9 TV Shows & Movies Penn Badgley Fans Need To Watch After 'You'

Penn Badgley’s thriller series You recently made the big move from Lifetime to Netflix, and fans can't stop thinking about the psychological thriller. The Gossip Girl alum stars as Joe, a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with a customer named Guinevere — and things only get creepier from there. If you've already finished marathoning the series, then there's a good chance that you need more TV shows and movies starring Penn Badgley in your life. Thankfully, the versatile actor's career includes plenty of titles that will keep you entertained while you wait for Season 2 of You to premiere.

Badgley announced back in 2015 that he'd be taking a break from TV, and focusing on taking on roles in indie projects like Adam Green’s Aladdin, as well as working on music with his band MOTHXR. But despite his post-Gossip Girl break he's actually had some big film roles, too. You might've forgotten that before playing Dan, Badgley played Brittany Snow's nerdy crush in John Tucker Must Die. And while still on Gossip Girl, he played dreamy jock Todd in Easy A, a character that showed the actor's fans that he can easily play characters very different from Dan.

Here's a list of some of Badgley's films and TV shows you definitely need to watch — or rewatch —while you wait for Netflix to release You's second season.


Gossip Girl

Badgley has been on TV since he was a kid, but he won over fans with his role as Brooklyn-based broody heartthrob Dan Humphrey. You can marathon the whole show again on Netflix.


Adam Green's Aladdin

Have you ever wished Badgley was a Disney prince? Well, even though The Moldy Peaches' Adam Green didn't make a Disney flick, he did create a re-imagined indie version of Aladdin, with Badgley playing a new character: the Prince of Monaco. Luckily, Green uploaded the film on YouTube for free.


The Bedford Diaries

Shortly before starring in Gossip Girl, Badgley appeared in WB's similar, short-lived series The Bedford Diaries, about college life in New York City. You can watch the show on YouTube.


Easy A

Before Emma Stone became an A-lister, she starred in tons of teen comedies, including Easy A. And who better to play her love interest in it than Badgley? You can watch it on Crackle for free, and you can rent it out on Amazon, iTunes, and YouTube.


John Tucker Must Die

Before winning our hearts on Gossip Girl, Badgley was practically unrecognizable as John Tucker's nerdy brother, Scott, who ends up becoming Snow's character Kate's love interest. You can watch it on Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, or Google Play.


The Brothers Garcia

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon shows, chances are you watched The Brothers Garcia. But did you know Badgley appeared in a couple of episodes? He's definitely come a long way since then!


Do Over

The WB

Badgley's first starring role in a TV show came in short-lived TV show Do Over, where he played a depressed man who gets a chance to relive his early teen years. You can watch the whole show on YouTube.


The Mountain

Shortly after Do Over, Badgley starred in another short-lived show: The Mountain. It's about a family in charge of a ski resort.


'The Slap'

Before You, Badgley's last TV role before his short hiatus from the small screen was in The Slap, an NBC show based on the Australian TV show of the same name. Badgley plays Jamie, an actor who is the brother of the protagonist's childhood friend. You can watch it on Amazon.

Watching these movies and TV shows will give you the dose of Badgley that you're craving while you patiently wait for You Season 2 to arrive.