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The '90s updo that is making a big comeback, the best healing manifestation rituals, and more.

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Victoria Beckham’s Stylist Shares His Tips For Creating This ‘90s Updo

The reimagining of classic ’90s styles shaped some of beauty’s biggest trends over the last year. (Hello, Pamela Anderson up-dos and chunky highlights.) And if you thought thin brows were peak nostalgia, well, here comes the hairstyle to transport you straight back to the Spice World era. Thankfully, the look hits different this time around. Read More

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All The Most Stylish Winter Wardrobe Staples You Can Buy On

Just because practicality is at the forefront of winter fashion doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function. Cold weather is the best excuse to stock up on winter wardrobe staples that will last for years and never go out of style — and has everything you need for a capsule of chic winter pieces. Read More

6 Steps For A Successful Healing Manifestation Ritual

Whether you’re doing candle magic, practicing gratitude, or simply daydreaming, manifestation rituals can help you attract the life you want. However, saying you want to manifest something versus actually doing it can be easier said than done. If you haven’t gotten anywhere with your current practice, you may want to consider a healing manifestation ritual — here’s how. Read More


Emily Ratajkowski Believes You Should, In Fact, Get Bangs

“Man, I’m doing something I love,” EmRata recently told Bustle. The author, supermodel, mother, and activist just added podcast host to her multi-hyphenate cred. Plus, she’s in her self-proclaimed “b*tch era,” which she talks about on her podcast, High Low With EmRataalong with topics like ethical nonmonogamy and plastic surgery — and she’s feeling more energized than ever. Read More

Kicked Off Instagram, Erotic Models Are Flocking To A New App

In September 2021, when Bessa Lee’s Instagram page was deactivated for “sexual content,” the 28-year-old erotic model was in trouble, as brand deals and months of income all hung in the balance. Even though she had created several backup accounts, those were censored too. Many adult content creators are hungry for new platforms that can offer better tools, clearer guidelines, and more freedom of expression. Is Slushy the answer they’ve been looking for? Read More

14 Easy Ways To Find Joy During The Holidays

“We tend to get bogged down with expectations, which can be unrealistically high, or focus too much on the negative when something doesn’t go as well as expected,” says psychologist Jessica Beachkofsky. But when you remember that holiday cookies exist or take a moment to admire all the pretty decorations, it can help put things into perspective. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

The void-of-course moon is taking effect. Read More

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