Here's The Spiritual Meaning Of The Buck Moon

It’s all about personal growth.

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If you’re feeling inexplicably entrepreneurial right now, you can probably thank the incoming full moon. The sparkly July 2022 full moon, also known as the Buck Moon, lights up the night sky on July 13 in the resourceful sign of Capricorn. The enterprising earth sign is here to give us an extra oomph of motivation to focus on our objective and crush our goals. Understanding the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon can help us align with this powerful lunar vibe, as well as our higher selves.

“What makes the Buck Moon in Capricorn a special one is that it will be the largest and brightest supermoon of 2022,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. “This amplifies the overall energy the collective will be feeling and may amplify emotions.”

As the energetic peak of the monthly lunar cycle, full moons in astrology are all about culminations and climaxes — that’s why they can sometimes feel so dramatic and emotionally overwhelming! The July 2022 full Buck moon is happening in pragmatic Capricorn, which is all about the journey of fulfilling their purpose. The go-getter cardinal sign seeks recognition and accolades, and that energy is reflected during July’s full Buck moon. “We’ll see more clearly what we have to accomplish in order to stay on track for our goals, as well as finally admit what we need to stop entertaining in our lives in order to move on,” explains Ash.

Knowing the spiritual meaning of the full Buck moon not only gives you context for the type of cosmic energy ahead but also helps you harness its power, too. Keep reading to learn about the July 2022 full moon's spiritual meaning.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Buck Moon?

The Buck Moon is a nickname given to full moons that take place in July, and it’s named for the fact that male deer antlers typically reach the peak of their growth at this point in the summer. Spiritually, you can think of the fullness of the buck’s antlers as a metaphor for harnessing your full potential. “This energy symbolizes our own patterns of shedding past layers of ourselves to become a new version of ourselves,” Ash explains. It’s a time to not only step into your spiritual purpose, but also part ways with the practices, thought patterns, and habits that keep you from actualizing your full manifestations. Bravely taking steps toward our hopes and releasing anything that’s standing in the way of our unique personal development is what the spiritual meaning of the Buck Moon is all about.

Because July’s full Buck moon happens during Cancer season 2022, the collective can expect to feel nostalgic and emotionally sensitive, especially when it comes to their public image. Personal renovations relating to the home, family, and sense of belonging are all themes of this lunation, shedding light on our work-life balance and showing us how to better align our public and private lives. Adding to the Capricornian fuel is its planetary ruler, Saturn, going retrograde alongside daydreamer Neptune. “These retrograde periods ask us to step into our more responsible side and focus on getting things done,” says Ash.

While the full moons typically signal a time for release, harmonious aspects during July’s full moon may herald in new beginnings. “Aspects made with the sun, moon, and the lunar nodes of fate will inspire you to throw caution to the wind and embrace your destiny, with many people choosing emotional fulfillment over professional ambitions,” Ash explains.

How To Work With The Full Moon Energy

With the Buck moon in cardinal Capricorn, you may notice a shift in your professional life and public persona, which can manifest in a career shift or pursuing long-term goals in hopes of achievement. July’s full moon vibe is all about taking initiative, honing in on your objectives, and practicing patience. Are you the dedicated type A personality who craves achievement or do you err on the “life is a party,” side of the spectrum? The Buck moon is an ideal time to reflect on your self-discipline tactics and carve out your definition of success.

Capricorn is a practical earth sign, so spiritually, grounding yourself through meditation, nature hikes, and stargazing can be great ways to connect yourself with the full moon’s power. The sea-goat is a slow and steady sign, so it’s important to take your time when you carry out your rituals. On a material level, it’s all about taking actionable steps to your purpose. “Now is the time to apply for that dream job, start that business, and take a chance on yourself,” explains Ash.

“This particular full moon is less about manifesting a dream life –– and more about taking action on previous manifestations,” Ash says. While zeroing in on your goals is supported by the pioneering earth sign, be mindful of your style of self-discipline. Conquering your goals is only part of the journey — it’s important to appreciate the strides it took to get there, too.

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