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Eight hairstyles to hide your roots in between dye jobs, how to do a full moon manifestation ritual, and more.

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I Tried A Full Moon Ritual & Felt The Universe Listen To Me

“As someone who regularly speaks to the moon, lunar rituals are nothing new for me,” writes Brittany Beringer. During the full moon in August, which fell in her sign (Aquarius) during one of the luckiest times of the year (the lion’s gate portal), she decided to try out the celestial offerings at Miraval Resorts in Austin, Texas. “I began my ritual by sitting outside underneath the moon. I expressed my gratitude and hopes for the future. Once I was done moon-gazing, I jotted down my manifestations: ‘I’m abundant, I’m worthy, I no longer hold onto fear, and fully accept myself instead.’” Read More

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8 Hairstyles That’ll Hide Your Roots Between Dye Jobs

New year, new you, new hair... except your salon is fully booked for the next two weeks. One line of defense is to use one of the many root cover-up products that exist. “There are great products to help you go a week or two extra in between salon visits,” says professional hairstylist Nicholas Taylor. But if you’re in a pinch, all it takes is a little creativity with your styling to fool everyone into thinking your hair color isn’t overly grown out. Read More

This Is The Best Day To Be On Dating Apps In The New Year

Bumble says that 2023 will be a “Dating Renaissance” for singles, with 1 in 3 people surveyed having “ended a marriage or serious relationship in the last two years” and a third “now using dating apps for the first time.” So if you’re ready to meet someone new, this is the exact date (and hour!) that you should go for it. Read More


Bring Back Jelly Bracelets, You Cowards

At this point, nearly every early 2000s trend has been brought back tenfold. Katie Holmes just wore flare jeans under a mini dress, Megan Fox sports furry bucket hats almost daily, and Bella Hadid is obsessed with leg warmers. But there’s one nostalgic look that has yet to hit the red carpet: jelly bracelets. Read More

How To Smell Good All Day, According To Hygiene Influencers

Yes, a hygiene influencer is indeed a thing, and they’re sharing their knowledge all over TikTok. “ShowerTok is like the Yelp of hygiene,” Alexis Kaya Williams, licensed cosmetologist and content creator, tells Bustle. “Being able to binge-watch videos from creators who give reviews and ratings on products before you go out and buy them is super convenient.” Read More

’90s Icons Matthew Lawrence & TLC's Chilli Are Officially Dating

‘90s nostalgia is alive and well, because two of the most iconic stars of the era are officially dating. Matthew Lawrence of Boy Meets World fame and Chilli, a member of the girl group TLC, recently confirmed their romance. They had been friends for years before things took a romantic turn. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

You might need a hug. Read More

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