The Most Compatible Life Path Numbers, According To Numerologists

Find your other half.

by Kristine Fellizar
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Your life path number, which is determined by your birthdate, is considered to be one of the most important numbers in your numerology chart. In short, it’s your “destiny,” Katie Fink, spiritual mentor and founder of MindBodySoulMarket, tells Bustle. Similar to your zodiac sign, your life path number can say a lot about your personality, your innermost desires, what you can do to get the most out of life, and even the type of person who would make the best match for you. Like zodiac compatibility, everyone has a life path number that’s most compatible with theirs.

“The life path speaks to a person's core set of values and traits, which are forever present in an individual's personality,” Fink says. “So, by understanding yours and a potential partner's number, you can analyze how you both may balance each other out, or align on various needs, values, desires, etc.”

According to Fink, knowing your life path number can help you live the life you’re most content with. Similarly, knowing a potential partner’s life path number can help you see whether you two are destined to walk down an easy road together, or one that’s full of bumps and detours. It can also help you see what kinds of principles you would value as a couple, and which other areas might need more compromise.

Of course, just like astrology, numerology can’t tell you who you’re absolutely meant to be with, nor should you swipe right on a promising match just because you’re not compatible life path numbers. Still, everyone has a life path number that’s most compatible with theirs. Here’s the breakdown.

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 1: Life Path 5

When you’re a life path 1, you’re a natural born leader. You’re highly independent and tend to work best when you’re going at it alone. As Fink previously told Bustle, life path 1s tend to take on a more dominant role in relationships, so they ideally need a partner who’s OK with being more on the submissive side. It’s also important for them to have a partner who is just as independent as they are.

Because of this, life path 1s are most compatible with life path 5s. “Life path 1 (the independent) and 5 (the adventurer) get on great together,” Fink says. “They are both very strong and have a need for achieving big goals. They’re also both independent and crave all the excitement that life has to offer.” As long as they don’t get in each other’s way, they’re a match that can really last.

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 2: Life Path 9

Life path 2s are very relationship-oriented. In fact, Erin River Sunday, consulting astrologer for Birthdate Co., previously told Bustle, ““Life path 2 is all about partnership. They’re the quintessential ‘I’ve found my other half’ type when falling in love.’” They value their relationships and will do anything to make sure their partner feels loved.

Because of this, life path 9 is the most compatible match for them. “Both life path 9 (the noble one) and life path 2 (the peacemaker) love taking care of each other and receiving care, so they're a match made in heaven in this sense,” Fink says. “Emotionally, they are aligned as well, as life path 2s are able to empathize with the highly emotional life path 9.”

At times, it may feel like a business partnership, with both partners needing to give as much as they receive. However, “they’re both generous and willing to be vulnerable, which makes for a deep, meaningful connection,” Fink says.

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 3: Life Path 5

When you’re a life a path 3, community is everything. As Nicole Bowman, numerologist for spiritual advisor network Keen, previously told Bustle, life path 3s are the “social butterflies of numerology,” whose main goal is to connect with others and bring people together. Life path 3s are creative, great at communication and have the ability to put people at ease.

When it comes to relationships, you’d do well with a partner who inspires you. According to Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach, you’ll find that in a life path 5. “When they find each other, there will be never a dull moment,” Bennet says. “Flitting from one adventure to the next, their only challenge will be finding time for work.”

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 4: Life Path 2

Life path 4s are practical, disciplined and value stability in their life and relationships. As master numerologist Wendy Delaney previously told Bustle, they’re the wise teachers of numerology. They have a strong sense of what’s wrong or right, they’re always eager to learn and they stand their ground when they truly believe in something.

Since stability is very important for them, they need a partner who’s dependable and provides them with the security they crave in relationships. Because of that, the partnership-oriented life path 2 is their most compatible match.

“Life path 4 is grounded, practical and stable which brings security to life path 2,” Fink says. “They're both more than happy to commit and by building a solid foundation together, life path 2 and life path 4 typically share the desire to create a home and a family together.”

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 5: Life Path 7

When you’re a life path 5, you crave variety. You’re very adaptable, open to change and love your freedom. Since you’re very easy to get along with, Bennet says you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding love. But if you want something that was destined to last, you’ll likely find that with life path 7.

You’re the adventurer of numerology and need a partner who’s just as independent and go with the flow as you are. As numerologist Ryan Hart previously told Bustle, life path 7s and 5s have a lot in common. “Neither like routine and enjoy being adventurous, which helps them have a good time together,” Hart said. Life path 7s are also very spiritual and curious about the world around them. They’ll be more than happy to explore the world with the life path 5 partner.

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 6: Life Path 2

As a life path 6, you’re known for being very nurturing. You’re at your best when you’re helping others, and you feel most comfortable and in harmony when you’re surrounded by a nice home and your family. As numerologist Josh Siegel previously told Bustle, life path 6s tend to “perform” for love and may do whatever it takes to be seen as the perfect partner. Because of this, they need someone who not only appreciates them for who they are, but also values home, family, and partnership.

Therefore, your most compatible match is life path 2. “Both are able to be emotional and will connect on a deep level without hesitation,” Fink says. “These signs also love to take care of each other, which makes for great parents and an overall family unit.”

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 7: Life Path 5

Life path 7s are thinkers who are always searching for the deeper meaning of life. As numerologist Jasmine Wolfe previously told Bustle, “Life path 7 people want to understand how the world works and why we are here.”

They’re intellectual, spiritual and highly intuitive. Since they’re always in their head, they tend to need more time alone than other life paths. Finding a partner who’s independent and doesn’t mind doing their own thing from time to time is important.

Because of this, life path 5 would make a great match for life path 7. “Although entirely different when in a relationship, they perfectly complement each other,” Bennet says. “They instinctively understand each other and respect one another’s need for solitude. However, for this relationship to succeed in the long-term, they’ll need to focus on communicating.”

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 8: Life Path 6

When you’re life path 8, your journey is all about achieving success. You’re influential, disciplined and a visionary. As Hart previously told Bustle, “Life path 8s are capable of achieving great success in life no matter what they do — so long as they keep their focus on what's important to them.”

When it comes to relationships, you need a partner who’s strong, independent and can hold down the fort while you’re off accomplishing your goals. That’s why life path 6 makes a great match for you. “Life path 6s and 8s are both goal oriented, practical, and responsible,” Bennet says. “Where 6s focus on home and family, 8s concentrate on business and career. This creates a well-balanced and successful relationship.”

The Most Compatible Life Path Number For Life Path 9: Life Path 9

Life path 9s are the humanitarians. Their soul purpose is take everything that’s been learned in order to help others or do good for the world. Since the number 9 symbolizes the end in numerology, “life path 9 people are always searching for more: more experiences, more education, more deep talks, and the next adventure,” numerologist Jasmine Wolfe previously told Bustle.

When you’re a life path 9, finding a partner who understands your need to help others is going to be key. As Siegel previously told Bustle, “The 9 life path is special in that they use their empathy to work for the collective.” Because of this, you’d do really well with another life path 9, as two 9s can “work together to change the world.”