How You Are Taken For Granted, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ashley Batz/Bustle

No matter where you land on the zodiac, you have all kinds of qualities that are attached to your particular sign. And there are some zodiac sign personality traits that are so ingrained they can be taken for granted — mostly because that person is just so darn great at what they're great at. But when it comes to a person's personality, astrologically speaking, it's good to keep in mind that it's more complicated and nuanced than sweeping generalizations, and nothing is ever set in stone.

"There’s a lot involved in a person's whole chart, because you’re dealing with a lot of planets," astrologer Patricia Clark Hippolyte, who is based out of New York City, tells Bustle. "Even knowing the sun, moon, and rising in a person's birth chart is helpful, as it adds layers and nuance every time you get more information."

And to clarify, your chart means where the planets, sun, and moon were on the day you were born. As for your sun sign, in astrology, this indicates how you are on the day to day, Hippolyte says. Your moon sign is how you are emotionally and subconsciously, and your rising sign is essentially "the mask we present."

But learning where the other planets are and how they interact on your particular chart, will always help you go deeper.

"The more onion you want to peel on that chart, the more information you’re going to get," Hippolyte says. But as for the basics, there are definitely some qualities attached firmly to each sign that might just crop up for you.

Below are the qualities that best represent, and are most likely to be taken for granted, in each zodiac sign.