If You Notice These 7 Small Problems, Your Relationship May Become Toxic

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

There's no such thing as a perfectly harmonious relationship, so don't fret if you've been bickering with your partner, or if you've just had an big argument. Having the occasional disagreement is actually healthy, since it means you're both sharing your thoughts and working through problems. But it is important to keep an eye out for certain types of arguments, as well as other problems that may mean your relationship is becoming toxic.

Big, blowup fights that consist of name-calling and other unhealthy attacks can be a sign things are going (or have already gone) downhill. But toxic red flags aren't always this obvious. Instead, you may notice that you've been slightly on edge lately, or that you've been walking on eggshells, or feeling the need to tell little white lies.

"These are all signs that something is bothering you about your relationship," Amy McManus, licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Bustle. "Maybe it’s true that this person isn’t the right match for you, but maybe you just have gotten used to an unhealthy relationship dynamic, and this is the way it’s showing up in your life." The good thing about small problems is it's often easy to turn them around — sometimes even before they turn fully toxic.

"When you start to have these kinds of feelings, getting some help from a therapist or relationship coach can help you figure out the best way to address your situation," McManus says. "Sometimes when it seems like your partner is the most annoying person on earth, a little therapy can help you learn to interact in much healthier ways and turn your feelings back to that loving connection you once had." Here are a few red flags that may be a sign toxicity is brewing to watch out for, according to experts.