The Spiritual Meaning Of The August 2022 Full Sturgeon Moon

Embrace change.

The spiritual meaning of the August 2022 full Sturgeon moon.
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August has been a revolutionary month since the start, thanks to the rare chain-breaking triple conjunction of innovative Uranus, action-packed Mars, and the North Node of Fate that took place on Aug. 1. But even more radical changes are on the cosmic horizon, as the full moon rising on August 11 is slated to shake things up even more intensely. Traditionally nicknamed the Sturgeon Moon, this midsummer lunation happens to be the final supermoon of the year — meaning that like the past couple of full moons, it’s peaking at a closer-than-usual proximity to earth and will appear to be larger in the sky as a result. Getting familiar with the spiritual meaning of August 2022’s full Sturgeon Moon can help you dive right into its rebel-hearted energy and harness its one-of-a-kind lunar magic.

Full moons in astrology mark the energetic climax of the monthly lunar cycle and the point at which the moon’s face is at its highest visibility. This lunar phase is notorious for putting our emotions on overdrive and bringing tensions to a boiling point, but it can also catalyze all sorts of insightful illuminations and bring about important culminations. The August 2022 full moon takes place in the airy and rebellious sign of Aquarius, so the spiritual meaning of the Sturgeon Moon is all about writing off convention and breaking free of expectations in order to fully embrace our individuality. It’s time to make a mark on the world and follow our passions without compromising who we really are in order to fit a mold or please other people.

Aligning yourself with the spiritual energy of August’s full moon is a must, as this Aquarius-ruled lunation can help you break out of your box and let your freak flag fly. Read on for the August 2022 mystical meaning and how you can vibe with its maverick magic.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Sturgeon Moon?

August’s annual full moon is sometimes known as the Sturgeon Moon, according to Farmer’s Almanac. This nickname is inspired by the plethora of giant sturgeon fish that historically filled the lakes of North America during this period of the summer, providing a plentiful and abundant food source. That said, the spiritual meaning of August’s full moon reminds us that there truly are plenty of fish in the sea, and that we don’t need to conform to other people’s ideals or stay in situations that no longer align with who we are or who we want to become. Being a big fish in a small pond can offer us the illusion of power — but wouldn’t it be better to be in a big pond, where you’re free to explore the open seas and break out of the restrictive safety of your comfort zone? This lunation asks you to push past the self-imposed limits to your self-expression.

The sun in regal Leo and the moon in eccentric Aquarius are locked in a tense T-square aspect with wild child planet Uranus — Aquarius’ modern planetary ruler — meaning that some emotional full moon surprises are most certainly in store. Uranus’ chaos-loving influence tends to bring about unpredictability and sudden shifts, so you may find that you’re inspired to make unexpected changes in your life in order to facilitate a greater sense of freedom. This planetary alignment also activates the North and South Nodes of Destiny, forming what’s known as a grand cross in astrology. This makes the events of this full moon feel even more fated and important for your future. If you follow your heart and march to the beat of your own drums now, you may find yourself heading in a totally different and more aligned direction than you could have imagined before.

How To Work With The Full Sturgeon Moon Energy

The annual full moon in Aquarius always rises during Leo season, when you’re ultra-focused on pursuing your personal goals and heating up your creativity centers. But the cool, objective breeze of this Aquarian lunation helps you to see through the flames of your passions and tap into the bigger picture. A little bit of a logical perspective can go a long way in making your burning desires more attainable, so look out for revelatory moments of clarity under this full moon’s beams. With Aquarius zodiac energy at the helm, now is also a time to focus on being authentic and embracing your individuality — but not only because you want to feel special and stand out from the crowd. Being unapologetically true to yourself can create a sense of camaraderie with other like-minded spirits and inspire others to do the same, so go out of your way to be your weird and wonderful self.

Because this Sturgeon Moon has such a strong connection to the rule-breaking planet Uranus, it’s also an important time to think about what kind of changes you want to make for yourself and your future path — whether you feel ready to level up or not. What in your life currently feels restrictive? What outdated traditions are you ready to liberate yourself from? Whose rules are you following and why? Spend some time reflecting on these questions and getting in touch with your inner rebel. If you’re feeling it, you can make a full moon ritual of listening to Beyonce’s new Renaissance album. Follow in the footsteps of Queen Bey by refusing to let anyone or anything break your soul — even if that means embracing radical shifts in your life or making unexpected moves toward your mental and emotional freedom.