The 3 Most Compatible Matches For Life Path 4s

These down-to-earth realists need someone with sense on their side.

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Learning the basics of your numerological profile by calculating your life path number can give you loads of valuable mystic insights into your relationships, your spiritual purpose, and more. Our life path numbers can illuminate our compatibility levels with other people, too. If your life path number is 4, you’re a sure-footed pragmatist who keeps it real and knows how to work hard in order to accomplish your goals. Thus, building a partnership with someone who is equally reliable and pragmatic is a must. There are a few other life path numbers that will be compatible with a life path 4 that perfectly fit the bill.

Life path 4 people are patient, thorough, and interested in long-term success, so they excel when it comes to making plans and crushing their goals. Similarly, in relationships, life path 4 people are looking for someone they can invest in rather than a short-term fling. “Life path 4s are here to build an inner foundation where they feel safe and secure,” master numerologist Josh Siegel tells Bustle. “These salt-of-the-earth people are invaluable in almost any setting, as they are always busy organizing, building, and problem-solving in order to establish tangible results.” Life path 4s may have a harder time getting vulnerable with people who are flighty, impractical, or overly spontaneous, as stability is one of the most important facets of a 4s life. Behavior they perceive as erratic or illogical will show up as a red flag.

When it comes to numerological compatibility, life path 4s fare best when they partner up with someone they can depend on and trust — but also someone who can be nurturing and remind them not to take on too many responsibilities. “[Life path 4s] must take care to not over-work, as they are prone to keeping busy to avoid their feelings, which can result in them neglecting their own needs,” Siegel says. “It’s important for them to identify whether they are depending on others for too much of their stability, or conversely, if they are providing the foundation for everyone else.” A healthy balance of sensibility and lightheartedness brings out the best in a life path 4.

Here are the three most compatible matches for life path 4 people, according to numerology.

Match #1: Life Path 2

Life path 4 people are very practical and they look at life through a realistic lens. That’s why having a partner who helps them see things from a different perspective is so valuable — and the dual nature of a life path 2 person can bring a beautifully balanced energy to a 4s personality. “The 2 can be very helpful and supportive in any relationship, and their amazing intuition can provide necessary guidance for the more restrictive-minded 4,” Siegel says. “In turn, the 4 can help ground the sometimes-impractical and ethereal mindset associated with the 2 path.” The peace-loving energy of life path 2 brings more joy and harmony to the 4s hardworking lifestyle — and 4s appreciate 2s’ knack for finding a stable equilibrium in any situation.

Match #2: Life Path 6

Life path 6 people are just as fair-minded, dependable, and loyal as life path 4 people are — so they have all the makings of a highly compatible and long-lasting partnership. “6 life paths work well with 4 life paths due to their responsible nature and appreciation for home and security,” Siegel says. “The 6 contributes a caring and nurturing disposition, helping the 4 to get out of their heads and connect more.” The healing energy and emotional intelligence of a life path 6 can coax out a life path 4’s gentler side, putting them in touch with their feelings and inner world. According to Siegel, these two dedicated life paths have great potential to build a stable and successful life together.

Match #3: Life Path 8

Life path 4 people are builders, and they know how to create a solid foundation from which to launch their goals. That’s why masterful manifestors like life path 8s make such a good match for them. “The 8 and 4 life paths recognize each other’s ambition and work ethic, and the 8 path may inspire the 4 path to think bigger and work smarter,” Siegel says. “They are a successful combination and will support each others goals, but they must take time out to simply enjoy the others company — vacations with phones off will help keep the flame alive.” Both 8s and 4s tend to get caught up in work and material things, so while this gives them plenty of common ground, it’s important for them to remember the value of just having fun together.