These 3 Zodiac Pairings Are The Definition Of “Black Cat” & “Golden Retriever” Energy

These cosmic couples prove the TikTok theory to be true.

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In astrology, there’s a theory that opposites tend to attract. For example, the point in your birth chart that symbolizes partnerships (called the descendant) is always in the sign directly opposite from your rising sign. And if you’re looking at the synastry between two people’s charts, opposition aspects have the potential for exciting chemistry and magnetism. But the idea that opposites attract isn’t exclusive to astrology, and one way this is evidenced is by the black cat and golden retriever couple concept popularized on TikTok.

ICYMI, this particular TikTok relationship discussion is the idea that in many couples, one partner will embody the aloof and enigmatic energy of a black cat while the other will have much more in common with an energetic and eager-to-please golden retriever — and, for some reason, one is often attracted to the other.

If you look at the black cat and golden retriever archetypes through the lens of astrology, you may find some alignments in the two astrological polarities or dualities. The more active polarity includes the six fire and air signs, while the more receptive polarity is comprised of the six earth and water signs, so each zodiac sign is categorized into one of the two groups. Active signs are known to be more extroverted, social, and assertive, much of which overlaps with golden retriever qualities. But the receptive signs are typically more introverted, introspective, and passive, which gives off more of a black cat vibe.

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While a heavy influx of either active or receptive sign placements in someone’s chart could potentially cause someone to come off as more of a black cat or golden retriever, I don’t think the concept astrologically translates in quite this simple fashion. Many zodiac signs have the potential to fully embody either black cat or golden retriever energy, depending on how their partner is activating their chart. With that in mind, there are certain couples that fall into this archetype more than others.

Here are the three zodiac couples most likely to embody the black cat and golden retriever trope.

Cancer & Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs on the zodiac wheel, combining the highly compatible elements of water and earth in their pairing and bringing a nice balance of qualities to a relationship. While both signs fall into the more receptive and passive polarity, there is almost always a black cat and golden retriever dynamic at play when these two couple up.

Compassionate Cancers are nurturing, emotional, and deeply sentimental, so they tend to get very attached in relationships once they’ve opened up their sensitive hearts. This can sometimes translate into some very golden retriever-coded behavior, especially when they’re with someone who is less expressive about their feelings.

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Meanwhile, pragmatic Capricorns tend to have a more reserved and serious demeanor and are prone to keeping their emotional side under wraps. Ruled by icy planet Saturn, Capricorns are almost always the black cat in a relationship, but when paired with a caring and doting Cancer partner, these dynamics are even more obvious.

Leo & Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius are another sign pairing that sits exactly opposite from one another in the zodiac — except unlike the water and earth combination of Cancer and Capricorn, this cosmic couple brings together the elements of fire and air, which is also considered a highly compatible blend.

Gregarious, outgoing, and big-hearted Leos may be symbolized by a feline, but most of them are the definition of golden retriever energy. The optimistic and excitable Leo fire signs are ruled by the golden rays of the sun itself. Meanwhile, Aquarius is a sign known for being very objective, cool, and a bit emotionally detached, making them the ultimate black cats in relationships.

\Unlike trendy Leo, who loves being the center of attention, quirky Aquarius tends to be a bit more cutting-edge and counter-culture, preferring to hang out on the fringes rather than in the spotlight. But when these two come together, there’s definitely a magnetic attraction, and they may be the most quintessential black cat and golden retriever pairing in the zodiac.

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Scorpio & Pisces

When two sensitive water signs come together romantically, there’s often a deep emotional connection and innate intuitive understanding between them. But black cat and golden retriever dynamics can definitely still come into play — especially when dealing with the combination of Scorpio and Pisces energy.

Secretive Scorpios are mysterious, enigmatic, and highly observant, cementing them as quintessential black cats under virtually any relationship circumstance. They play their cards close to their chest, and while their emotions run deep, their scorpion-like energy wants to maintain some distance from others until they fully trust them. Meanwhile, starry-eyed Pisces are dreamy, open-hearted, and hopelessly romantic. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and tend to be fully immersed in their feelings.

While Pisces’ mutable nature could make them a black cat under certain conditions, when paired with a Scorpio, these cosmic fish will likely take on the role of the golden retriever, showering their poker-faced Scorpio with love and attention (which Scorpio secretly loves, even if they don’t immediately show it).

Nina Kahn is Bustle’s resident astrologer and tarot reader.