and titled Infinity War. We're also getting Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies, in addition to the previously announced Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. These films will all be released between now and 2019. It's weird to know what movies you'll be seeing in five years, right?

Black Panther, also known as T'Challa, will be played by biopic superstar Chadwick Boseman. While the role of Captain Marvel has not been cast yet, the movie will focus on the character Carol Danvers, not Monica Rambeau or Kamala Khan. Fingers crossed that those ladies will eventually join her the way Bucky and Falcon, who will soon both have served as "Captain America" in the comics, joined Steve Rogers. Okay, maybe not exactly like how Bucky joined Steve.

Finally, there is another ensemble film coming to Phase 3, focusing on a group that Bustle writers have been speculating about joining the MCU for quite a while... superpowered Kree-Human hybrids the Inhumans! Since these characters are new to the screen, the special would do well to tell us more about them.

What could be revealed

It would be awesome if Marvel revealed that Disney had bought the rights to Storm, Havok, Wolverine, Jessica Drew, and/or Spider-Man. But it's unlikely. Do I just want Andrew Garfield to play Peter in a better franchise? Yes. Do I just want to see Robert Downey Jr. sass off against Hugh Jackman? I really do.

Disney could also confirm characters that are appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron, now that Idris Elba has allegedly spilled the beans about Loki. I know this is a taped special, but Marvel was pretty quick to premiere exclusive Age of Ultron footage last week when the trailer leaked.

Or they could announce casting for Carol Danvers. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that finding the perfect actress for the role will be as frustrating as the hunt for Doctor Strange. That casting is another thing that could be announced, but you know what? I'm in no hurry. They can take all the time they need.

What probably won't be revealed

Since this is airing on the Disney-owned ABC, I think it's unlikely that anything new about Spider-Man or X-Men will be revealed. However, Fox could preview which mutants will be appearing X-Men: Apocalypse. Or they could announce X-Men Origins: Storm. Just throwing that out there. I'm not messing with Deadpool fans, but Fox needs to step it up with lady-led films. Do we need a Gambit movie? I also could stand to learn a little more about the Fantastic Four reboot.

I would love for Sony to give us an update on what's going on with the Amazing Spider-Man films. Are they doing OK over there? Do they need any help?

What probably will be revealed

Other than another look at the MCU's Phase 3, we'll likely see a trailer for Marvel's Agent Carter. That's my honest guess, considering the show will premiere on ABC in January and we got a tease during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last week. I'm looking forward to some behind the scenes footage, and maybe a lengthier sneak peek.

We will also likely get some more intel on Marvel's upcoming Netflix endeavor, which starts with Daredevil and will ultimately include Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Since Netflix is a new platform for Marvel as far as original content goes, I'm sure they will want to touch on it.

They need to give us some kind of update about Ant-Man. I was never too excited about it, but now that the production has been such a mess with original director Edward Wright jumping ship, the PR rep in me just wants to make sure they're not embarrassing themselves.

One last thing: they probably won't announce a Black Widow movie. Sorry. Or a new Hulk movie, or a Hawkeye movie. But you know what? We're gonna be OK. There are plenty of fish in the Marvel sea.

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