Love Island

How Have The Boys Won Love Island?

Victoria Sanusi reflects on Jacques’ shock departure, Adam’s return, and dismays at the general state of affairs.

by Victoria Sanusi
‘Love Island’ 2022: Victoria Sanusi On Jacques’ Departure & Adam’s Return

What a rollercoaster of a week. If Casa Amor antics hadn’t been enough, an unexpected departure (Jacques, obvs) has well and truly shaken Love Island. (Or at the least, Luca. How devastated was he?) Say what you want, but I think of all of Jacques many questionable moments during his time in the villa, leaving was perhaps the most sensible decision of all. It was plain as day that he has been majorly overwhelmed in the past few episodes, and I hope he receives the love and support he needs now that isn’t under the scrutiny of the British public.

Of course, the other huge development has been the return of “original bombshell” and season four “bad boy” Adam Collard. I’m not entirely sure what producers are thinking, to be honest. His behaviour in 2018 was so unacceptable that Women’s Aid issued a warning at the time. “There are clear warning signs in Adam’s behaviour,” the domestic violence charity warned. “In a relationship, a partner questioning your memory of events, trivialising your thoughts or feelings, and turning things around to blame you can be part of a pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse.” Has he changed his ways? Have ITV’s emotional welfare measures been reviewed thoroughly to prevent repeat offences? Only time will tell, I guess.

So far, he is doing what he does best: approaching everyone he fancies, making the girls giddy, and the boys insecure. Was his “Is it me?” question to Jacques a sign of growing awareness of the implications of his actions, or just a sign of how out of control his ego is? Either way, he is making an already dramatic season more outrageous. And as he says, he’s “just getting started.”


Beyond that, my overriding feeling is that the girls are really letting the side down. Indiyah, Paige, and Tasha clearly didn’t pay attention last year. After Liam’s Casa transgressions, Millie made him stay in the doghouse for a whole week. And sure, they are no longer together, but at least he had to do his penance. This year’s contestants have barely had a whisper of an apology. It is a sad state of affairs if those pancakes are A*+ in anyone’s book. I feel certain that they would stay put – tissue lipstick notes, rambling conversations, and morning coffees – no matter what their partners do. Josh friend-zoning Danica and Luca’s attempts at controlling Gemma’s conversations are also worrying. Given their, erm, history, it is quite something to say that Ekin-Su and Davide look like the most solid couple right now. And don’t even get me started on Dami’s “I’m just a guy” line.

Unfortunately, the men have won. And you know what? They know it, too. All eyes on movie night next…