Need To Share A Fun Fact About Yourself? Here Are 35 Thought Starters

It should be simple, but why does your mind always go blank during those icebreaker games?

A group of women colleagues sit in the company lounge and play the "fun facts about me" game to get ...
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Sharing random fun facts that have nothing to do with you is one thing, but coming up with an answer to the “fun facts about me” game is decidedly less fun. That is, if you’re unprepared with an interesting and quirky fact about yourself to share with your new coworkers, classmates, friends, or faerie book and wine club.

How do you not make yourself sound absolutely boring yet also riddled with anxiety? Equip yourself with your best fun facts ahead of time, so you’re never caught off guard when tasked with the classic icebreaker game.

Once you’re over the hump of scrambling for something to say, sharing personal fun facts is actually a great way to connect and show people who you really are as a person. Odds are, you’ve probably already covered your schooling or work history and neither do much in the way of getting to know the real you — especially in a work environment where everyone’s professional backgrounds are more or less little remixes of each other’s.

Plus, nothing builds up the report with new people than some insider context about their lives. It makes people more real and offers building blocks to new conversations and relationships.

When you’re thinking up your fun facts, it helps to consider how you want others to remember you. Again, it’s the context you want people to go off of. You’ve probably been in group scenarios where someone has shared such an interesting and off-the-wall fun fact about themself, that it stuck in your mind as the sole surviving tidbit in your brain from the entire session.

While everyone else shared their favorite colors, they disclosed the weekend they survived in the wilderness with nothing but a broken tent and their bare hands. See? One is categorically more memorable than the other.

It’s not that the “favorite colors” people aren’t interesting, they probably just drew a blank in the moment because they hadn’t even tried to think about their best fun facts until 45 seconds before they needed to speak.

Sometimes, it’s also just difficult to see any aspects about yourself as very fun or interesting because they’re so normal to you. But what seems terribly familiar or unremarkable in your eyes might be the most fascinating account someone else has ever heard.

To help get your wheels turning and add a bit more life into your group settings, consider these “fun facts about me” ideas so you’ve always got an intriguing anecdote on deck, no matter the situation.

Your Greatest Fear

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Greatest fears can be funny and lighthearted. Think about your most nonsensical phobias like toilet paper put on the wrong way or whales, if you’re Khloé Kardashian.

But don’t make it awkward by saying “being forever alone” (unless that’s the vibe, but you’ll have to read the room). The point of sharing fun facts is to enliven the mood, not put a wet blanket on it.

A Secret Talent

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Can you down a bottle of water in under two seconds? What about play the Star Wars theme on the piano?

Hidden talents don’t have to be overly serious — you don’t have to be a low-key professional singer or the next Andy Warhol.

Something silly like being able to lick your elbow is honestly more entertaining.

Your Most Treasured Collection

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It might seem totally run of the mill to you, but others would certainly find your rubber chicken collection amusing.

Or maybe you’re a rock hunter with boxes upon boxes of minerals from your travels, or perhaps vintage postcards or Legos are more your speed.

As long as it’s nothing creepy like toenails, you’re golden.

What Your Name Means In Another Language

You could take this a couple of different ways. Option one is to simply Google your name (just the first or both your first and last names), and find out which languages place meanings on it.

Alternatively, you could take the comedic route and go with something like what your name means in another language when you break down the syllables.

As evidenced by Jiaoying Summers’ TikToks where she roasts peoples’ names in Chinese, this is pretty much always hilarious.

An Uncommon Superstition You Have

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While most people have heard of the bad luck that comes with breaking a mirror or black cats crossing your path, holding your shirt collar every time you hear or see an ambulance is far less known.

Plus, these are fun segues into conversations about why you hold that superstition and where it all started.

Most Memorable Place You’ve Traveled

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A fun fact about where you’ve been in the world is always interesting to hear about, but what’s most amusing is the why.

Maybe the place simply had a wacky name, or maybe you have a wild story to tell about your travels.

Either way, people are listening and remembering.

A Contest You’ve Won

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Again, you could go serious or silly with this one.

Maybe you won a big tournament in your sport when you were younger, or maybe it was just free chili dogs for knowing the most Teletubbies trivia on the radio. A win is a win.

Your Astrological Big Three

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If you feel like giving some personal information out, dish out your birth chart details.

Only the cosmically inclined will be able to glean any info from your astrological big three, but if you’re into it, your fellow zodiac lovers will flock to you.

Which Languages You Speak

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Or alternatively, share a fun phrase you know in another language and why you know it. Any language flex is a solid fact choice.

Your Most Listened-To Podcast On Your Spotify Wrapped

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What you’re consistently listening to tells more about you than you might think.

Are you a true crime person or do you prefer lighthearted comedy? Maybe you’re more into everyday ethics with Two Hot Takes.

Be prepared to explain your favorite show and why you vibe with it.

Your Hometown Or Birthplace

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If it’s not where you’re currently located, sharing where you’re from can be intriguing. Bonus points for any hometown claims to fame.

Alternatively, you could take the birthplace aspect literally if you were physically born somewhere unusual like a car or a boat.

An Inability You Have

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Taking a 180 from special talents, name something that most people can do, like wink or roll their Rs, that you just cannot seem to figure out.

No shame, everyone has something.

Your Childhood Cartoon Crush

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Are you more of a Spirit the horse person or Diego from Ice Age fan? Maybe your little 8-year-old self was mesmerized by Simba or Nala from The Lion King.

This one is guaranteed to spark up a post-game conversation.

Somewhere You’ve Traveled Because Of Fandom

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Hopped all over the United Kingdom and Europe on a Game of Thrones filming location quest? You most definitely wouldn’t be the only one.

Or maybe you’ve visited Cannon Beach, Oregon because “It’s La Push, baby!” (Enter any number of other bad Twilight quotes here.)

An Unusual Senior Superlative You Won

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This isn’t your “Most Likely to Succeed” or “Highest GPA” superlatives — you can leave those in the yearbook.

But if you got something offbeat like “Quickest Comebacks” or “Best-Looking Dad” you might have something worth sharing with the group.

What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up

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There’s something so sweet about looking back on childhood dreams of being a Disney princess or a submarine boat driver when you grew up.

It’s even sweeter when the occupations of your youth imagination actually pan out.

Something You Tried To DIY That You Definitely Should Have Just Paid For

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It may be hard to only pick one if you’re heavy into DIY projects, but this will certainly get the others laughing with (and at) you.

Cheers to you for trying though.

A TV Show Or Movie You Can Quote Every Line To

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Memorizing the entire script, inflections, mannerisms, and comedic timing of She’s The Man is an impressive fun fact, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Something Common You’ve Never Done

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What’s something that most of your peers have experienced that you have not?

Have you yet to fly in a plane or get your hair professionally colored? Have you never broken a bone or had your ears pierced?

Pretty much any question that you haven’t done from the “Never Have I Ever” game will do.

Something That You Just Found Out About That’s Common Knowledge

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Sometimes little pieces of information evade you until later in life, though they seem to have come pre-programmed into your peers’ brains at birth.

It’s totally OK that you had thought Texas was the biggest state in the U.S. (Alaska is twice the size), or that you didn’t know Emma and Julia Roberts are related.

Maybe you thought taxidermists had anything to do with owing money to the IRS or that buffalo wings were made of buffalo meat.

Whatever it is, it’s the stories that go with them that are the real kickers.

An Atypical Physical Ability

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For instance, are you double-jointed? Can you touch your hand to your wrist or make your tongue into a clover?

Demonstrations welcomed if it’s nothing too disturbing like flipping your eyelids inside out.

What You Like To Do

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When you’re not working or doing chores, what hobbies or interests could you spend an ungodly amount of time on?

Do you read hundreds of books from BookTok each year? Do you venture into the outdoors at every opportunity?

How you spend your time offers an up-close perspective on who you are and what you’re all about.

Bucket List Trip Or Event

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Where’s the number one place you’ve dreamt of going if money, time, and obligations were no object?

It could be anything from fantasy fae balls in a legitimate castle, to Tomorrowland music festival. You may just find a kindred spirit among you.

Interesting Family Heritage Ties

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If you’ve explored a service like or 23AndMe, you may have uncovered some real heritage gems that could be fun to share in a “fun facts about me” game.

Are you distantly related to royalty, perhaps, or maybe a celebrity or historical figure? Do eight generations of men share the middle name Reginald?

That information is prime fun-fact material for the sharer and the listeners.

Your Last Meal

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If you knew you only had one meal left to eat and you could have anything in the world, what would it be?

Give all the details: sides, appetizers, main course, beverages — the whole nine.

A Word You Mispronounce Every Time

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Doesn’t everyone have that one word that no matter how many times you’re corrected on or recite in your head, it always comes out wonky?

Let everyone know ahead of time — then they can call you out every time you say it wrong later.

(But let me say, “epi-tome” seems like the phonetically correct way to say “epitome,” dang it!)

Your Alternative Life Path

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What’s your alternate-dimension-self’s occupation? Did you almost take another career path? It’s amusing to think about where you’d be, had you chosen a completely different field.

Your Proudest Super-Specific Achievement

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Are you a self-taught master chef of sourdough bread? Maybe you’ve held strong in your consistent skincare routine for two straight years (impressive).

Or it could be that you’re finally able to get through a whole set of squats without grunting.

No matter how small, an accomplishment is an accomplishment.

What Your Superpower Would Be

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Out of any supernatural ability, which would you chose and why?

Feel free to get creative and make one up that’s more suited to your personality like the ability to spin in a circle and have dinner made instantly or the ability to do laundry by simply blinking at your clothes.

Your Go-To Comfort Show

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Everyone has that TV show they’ve seen every episode of at least a dozen times over without it ever getting old.

Maybe you restart The Vampire Diaries every fall or put on an episode of The Office to fall asleep every night. Believe it or not, your answer is highly insightful.

Your Creative Talent

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Are you crafty? Can you make jewelry or decorate cupcakes? Belt out a tune or write a poem?

Don’t be shy, share your skills.

Your Irrational Childhood Fear

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Different from your current adult phobias (most likely), what makes no sense now looking back, but kept you up at night as a child?

Did you fear the velociraptors living in your closet or sharks coming up from the drain hole in your bathtub?

With endless imaginations, childhood concerns were every part as colorful and boundless — and often, hilarious.

Your Nickname

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Especially if your first name is long, you probably have an unusual nickname or two. In other words, not just shortening Katherine to Katie, but your family still occasionally calls you Flopsy because you loved your stuffed bunny rabbit when you were a little kid.

Whether yours comes from something silly from your childhood, or an inside joke with friends, or a unique trait of yours, it’s worth sharing.

Your Happy Place

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If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

Maybe you love the great outdoors, whether that’s hiking a national park or relaxing on the beach. Maybe you’re drawn to a bustling city, or feel happiest in the tiny town you grew up in.

Wherever it is, it says a lot about who you are.

Your Best Story From College

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Come on, don’t be shy, tell people exactly what went down in the dining hall that one time.

Just, you know, use your judgment. The version you tell your friends might be a little different than the one you share in front of your boss.