What The Halloween 2022 Moon Has In Store For You

The first-quarter moon in Aquarius symbolizes a strong threshold of change.

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The Halloween 2022 moon holds extra significance since it's the midpoint between two eclipses.
Margaret Flatley

The current eclipse season overlaps with the Halloween season in a big way, as it kicks off with the solar eclipse in Scorpio on Oct. 25 and comes to its second climax under the lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8. That said, the date of Halloween happens to fall perfectly between this powerful pair of eclipses — and having this spooktacular holiday hit right smack in the middle of the fall 2022 eclipse season portal only enhances the cosmic intensity, bringing out all the mystical Halloween vibe one would expect.

Eclipses happen between four and six times per year, and they usually come in sets of two — with a solar eclipse taking place on a new moon and a lunar eclipse on a full moon. Astrologically, these supercharged lunations are believed to hold the power of multiple new or full moons combined into one, which is why life changes can happen so quickly during eclipse seasons. Eclipses in astrology are always associated with fate, so the sudden shifts and rapid-fire revelations these chaotic lunar moments bring about are thought to help align us with our truest paths and greatest destinies.

While Halloween doesn’t fall exactly on one of the season’s two eclipses, there is a lunar event known as a first-quarter moon taking place on Oct. 31 — aka All Hallow’s Eve itself. First-quarter moons occur monthly (one week after a new moon and one week before a full moon) when the moon is in its waxing phase, but Halloween 2022’s moon, a first-quarter lunation, is set to be extra special, as it marks the exact midpoint between two eclipses — symbolizing a powerful threshold of change.

Halloween & The Energy Of Eclipse Season

To make sense of the cosmic lunar energy that’s swirling in the cosmos come Halloween night, we must understand the nature of the current eclipse cycle, which is taking place on the zodiacal axis of Taurus and Scorpio. Given the general themes highlighted by these two signs, the eclipses on Oct. 25 and Nov. 8 are delivering shifts and revelations in relation to our values, possessions, and energetic bonds. The events that take place under these lunations may involve letting go of our need for power in certain relationships or areas of life, but also gaining security in new and unexpected ones.

Eclipses tend to bring fast-paced shifts and sudden twists of fate, and Oct. 31 happens to be the exact midpoint between these two intense moments of transformation. Think of it like being in the eye of a storm. Halloween is already a powerful day, as it historically aligns with the Celtic cross-quarter day known as Samhain, during which it’s believed that the veil between the living and those who have passed on is thinner — it’s even referred to as the Witches’ New Year. So when this mystical portal is bookended by two unpredictable and change-heavy eclipses, its energy is even more intense.

How Halloween’s First-Quarter Moon Will Affect You

Oct. 31 serves up a first-quarter moon, peaking at exactly 11:37 p.m. PT in the collaborative and objectivist sign of Aquarius. This waxing half-moon represents the heart of this turbulent and transformational eclipse season. During this period, all zodiac signs will be in the thick of some fated and path-altering realignments. We’re likely still processing whatever took place under October’s solar eclipse, while also preparing for what’s to come under the lunar eclipse in November.

Like new moons and full moons, first-quarter moons (which are sometimes called second-quarter moons) have a unique astrological meaning associated with them. They’re generally considered a time for overcoming difficulties in our plans and pushing forward toward our goals in the face of challenges. During a first-quarter moon, the sun and the moon form a square aspect to one another, bringing forth emotional tensions or throwing obstacles in our path. However, it’s not always a moment of struggle — sometimes it’s simply a time to focus on growth and building continued momentum. Amidst the shaky shifts of eclipse season, this is especially important.

That all said, having the moon in Aquarius generally brings a sociable and outgoing feeling. So even though we’re in the intensity-filled portal between two chaotic cosmic events, you can steady yourself by having some Halloween fun with friends and connecting with the community around you. Hitting a festive party with your crew or just dressing up to hand out candy to neighborhood kids is a great way to align with the collaborative energy of this Aquarian lunation. Additionally, Aquarius is a sign associated with innovation, rebellion, and unconventionality — so we can call on this revolutionary lunar vibe to help us roll with the eclipse season intensity, even if we’re weathering major and meaningful shifts.

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