Bustle Newsletter: May 11, 2022

On crying online, the impact of Kim K's Met Gala hairstyle, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
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The Latest Instagram Trend? Crying On Main.

As long as the Internet’s been around, people have been sad on it — on forums, on blogs, on Myspace, and especially on Twitter. You can make a whole-*ss identity out of Being Sad Online (unlike enjoying coffee, being chronically bummed does actually constitute a personality, it would seem). Instagram has historically been the place reserved for only the shiny, happy content — a literal highlights reel. But even Bella Hadid is posting teary-eyed selfies on the grid(!) now, so what’s going on? Read More

The Latest

Gucci & Adidas Are Releasing A Collab & We Want All Of It

Or, in creative director Alessandro Michele’s preferred parlance, a crossover — not a collab. But whatever you want to call it, the lookbook is ’70s athleisure perfection with a Wes Anderson tilt. Royal Tenenbaum heads, you will not want to miss it. Read More

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin, According To Derms

Sure, it’s less of an uphill battle in the summer, but for those of us with naturally dry, bumpy, and/or flaky skin, the task of being moisturized enough is a ceaseless one. *Cue mental image of a parched Spongebob, begging for water.* That’s what I’m personally dealing with 24/7 anyway, but I swear by three of the products on this list. Read More

This Super Easy Look Is About To Be The Hottest Hairstyle Of The Summer

The slicked-back bun can be glam, à la Kim K’s take on it at the Met Gala, but it’s also very clean girl/normcore/health goth/whatever we’re calling the minimalist aesthetic these days. It’s a little more dressy than a low pony, and bonus: Your hair won’t stick to the back of your neck when you inevitably get sweaty. Read More

Must Reads

Michigan’s Governor Is “Going To Fight Like Hell” To Protect Abortion Access

If the Supreme Court does ultimately overturn nearly 50 years of court precedent regarding abortion, its legality will be left up to the states — more than 20 of which have laws that would quickly ban abortion. Michigan is one of them, which is why Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been on a crusade to make sure it remains accessible. Read More

The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device Convinced Me To Quit Botox

This little handheld tool is like gua sha on steroids — it uses microcurrent technology to stimulate the facial muscles, helping to smooth, lift, and tighten the skin. The one downside: It’s not cheap, but it is less expensive (and less of a hassle) than a lifetime of Botox. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Stressed? Same. Read More

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