A Comprehensive History Of John Legend & Chrissy Teigen's Relationship
by Tyra Nicole Triche and Caitlin Gallagher
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In their 13 years together, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have both celebrated a number of individual accomplishments. This year alone, Legend became a coach on The Voice and earned the title of People's Sexiest Man Alive, while Teigen joined NBC's new competition series Bring the Funny as a judge and launched a cooking website based on her cookbooks. But the two are perhaps most loved as a singular unit. They have two very cute kids together. They're politically engaged. They troll each other on social media as often as possible — much to the rest of the internet's delight. As a celebrity couple, they are truly the gift that never stops giving.

That being said, 13 years is a quite a long time — especially by Hollywood standards. And their entrance into the public lexicon as Everyone's Favorite Celebrity Couple arguably didn't start until they joined (and became active users on) Twitter, which for Legend was in 2008 and for Teigen was 2009. It's possible, then, that even the biggest Legend and Teigen stans don't know the origins of their relationship — or all of the milestones they've hit over their last decade. So, now seems like as good a time as any to review.

September 2006: Burgers & Hooking Up The First Day They Meet

Legend and Teigen met on Sept. 14, 2006, on the set of his “Stereo” music video. In a 2014 interview with Cosmo, Teigen recalled the day of the 14-hour shoot. That night they went back to his hotel room, ate In-N-Out burgers, and, "I'm not going to lie. We hooked up," she confessed. But then he had to go on tour, putting things on pause.

2007: A Year Of Texting & A Pseudo-Breakup

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While the singer was on tour, they kept in touch. Legend talked to Entertainment Tonight about how her fell in love with Teigen's personality over the phone:

"[At the beginning of our relationship] we were texting a lot, and I started to see her sense of humor," he told them. "We would talk on the phone, and I started to fall in love with how engaging and witty and funny she is."

Teigen joked about a brief breakup they had, in a 2016 interview with Cosmo. “Early on in the relationship, I was on tour with him and he’d gotten sick,” she explained. “He was feeling really bummed and stressed out. He was like, 'I can’t be in a relationship right now.'”

“That lasted for one day," she said. "Literally, a day. I knew it came from a place other than us not working."

December 2011: Legend Proposes During A Trip To The Maldives

On their second wedding anniversary, Teigen gave the deets about how Legend popped the question during a Christmas trip to the Maldives, on an episode of FABLife. It started off a little rocky, with an argument about Christmas presents and airport security almost ruining the surprise, but all’s well that ends well.

June 2013: Legend Releases "All of Me," Which Was Written About Teigen

Teigen told the Huffington Post that when she first heard "All Of Me," she immediately knew the song was about her. "She loved the song and cried when she heard it," Legend told People in 2013.

She starred in the intimate music video, which was filmed in Lake Como, Italy, the same place where they'd have their wedding that fall.

September 2013: A Last-Minute Wedding In NY Before The Beautiful Lake Como Ceremony

Just a few days before their grand Lake Como nuptials, the two legally tied the knot in the States. “We are dumb and didn’t realize that our Italian wedding would not be recognized unless we had a real ceremony in New York City,” Teigen told E! News. So they went to the courthouse during Fashion Week to make it official.

On Sept. 14, 2013, the two had their star-studded Italian ceremony.

October 2015: Announcing Teigen's First Pregnancy

After trying to have a baby for some time, the couple announced Teigen was pregnant with their first child with this endearing Instagram post. Teigen later shared that the child was conceived by way of IVF, and that she chose for her baby to be a girl.

April 2016: Welcoming Baby Luna

On April 14, 2016, Teigen gave birth to Luna Simone Stephens.

November 2017: Luna’s Adorable Announcement For Baby #2

In this beyond adorable Instagram video, Luna announces to the world that Teigen has a “bibi” in her tummy. A few months later, Teigen tweeted explaining how she knew she was having a boy. Since the couple had to conceive using IVF, they happened to only have a boy embryo left.

May 2018: Teigen Gives Birth To Legend's Literal Twin

On May 16, 2018, Teigen gave birth to Miles Theodore Stephens.

September 2018: The Couple’s Five-Year Anniversary

Now, after more than a decade of knowing each other, five years of marriage, two kids, and tons of happiness later, Legend and Teigen are definitely all of our #relationshipgoals.

Wishing them many more years of love, and looking forward to many more photos of Luna and Miles.

January 2019: Teigen Throws Legend A 40th Birthday Bash

Legend shared that Teigen threw him an "incredible" party for this 40th birthday and she wrote in a sweet Instagram post, "Love you for 40 more and into eternity."

July - August 2019: Family Trips To Italy & Thailand

The family kicked off 2019 with a trip to a tropical location, but the traveling didn't stop there. Eight months later, in Augsut, Teigen, Legend, Luna, Miles, and Pepper (Teigen's mom who lives with them) traveled to Thailand. While in Pepper's home country, they participated in traditional parts of the culture and shared plenty of gorgeous photos on Instagram. The month prior, Legend and Teigen took their kids to the site of their wedding, Lake Como.

September 2019: Teigen & Legend Celebrate 13 Years Together

They may have had their five-year wedding anniversary in 2018, but Teigen and Legend recognize the importance of celebrating when they first got together as well. In September, they both posted tributes to each other while they spent time in Paris for their 13th anniversary.

October 2019: They Land The Cover Of 'Vanity Fair'

Teigen wrote on Instagram that being featured on the cover of Vanity Fair was a "dream come true." In the family's cover story, both Teigen and Legend opened up about their relationships with their mothers and gave even more insight into their life at home.

"There are some famous couples I look at and I'm like, 'Ugh, we get it. Stop trying so hard, you're so lame,'" Teigen told VF. "I think people definitely think that about us but ... that's because I think of everything."

August 2020: Teigen & Legend Announce They're Expecting Baby Number 3

After months in quarantine, Legend dropped a music video for his single "Wild," and revealed some pretty exciting news. The video, which featured Teigen, and both their children Luna and Miles, ended with a shot of a barely-there baby bump. Teigen later confirmed her pregnancy with a closer look at her growing bump on social media, and even told fans on Twitter how she found out she was pregnant after getting her breast implants removed.

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