The Least Compatible Life Path Numbers, According To Numerologists

They’re like oil and water.

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Similar to your zodiac sign, your life path number contains all kinds of insight into your personality, your motivations, the type of careers you’d be best at, and even the type of people who make the best love matches for you. In fact, numerologist Sofia Celestino tells Bustle, “Numerology can be a helpful tool for making better decisions in life, particularly when it comes to relationships.” If you know your life path number, which is determined by adding together the numbers in your birthday, you’ll know which life path numbers are least compatible with yours.

There are certain energies and vibrational patterns associated with each life path number, Celestino says. Familiarizing yourself with the energy surrounding your number can give you a better sense of who may or may not be compatible with you. For example, life path 1s are independent by nature. Because of this, they may struggle to maintain a relationship with a more partnership-oriented number like life path 2. If you’re someone who tends to focus on the bigger picture like life path 7, you may have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye with someone who’s more task-oriented, like life path 4.

It’s important to note that nothing is set in stone when it comes to life path number-based compatibility. As Celestino says, numerology can’t make decisions for you. However, “it can offer some valuable insights that you may want to consider when making choices in your life.” With that in mind, here is the least compatible life path number for each life path number.

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 1: Life Path 2

Life path 1s are highly independent and tend to do best when they’re working alone. As Emily Newman, astrologer and psychic, previously told Bustle, “They gain confidence by taking independent and emphasized action ... They want to be number one all the time.” When you have this type of approach to life, you’re not going to have an easy relationship with someone who’s more relationship-oriented.

According to Celestino, life path numbers 1 and 2 are incompatible because they represent very different energies and approaches to life. “Life path 1s are self-motivated, while 2s are more compassionate and cooperative,” she says. “As a result, these two types can often butt heads and find it difficult to see eye-to-eye.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 2: Life Path 3

Life path 2s are motivated by harmony, community, and relationships, so they tend to get along nicely with most life path numbers. However, Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach, tells Bustle that life path 3s may not give them the relationship they want as they’re social butterflies who are happiest when they’re surrounded by their big group of friends.

“The initial attraction between 2s and 3s is strong, but 3s' lack of attention can make 2s feel like they’re the only ones putting any effort into the relationship,” Bennet says. “Boundaries and roles need to be set early on for the relationship to succeed.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 3: Life Path 8

Life path 3s are chatty, friendly, curious, and creative. As Nicole Bowman, numerologist for spiritual advisor network Keen previously told Bustle, “They love bringing people together and creating positive change in this world. Their aim is to connect people through joy.” They tend to go with the flow and create as they go, which is the opposite of life path 8, who is very disciplined and likes order.

According to Bennet, “Life path 8s tend to catch the eye of 3s because of their commanding demeanor and charisma. However, their perfectionism and criticism may mean the relationship will not last.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 4: Life Path 7

Life path 4s are very practical and hard working. They value stability in their relationships and in need a partner who’s just as pragmatic and committed to a future together as they are. Life path 7s are very different. While life path 4s are very grounded in reality and the present moment, life path 7s are very interested in what’s beyond the surface. As master numerologist Josh Siegel previously told Bustle, “Seven life paths are unique in the sense that their path is more internal than others.”

According to Celestino, life path 4 and life path 7 make an incompatible pair because they represent opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to deal with challenges. “Life path 4 is all about taking a logical, head-on approach, while 7s are more intuitive and interested in the big picture,” she says. When these two argue, nothing will ever got solved unless one person is willing to give in first, which will be tough since both life path numbers tend to stand firmly on their beliefs.

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 5: Life Path 4

Life path 5s are wanderers. They’re drawn to adventure, they’re very independent, and they’re quite unpredictable. For life path 5, having no plan is usually their plan. So they need a partner who either is the same way or accepts their need to be free and explore without question.

Because of this, life path 4 is the least compatible partner for them. In fact, Bennet says, “Life path 4 and 5 are literally like chalk and cheese. These two were never meant to connect. Life path 5s are fancy free and footloose whereas 4s yearn to be part of a couple and adore domesticity.” In order for a relationship to work, it would need to be built on compromise which Bennet says is “never really a strong foundation.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 6: Life Path 7

Life path 6s love being in relationships. Out of all the life path numbers, they’re known for being the hopeless romantics. They love taking care of their partner and it’s important for them to have a happy, harmonious relationship. Life path 7s are deep thinkers whose destiny is to uncover the mysteries of life, which requires a lot of solitary time.

Although sparks will fly when life path 6 and 7 meet for the first time, it’s not the best match for either of them. “Long-term, their relationship would amount to hardly a fizzle and may be plagued with complications,” Bennet says. “While 6s dream of settling down with a traditional home and a family, 7s push back may draw them away.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 7: Life Path 6

Life path 7 has a very unique journey compared to other numbers because it deals with their mind and intuition. They’re meant to uncover the truths of the world and to question everything, which gives them a very different approach to life and relationships. It also means they’re a little more withdrawn, which can make connecting with others challenging.

That’s why Bennet says life path 6 is the least compatible match for them. Life path 6s have an idea of what their perfect relationship looks like. They will do what they can to obtain that even it means “performing for love” and being someone they aren’t. Life path 7s can see right through that and may lose interest due to 6s inauthenticity. At the same time, 7s are loners. According to Bennet, “6’s domineering nature may cause them to retreat.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 8: Life Path 1

Life path 8s are highly ambitious and driven. They’re naturally very focused and disciplined, which contributes a lot to their success. For them, it’s important to find a partner who can play the more supportive role. That’s definitely not a role life path 1 would be completely comfortable playing. Like life path 8, life path 1s are goal-oriented and driven to succeed. They’re also very competitive, which could lead to a little jealousy in the relationship if they feel like their partner is more successful than they are.

“Although life paths 1 and 8 are the ideal business partners, that should be the limit of any relationship,” Bennet says. “Both have intense personalities and this similarity means their relationship will be short lived, burning bright to start and quickly fading into darkness.”

The Least Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 9: Life Path 5

Life path 9s are constantly learning and trying new things in order to share their knowledge with the collective. In fact, they’re known for being the humanitarians. As Siegel previously told Bustle, “The 9 life path is special in that they use their empathy to work for the collective.” Because of this, life path 9s tend to come off as old souls who are wise beyond their years.

Although life path 5s seem like a good match due to their shared love of exploration, 5s may be a little too immature for 9s. According to Bennet, “Life path 5s are unpredictable with erratic behavior, which doesn’t sit well with 9s. Life path 9s take their responsibilities seriously and may feel let down time and time again by flaky 5s.”


Sofia Celestino, numerologist

Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach