21 Goal-Setting Podcasts That'll Help You Crush Your 2020 Resolutions
by Syeda Khaula Saad
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We've officially made our way into the new year and new decade. But just because we've crossed over the threshold of Jan. 1 doesn't mean the time to set goals for the new year has passed. Every day is an opportunity to assess how you want to achieve your goals, and sometimes you just need a little extra inspiration to keep you motivated. If you want to start or end your day on the right foot, there are plenty of goal-setting podcasts to test out in 2020.

Whether you have health, professional, financial, personal, or relationship goals, podcasts cover a pretty much endless range of topics. You can listen to licensed mental health physicians speak about ways to be more mindful, wellness experts explain how to achieve a healthier and happier life, or successful CEOs sum up how to find your dream job. At the end of the day, these podcasts help steer you in the right direction when it comes to crushing your new year resolutions for 2020.

Here are 21 goal-setting podcasts that'll push you to kick off the new decade on a positive note and get a head start on all of the exciting things you want to achieve this year:


The One You Feed

If you're looking to proceed into the new year with a happier mindset, then The One You Feed just might be the antidote. The show features host Eric Zimmerman who invites guests including scientists, psychologists, and thought leaders to speak about acting your way into a more fulfilling life. The podcast doesn't just give you wise sayings about feeling better, it makes happiness and fulfillment actionable so that you can apply the teachings to your life. The Oprah Magazine even named the podcast one of "22 Podcasts That Will Motivate You to Live Your Best Life."


How To Be A Better Person

You don't need to allot 20 minutes of your day to listening to a podcast to reach your goals. Even if a few minutes is all you have, How To Be A Better Person can still help you implement healthy everyday habits to help you achieve what you want. Each episodes assigns listeners with one action to take that day to help them become better people. Whether the episode focuses on learning to "Forgive Your Mistakes" or "Show Your Feet Some Love," you'll end each podcast with an assignment that will improve not just your day but your life as well.


The Women's Leadership Podcast

If you identify as a woman and are looking for ways to motivate yourself to get ahead in your career or professional life, The Women's Leadership Podcast was made for you. The podcast covers a series of topics about getting ahead including continuing your education and transforming envy. The podcast creates a space for women to hone their skills and maneuver through the workplace.


The Tim Ferriss Show

The Time Ferriss Show gives you insight on success directly from world-class performers. The podcast hosts different well-known people who come on the show and speak about their daily routines and what they do to live their best possible lives. One of the show's recent guests was Gary Keller, entrepreneur and best-selling author, who spoke about how to just focus on one thing at a time in order to obtain success. Whether you're trying to get your life on track or practice better habits, this is a great first step in the right direction.


The Goal Digger Podcast

The Goal Digger Podcast is exactly as the title suggests. Each episode features host and businesswoman Jenna Kutcher who invites successful guests to speak about steps they take to achieve their goals. But not just that, the show also enforces the idea of dreaming bigger and reaching for more. If you feel like you haven't been doing as much as you can to make your dreams come true, then this podcast will help guide the way.


The Daily Boost

If you're looking for unconventional motivation jammed into less than 10 minutes, The Daily Boost is the perfect fit. Host Scott Smith uses personable stories and witty remarks to help you get motivation without all of the extra cheesy words of advice that might not resonate with you as much. The podcast is a great option to throw on in the morning while you get ready for work or are on your way to any appointments. You'll get quick tips on how to get to the next level of your life.


Better Life Lab

It's difficult to sit back and set goals when you're overwhelmed with stress. Better Life Lab is a podcast that explores the effects that stress has on our lives and introduces listeners to different ways to relieve stress and get to a better mental place. With episodes that discuss dealing with stress from your career and personal life, you can work toward a better mental state to start going after your goals.


Deliciously Ella

If part of the goals you want to set involve eating healthier and more environmentally-friendly, Deliciously Ella can help. The podcast features British writer Ella Woodard who demonstrates to listeners how they can feel better about what they put in their bodies. From recipes to general nutrition tips, Deliciously Ella gives you all the tools you need to set your nutrition goals for the new year.



If you're looking for a rational and reasoned approach behind changing your behaviors and setting goals, PsychCrunch is a great option. The podcast was created by the British Psychological Society's Research Digest and explains the psychological approaches to breaking bad habits and avoiding procrastination. And because everything is research-based, you can listen to each episode knowing that you're getting expert advice.


The Mindset Mentor

Sometimes we just need a little push in order to set and achieve our goals. Thankfully, podcasts like The Mindset Mentor come with just the push we need to get our head in the right space to get what we want out of life. The podcast features host Rob Dial who speaks about his own past experiences and invite guests to do the same to give readers context about how changing your thinking can do a lot for your life. The show promotes introspection and focus, which are both key ingredients in going after your goals.


TED Radio Hour

It's possible that you've turned to TED Talks for motivation for some point in your life. Well, you have the opportunity to listen to TED Radio Hour and get your daily dose of inspiration via podcast. The podcast is similar to the videos as they highlight great thinkers who inspire listeners to focus and create in new ways. Whether through someone's achievements or their advice, you're sure to find the push you need to go after your dreams in this show.


Bulldog Mindset

Do you respond more to a "tough love" type of inspiration? Well then Bulldog Mindset might be the perfect fit for you. Not made for the faint at heart, this podcast forces listeners to take responsibility for their own actions and puts them at the helm of all of the occurrences in their lives. But with topics that cover personal development, financial success, and personal relationships, you're sure to find plenty of episodes that will push you to reach your goals.


Back To Work

If a majority of the goals you want to set have to do with getting ahead professionally, you can rely on Back to Work to give you the advice you need to get there. The podcast features hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin who cover everything you need to know about climbing the corporate ladder in their weekly episodes. They cover topics like how to overcome constraints and barriers in the workplace as well as how to practice self-discipline. Whatever professional area you want to improve on, this podcast can help.


Good Life Project

The Good Life Project is a podcast that focuses on tools, strategies, and practices that will help you make changes to see positive results in your life. The show prides itself on avoiding pop-psychology tips that only make you feel good for a little while, instead focusing on real practices to implement in your everyday life. But that's not all. Along with the podcast that gives you tips to listen in on, the Good Life Project also provides listeners with a community of other listeners that they can use as a support group to ensure that they are reaching their goals.



If your goals revolve around health and fitness, Hurdle is the perfect podcast to match. The show talks about using fitness as a means of dealing with the stresses and challenges of life, encouraging listeners to both acknowledge their issues as well as use physical outlets for their stress. You'll not only get the motivation you need to get in the gym or pick up an athletic hobby, but you'll also feel more inclined to deal with any challenges you might be facing.


The Habit Coach

Achieving your goals starts with setting small, easy-to-do habits. And The Habit Coach podcast can help walk you through the steps of doing that. From little things like "Tongue Scraping" to "Friendship Habits," the podcast covers things you can do to improve your everyday life. And once you have the little things down, the bigger goals will be easier to set and accomplish.


Inspire Nation

If you're someone who needs a daily reminder to get up and go after your goals, you can add Inspire Nation to your podcast queue. The podcast covers different topics like how to let go of things that are holding you back and how to make great change in the new year and the rest of your life. The episodes are a little over an hour long each, but totally worth it. You'll finish each episode feeling a little bit more excited to go after your dreams.



Setting goals starts with getting in the right head space, and this is something the Changeability podcast focuses heavily on. The podcast takes you through managing your mind and figuring out your vision so that you can go after your goals in a clearer and more organized way. Each episode is about 30-45 minutes long and gives you different ways you can love yourself more, practice more positive habits, and think happier thoughts.


The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness with host Lewis Howes was created in 2013 and has been inspiring listeners since then. Each episode either features guests or Howes himself talking about game changers when it comes to improving your mindset, being an entrepreneur, building better relationships, and everything in between. You'll get to hear celebrities and ordinary people alike talk about their experiences and how they tackle different challenges in their lives.


The Paul Minors Podcast

If you haven't heard of Paul Minors before, you'll definitely recognize him (and even be a fan) after listening to his The Paul Minors Podcast. The show features Minors, who is a virtual consultant that gives advice to listeners about improving productivity and growing their businesses. So if part of your 2020 goals is to jumpstart things on the professional front, this is the podcast you need to start your mornings off with.


Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris will give you the tools you need to bring relaxation and focus back into your life. Harris created the podcast based off of a book he wrote after he had a panic attack live on the air during a news segment. After realizing a lot of the stress of his life was making him unhappy and giving him anxiety, he decided to recenter and focus on his happiness. And since then, he's given advice to others on how to do the same.

Whatever your goals may be, it never hurts getting a little help in setting them. Implementing a podcast into your day or week can be just the motivational push you need to go after your dreams this year and every year after that.